The Annotated The Passport To The Wall, Part 7, Chapters 30 to 35

Passport To The Wall Anotated 1 Annotations! Bullet points! Fun!

Already covered the start of the idea, and who ILONA is, Chapters 1 to 4, Chapters 5 to 13, Chapters 14 to 21, and Chapters 22 to 29.


Chapter Thirty: Happy New Year!!

• After all the MERRY CHRISTMAS! craziness, wanted to do a quieter chapter with just ILONA and her parents celebrating the New Year.

• They are going to watch the movie Cynthia considers the best one ever.

• ILONA is writing a letter with her favoutite pencil. I’m guessing it might be the letter to the Trident book author?

• ILONA’s gift to her parents is a picture frame with the entire family in it.

• What kid likes seeing their parents being mushy?

• Mumma playing with ILONA’s hair again.

• Why yes, it is the letter to the Trident author!

• Matrix Trilogy mention. Only the first one was any good.

• Almost every Geek dvd possible is mentioned here.

• ILONA’s dads quote here is from Chandler in Friends.

• Love Actually is the movie.

• The interconnectedness of Love Actually is something I just love, along with the story and the characters and mood and themes.

• Song For This Chapter: Christmas Is All Around by Billy Mack . The theme song from Love Actually.


Chapter Thirty-One: Changes Hit The Playground!

• These next three chapters present game changing stories that give new spins and themes to Passport. All was planned but one.

• ILONA’s vocabulary is improving. This was one of the long term goals of Passport, to show how great and massive reading has increased ILONA’s intelligence.

• Dr. Horrible song mention.

• Love the idea of ILONA and Madison jumping in the air and doing a KABOOM!

• Having Cynthia and Susan give their old laptops to ILONA and Collette was part of the plan all along. A major move for ILONA further into the digital age. Looks like the favourite pencil has been retired.

• And a shocking surprise ending! A completely different teacher is greeting the class!

• Song For This Chapter: My Freeze Ray by Joss Whedon. Because Dr. Horrible is AWESOME!


Chapter Thirty-Two: Changes Strike The Classroom!

• This new teacher is nicer and smiles. No wonder the kids are confused.

• Flipping chalk. A simple action that makes the new teacher so so cool.

• New teacher is Mrs. Chase. And she is a substitute for any amount of time while Mr. Micheals is gone. I had a terrible teacher in middle school who also went away for awhile, probably to find a soul, and was replaced for some time by an okay teacher.

• Making Mrs. Chase a book geek was a priority.

• So Mrs. Chase is from the United States, has red hair, is married, has a daughter named Sharon and a son named Richard and a cat named Winnie and is online as Chase1994 on Goodreads. And 1994 was a very special year for her, being grade ten and all that.

• Of course Mrs. Chase knows every students name. Because she is Mrs. Chase.

• And she treats Susan as the class brainiac that she is.

• Clara states that Mrs. Chase looks like someone she has seen on television. But for the life of her she can’t figure out who.

• Can you guess who Mrs. Chase might possibly maybe kinda be? I bet my life your so called guess might, or might not, be right.

• This marks the one major major change to the blueprint of Passport is this teacher change. Originally Mr. Micheals was just gonna pop in every once in awhile, just to be a jerk. But after the WE LOVE ALL story arc, Googliebear insisted I reform the vile character. So after much thought, Mrs. Chase was born and her wonderfulness altered so much of the storyline flow that I came to love the change.

• Song For This Chapter: Caring Hands by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. Because Joss Rules!


Chapter Thirty-Three: Changes Attack With Cecily!

• Turns out Mr. Micheals had the class behind. What a shocker.

• Love Madison is so cool with Cynthia going off on what seems to be a mission.

• Cecily introduction.

• Cynthia does the group intros, and notice the changes due to ILONA.

• Cecily is a foster child staying with Cynthia’s family. This was always part of Passport with Cynthia and foster kids, and as we soon see, Timothy was a foster child previously with her family.

• Cecily is Hispanic, which I think is obvious from her name. At one point, because I really wanted a diverse cast, I almost changed Cecily to being Muslim. But I kept to the original plan because what I knew of Foster Care meant it would be less likely for Cecily to be placed with Cynthia if the religions were different. My need for diversity and having a Muslim character came back, and worked really well, with the final storyline.

• Cecily is nine, her parents have vanished and she is from New York City. Let’s really alienate the young girl shall we?

• First mention that Susan is from New York City as well. All part of the plan.

