Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.3 The Harsh Light Of Day

Buffy season 4

Love might have found Buffy again, or does it? The Harsh Light Of Day is another amazing post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Oz and Dingoes Ate My Baby are playing at the Bronze. Buffy and Willow are talking about Parker. Parker comes over and wants to walk Buffy home. They leave together and Oz finished up. While loading the van, Willow is alone and Harmony shows up. They have friendly chatter until Harmony shows he is really a Vampire. Harmony bites Willow. Oz shows up and saves Willow with a cross, making Harmony run away and going on about her boyfriend getting them. Harmony goes back to her lair and we see that Spike is her boyfriend and he is looking for something while digging underground. Harmony drives Spike crazy and wants him to take her to a party. He finally says yes. Xander is helping Giles and Anya shows up, wanting to talk about their relationship. At the party, Buffy and Parker bump into Spike and Harmony. The Vampires take off, Buffy follows, and Harmony tells Buffy all about how Drusilla left Spike again and that they are looking for the Gem of Amarra. Spike is pissed that Buffy now knows and leaves with Harmony. Buffy calls Giles and tells about the Gem which Giles considered a myth. Buffy rejoins with Parker and after the party sleeps with him. Anya goes to Xander’s and they have sex. Harmony also takes Spike to bed. The next day, Anya thinks she is now done with Xander while Harmony still dives Spike nuts. Buffy gets up and Parker tells her he will call. Spike and Harmony find the crypt with the Gem and Harmony accidentally puts on the Gem. Spike gets so pissed he stakes Harmony, and quickly realizes she has the Gem. Spike grabs the ring and puts it on, making him invulnerable, no staking or sunlight can hurt him now. Xander sees on the news a giant sinkhole in Sunnydale. They realize this is where Spike must be digging for the Gem. Buffy finds Parker and see him putting the same moves on another student. She blames herself for him not wanting her. The Scoobies get to the crypt and find Harmony being whiny and she escapes. Spike attacks Buffy on campus and they fight. Xander tries to help but can do little. Buffy gets the gem off of Spike, which makes him take off. Buffy decides to give the Gem to Angel and Oz says he will deliver it. Buffy wanders the campus at night, feeling heartbroken, as does Anya and Harmony.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Back to the Bronze and Oz is playing. And Parker shows up. Harmony? Harmony is a Vampire! Attacking Willow! Willow fights her off. Oz helps save Willow! BUT WILLOW WAS BITTEN! So Harmony just fed on her, not converted her? Harmony mentions boyfriend? This sounds bad. Deep conversation between Buffy and Parker, whom I don’t like. Parker’s dad dead. Very sanitized version of the drowning by Buffy. Xander hanging with Giles, the new odd couple?   Anya? Where does she live now that she is human? She definitely has no personality skills. Anya the crazy girl wants Xander the needy guy. That is one angry puppy. Spike!!!!!! Holy Crap!!!! Spike always liked the wackos. Tunneling into a crypt? Not the usual way he operates. But still violent as usual. Where’s Drusilla? I wonder how long till Spike stakes Harmony himself? Is that really Bif Naked? A band I know nothing about. And Buffy bumps into Spike and Harmony at the frat party. Gem of Amar? Harmony is the worst lackey ever. Nice disco ball Xander. Anya again! Knew she was gonna do that, drop her dress and all. Knowing Xander, they are having sex right now. Buffy is a good Slayer, reporting into Giles. Please kill Harmony, Spike. Anya is negotiating sex with Xander? Was she a demon minoring in law? Bet Xander is gonna add that fabric softener at superseed. Buffy is getting better at her lies. Maybe Parker isn’t evil? He seems normal in conversations. Is this the goey love and sex episode? Xander and Anya, Spike and Harmony, Buffy and Parker. What’s with the mess? Anya is still nuts. And we all thought Spike and Drusilla was dysfunctional. Rosa’s Cantina shirt on Willow means something. Love how all the Vampires mutter when Harmony whines. And now Spike turns abusive and Harmony realizes it. No call from Parker? What a lout! Sigh, the days before cellphones. I hate sad Buffy. Oh yeah, Spike has entered the crypt and found the Gem. And nothing happens when Spike puts the Gem on. Finally, he kills Harmony. Or not. And the Gem makes Vampires invulnerable! Oz liking Giles records is not surprising. The Velvet Underground Loaded is real right? And the television news has a clue! Parker is a player? Damn! I hate this guy, making Buffy think she did something bad. Don’t chase him Buffy, unless it is to kick his ass. Spike! Spike punches Buffy. No notices this fight on this crowded campus? Invulnerable Spike versus Buffy. Hope the Scoobies kill Harmony. Spike is really loving this revenge. Xander! And Spike figures out Parker right away. And Buffy pries the Gem off of Spike. I have never seen a Vampire run that fast. Giving the Gem to Angel? Makes sense, allows Angel to go out during the day. Sorta like the Mobile Emitter in Star Trek Voyager. Buffy still has doubts about herself, even after realizing Parker is an ass and a jerk and an ass. Buffy, Anya and Harmony all take lonely walks in the night, all nearby each other.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow tells Oz all about Buffy’s stirrings in her Slayer belt, all while Buffy is standing right their, with “Buffy is having lusty wrong feelings.” Harmony says to Willow “Big snake, huh?” where only in Sunnydale this makes sense. Giles explains things to Xander “System? It’s called the alphabet.” Oz speaks in code to Buffy with, “Yeah, we came to warn you about the angry puppy.” Harmony tells Buffy about Spike and Drusilla with, “She left him for a fungus demon. That’s all he talks about these days.” Xander makes a discovery about Giles “Woah, Giles has a tv.” Willow tells Buffy what Parker is “He’s a poop head.”


Spike is back and he finally gets this season going! Here’s hoping he chomps on Parker, than stakes Harmony, and than goes with Oz to visit Angel. And Angel crossover coming up! One that doesn’t involve a phone call!


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