450 More Completely Random Facts About Scoop


Here’s something amazing and incredible! This is the 450th blog post here on Scoops Mental Propaganda!

And to celebrate, I am swiping from myself and doing a list of 450 Random Facts all about moi. Okay, it will really be 45 Random Facts. Okay, really only 25! And okay, half will be completely made up. Let’s see if you can guess which ones!

Onward and Tally Ho!



Number 1:

I can eat my weight in cheese. But only on Tuesdays. In January.


Number 2:

Went through my early teen years worshipping Weird Al and Gowan, two very different musicians that helped shape me. Scary isn’t it?


Number 3:

I found out I am allergic to raisins the good old fashioned way. Ate some, got sick, upchucked (ewwww1), and felt much better afterwards.


Number 4:

I can do sign language, but only in Chinese. Or is it Vulcan? Can never remember.


Number 5:

For awhile, from 1986 onwards after the premiere of Star Trek The Next Generation, I started my youthful craze for Gene Roddenberry’s creation. Pretty much every other book I read for years and years was a Star Trek novel of some sort.


Number 6:

My grandmother bought me my first globe. She paid a couple of bucks at a garage sale for a metal one that was already slightly out of date. Didn’t matter to me, I was young and had a globe.


Number 7:

While at Scout camp once, another kid set his back on fire due to his own massive stupidity. The boy, a leaders son, freaked out completely. I had to slam him to the ground and roll him to put the flames out. Afterwards he was more worried about his father finding out, than that he had almost horribly burned himself. Knowing his father, I was not surprised.


Number 8:

I invented plinko.


Number 9:

When I landed on the moon in 1969, I played some golf. My score was 1 2 3 4, which coincidentally is also my luggage combination.


Number 10:

My wrestling name is Captain Whacky. I have won half of my matches, lost half of my matches. and half of my matches have ended in pillow fights.


Number 11:

Whenever I sneeze, it is almost always two in a row. And quite often very loud.


Number 12:

Not only have I seen the extended editions of all three Lord Of The Rings movies, but I have also listened to all the commentaries, and seen all the featurettes on the dvds. But, and I waiting for the hate here, I have never read the books. Yet.


Number 13:

A long time ago a one time friend tried to scam me with a video tape deal. I had no intention of going through with this deal, and this person really really put the pressure on me to say yes. Never told the “friend” that I knew what he was really up, but shortly after we stopped talking. Never looked back.


Number 14:

I can hold by breath for 37 hours. But not consecutively. Unless it is Hogwarts time.


Number 15:

When I strut, it is to the tune of my 1970’s hit Disco Duck.


Number 16:

My guest appearances on I Love Lucy are legendary. Through, it would have been nice to get some coin from the 8 track sales of those episodes back in the day.


Number 17:

Got my left ear pierced when I was in my final months of college in the 1990’s. My dad still thinks it’s a phase.


Number 18:

Said earing was exchanged from a hoop to a stud just before I got married. All because Googliebear prefers it that way.


Number 19:

A few years ago, I went from an electric shaver to using a blade and shaving cream. Great decision that I put off for far too long. Faster, cleaner, and waaay more efficient.


Number 20:

I bought the Brooklyn Bridge from this really cool guy I met online. He is sending it to me one atom at a time.


Number 21:

When I do my 100 morning push-ups, I have a buick parked on my back. Helps tone my rippling muscles.


Number 22:

Poker night often breaks into fistfights, all because of the Gandalf versus Dumbledore debates. It’s never pretty and means the SWAT team have shown up more than once.


Penny Lost In Space

Penny from Lost In Space

Number 23:

My first crush was Penny from the 1960’s television show Lost In Space. Took me awhile to realize that this young lady would be all grown up by the time I saw my first episode.


Number 24:

Polka is my lifeblood.


Number 25:

If I ever want a good laugh nowadays, I read the comments on news articles. It is mindboggling funny how stupid some people are, and how much crazed trolling goes on.


Number 26:

I never repeat a blog theme or joke. Oh wait, I just did. Never mind.


Happy 450th post to Scoops Metal Propaganda! Here’s to many many more!



…is currently reading Men From Earth by Buzz Aldrin and Malcolm McConnell




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