Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.4 Fear, Itself

Buffy season 4

Be afraid, be very afraid, as Buffy faces Fear, Itself. One more scary post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies carve pumpkins in Xander’s basement and talk of Halloween plans. Buffy is not in the mood still because of Parker. But they plan to go to Alpha-Delta frat party. Buffy are Oz are worried about Willow using magic. Buffy sees Parker and takes off. Buffy thinks of patrolling that night, but Giles tells her the spirits are not busy at Halloween. Giles is also all excited for Halloween. The frat boys are setting up the party and do an occult symbol on the floor. Anya bugs Xander again and he invites her to the party. Buffy sees Prof Walsh about an assignment she missed and the Prof is rude as usual. Riley is nice and gives her the assignment. Xander and Oz set up the sound equipment for the frat boys, but Oz cuts his hand, spilling blood on the occult symbol. This starts the ritual to bring forth the demon Gachnar. Buffy sees Joyce, who has altered a Little Red Riding Hood costume for her. They talk. Xander goes as James Bond. Willow is Joan of Arc. And Oz is God. Meanwhile at the party, things are going insane as fears become real. The Scoobies go into the haunted frat house and strange things start happening. Anya shows up late, dressed as a bunny, and can’t get inside because the house seals up. Anya sees a screaming girl at a window. Then the window vanishes. Buffy and Willow argue over what to do, with Buffy trying to save everyone all by herself. And Willow is annoyed no one trusts her use of magic. She wants to use a guidance spell to lead them out. Anya gets help from Giles. Xander finds out he is now invisible and no one can hear him. Willow and Oz get to the main staircase, and Oz starts to change into a Werewolf and scratches Willow before taking of. Oz ends up in a bathtub, trying to control the change. Willow makes her spell, but it goes wacky and she shouts for help. Buffy rushes to help Willow, but falls into the basement and is grabbed by bodies out of the ground. Giles and Anya get to the frat house and Giles uses a chainsaw to make a door. Running around the house, the Scoobies enter the room with the symbol. Giles and Anya show up in the room as well and know the symbol is of the Mark of Gachnar. The demon sounds fearsome according to the book, so Buffy smashes the symbol. This brings the demon right away, and it turns out to very very small. Buffy stomps on the demon with her foot. Afterwards, the Scoobies eat Halloween candy at Giles.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

The Scoobies carve a pumpkin! Buffy is not depressed is she? Fantasia Phantasm. Almost the same thing Xander. Someone give Buffy happy pills or a hug or a friendly smile. Love how all the Scoobies wanna beat up Parker. Buffy beating up a Halloweener is predictable and funny. Willow is getting better at witchy stuff. Love how Oz is worried about Willow’s witch stuff, comparing it to his Werewolfness. And Parker deserves a Slayer kicking. Giles in a sombrero has to be an action figure. Frat boys ugh. Frat boys bearing mystical symbols double ugh. Anya! Xander’s uncle is also a drunk? Anya really hits home with Xander over the differences between him and the Scoobies. Prof Walsh is a real bitch. Riley the TA is flirty and I don’t like him either. Wait till Xander and Oz see the magic symbol. And they see nothing wrong with it because they are idiot guys. This is a very long complicated way to get Werewolf blood on your magic symbol. Joyce! Doing something useful! Mention of Buffy’s father! Comparing her father to Angel and to Parker. Now a boring heart to heart from Joyce. Willow as Joan of Arc! And yes, they really are eyeballs. Buffy as Little Red Riding Hood! Xander as James Bond! Oz as God! Now that bit with Willow and Oz was really funny. Oh look the commandos again! What is the deal with them? Well, this party is not going well. So the Scoobies are about to enter a real haunted house. I HATE SPIDERS! I love how Buffy can tell it is real blood by sniffing it. AND I HATE BATS! Anya as a bunny! Is her name now Harvey? Okay, that girl in the window is scary. And they find Chaz just in time for some exposition. Okay, that skeleton is creepy and scary and creepy. Disappearing rooms and stairs and closets are nasty. Meanwhile at Giles, he’s eating all the Halloween candy. Anya! She is certainly a helpful little wannabe Scooby, all because of her love of Xander. Interestingly, Buffy and Willow are arguing about what to do. But Willow is probably right, since this is waaaay more magic based. And Willow takes off in an angry huff. Now Xander is invisible to Buffy? Is this the haunted house that makes everyone’s fears come true? And Oz is turning Werewolf. Oz scratched Willow. That Willow echo is scary. Oz chanting in a bathtub is freaky. Wait wait wait. Little Red Riding Hood Buffy versus Werewolf Oz is acoming. And Willow’s spell starts all so well, then explodes. Ouch, that falls gotta hurt. Hands out of the ground is cliched but works oh so well here. Anya needs caffeine. I WANT A GILES WITH A CHAINSAW ACTION FIGURE!! Buffy is figuring something out. So everything was simply in their heads. Had a feeling. And the house led them right to the symbol. GILES WITH A CHAINSAW! And Anya as a bunny. A demon is coming. Knew Buffy was gonna punch the floor. And that would be the wrong thing to do. I betcha the God nametag on Oz will save them. Okay, the demon is really really really short. And Buffy squishes the fear demon like a boss. Bunnies frighten Anya?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow tells the Scoobies that the pumpkin scares her because “It does appear to be mocking me with its eye holes.” And Willow tells Buffy her great idea, “Yeah, and if Parker shows, we will just axe murder him. That’s Halloweenie.” Anya asks a question that is normal on Buffy with, “Where’s the door?” Willow tells Buffy off with “I’m not your sidekick.” Willow then tells Oz about something the Slayer did not do “Buffy didn’t find stairs. No sir!” Giles tells Anya what they have to do, “We are going to have to create a door.”


Thrills! Chills! Fears! Chainsaws! Scares! Craziness! Bunnies!

Thanks Joss for smashing our brains and wrecking our nerves. You are a devious man.



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