• Remember I mentioned that Susan never mentioned her father? Because he took off with another woman. And ILONA did not know this.

• Cecily noticing how ILONA and Clara look alike, maybe related. This comes back several times throughout Passport, something Cecily kicks off.

• What does this mean? It hasn’t been revealed yet, in Passport or any of my other short stories, but this does mean something. Hehehe…

• Song For This Chapter: Penny’s Song by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. What can I say? Joss Rules!


Chapter Thirty-Four: Preparing For War!

• Most chapter titles just came about from conceiving, writing, reviewing, or rewriting the chapter. Some easy, some hard. This title changed fifty times before I settle on this one the day before deadline. Don’t know why.

• Madison changes her ringtone yet again. This time it is the Wilhelm Scream. Google it like Madison says.

• Clara’s eleventh birthday and of course we have a sleepover. But this one has a mission.

• Susan writing and she hates the Lost finale. Collette making music and loves the Lost finale. Cue the arguing. And set-up for a future storyline. For the record, I loved the Lost finale.

• Susan is gonna fanfic write her own Lost finale.

• Gotta name drop Wattpad.

• Susan’s ringtone is the Firefly theme. Because.

• ILONA and Cecily together, taking care of Hermione the cat (Madison), Copernicus the cat (Susan), and Doyle the dog (Collette). Always wanted to do a story chapter with the pets involved.

• I always loved as a kid moving furniture around with my friends. Their parents were never thrilled through.

• The Fault In Our Stars mention. Knew Cynthia would read this book.

• Notice who helps fix Susan’s script? And eventually takes over? Our heroine ILONA. Take note of this.

• ILONA and Cecily working on laptops side by side.

• Cynthia reveals that her mom lost her smartphone. And this will have major repercussions down the line because it is located in Finding Sally, which later ties into The Long Drive To Nowhere. Whew!

• Right away, Cecily is taking to Cynthia like she has been in the family since forever.

• Clara is rallying her friends to defend Judy Blume from Thomas Revere of The Truth.

• Early early on, I had a different way to crossover Passport with The Truth. But once Passport started up, and the Judy Blume worship became a very real idea, I realized my first concept was lame and this one was much much better.

• Song For This Chapter: Everyone’s A Hero by Joss Whedon. JOSS!!!


Chapter Thirty-Five: Clara’s Corner Versus The Truth!

• Calling Clara’s youtube show Clara’s Corner struck me as natural.

• Double Fudge is just the first of many many mentions of Judy Blume books in this chapter.

• Having Hermione the cat being the complete opposite of Madison the owner was just so cool.

• Luke mentioned. And officially introduced weeks later in Kimberly and Jason. Becomes a major character, and first regular male cast member, during the final chapters.

• How many youtube shows exist where the host presents “news” which is really made up? All to get hits? Probably thousands and thousands.

• Yet again Cecily says someone looks like someone else. This time Thomas Revere is similar to ILONA and Clara.

• War of 1812 mention. Or is it 1813?

• Judy Blume versus censorship. Can’t believe that is still an issue these days.

• ILONA has a new interest, finding out what each friends favourite book is.

• First mention of Simon, the bully who targets Cecily. Part of the plan from the start. And eventually morphed a bit as well

• And it was Judy Blume’s birthday coming up in real life as well, shortly after this first went live online.

• The Christmas buttons!

• Bringing on the cats and the dog and calling it the Legion of Super Pets was simply a Geek moment for me. The real Legion of Super Pets is a concept that DC Comics had for awhile in the 1960’s as a spin-off of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Membership includes Krypto the Super-Dog, Streaky the Super-Cat, Comet the Super-Horse, and Proty the talking blob. And no I am not making this up.

• Cynthia sticking her tongue out and touching her nose? Googliebear can do that. It’s a great party trick.

• Collette does a book review of The Complete Unabridged Sherlock Holmes, which she read at summer camp. My friend Ainslie did this as well.

• Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth being used to bring you the truth about Judy Blume that The Truth distorted. That is part of the glory of Passport.

• Of course Madison would have seen old Johnny Carson bits on youtube.

• I thought it would funny if the friends actually thought their video took The Truth off the air. In actuality, it was something else entirely that silenced Thomas Revere.

• Song For This Chapter: Brand New Day by Jed and Joss Whedon. Sigh, Joss is wonderful.


Wheeee!! Another dispatch done! Hope you enjoyed yet again!

Till next time!


…is currently reading Jonah Hex No Way Back by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Tony DeZuniga.  And Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Faith Erin Hicks and Prudence Shen.


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