Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.6 Wild at Heart

Buffy season 4Buffy witnesses heartbreak with her friends as Wild at Heart hits! One more feral post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy gets a Vampire while on patrol. Spike watches from afar and vows to get Buffy. But then he is tasered by the campus commandos who take him away. The Scoobies at the Bronze chat and Giles shows up. Veruca starts singing and all the guys stare. Willow and Oz discuss how busy they will be over the next few days, he with being a Werewolf, her with her Coven. Buffy gets a good grade on a paper and Prof Walsh wants her to lead a discussion. Veruca sits with Oz at lunch and they talk music. Willow shows up and doesn’t get the conversation. This creates an awkward situation. Oz locks himself in his cage, goes Werewolf, and breaks out. Oz attacks Prof Walsh and another Werewolf jumps out. The two Werewolves fight. In the morning, Oz wakes up and sees the other Werewolf is Veruca. They get clothes from the campus laundry and Veruca loves being a Werewolf, wants Oz to embrace it as well. Willow sees Oz and he is distant. Buffy tells Giles two Werewolves were seen last night, and when Oz is asked, he denies knowing anything. Willow seeks advice from Xander, and he gives some good thoughts. Oz has Veruca come to his cage, hoping she will lock herself in with him. When they are in the cage, they transform and start kissing. Willow shows up the next day and is horrified to see Oz and Veruca naked together. Oz tries to explain that Veruca is a Werewolf as well, and had to be locked up. Also, what about her cheating with Xander? That was kissing, not sex, Willow points out. Veruca takes Willow side, and Oz gets mad at Veruca. Willow and Oz argues some more before she takes off. Willow almost walks in front of a car and Riley saves her. Buffy takes Willow home. Willow decides on a spell to take care of Veruca. Buffy and Oz head off in search of Veruca with Buffy still mad at Oz. Veruca’s clothes are found and Oz realizes that Veruca is after Willow. Willow is in a campus lab doing her spell, but can’t complete it because she knows it is wrong. Veruca shows up and goes to kill Willow, but Oz appears. The two Werewolves fight and Oz kills Veruca. Buffy arrives and stops WereOz from killing Willow. Buffy tells Giles about the campus commando she bumped into while looking for Veruca. Willow and Oz talk and Oz is packing to leave. Oz is worried of how much of him is Werewolf. Oz tells Willow he loves her, than leaves. Oz drives off in his van.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

This is one lame Vampire. And Buffy agrees. Spike! Spike monologuing! Spike tasered by the campus commandos! The Bronze! Giles! Giles just dropped by? Stop staring at Verucca that way Oz! Even Buffy noticed! Is Veruca evil? Power over men or some such? Willow is so cute talking in her sleep. Willow and Oz are so cute. Oz has Werewolf stuff tonight, the same night Willow has Coven initiation. These busy university students! Buffy got a compliment from Prof Walsh? And Buffy gets to lead a discussion group! Oz don’t sit and talk with Veruca! And Willow sees! Awkward! And Veruca is rude by ignoring Willow. I hate this. Make the awkward pain stop. I hope Buffy is right that Oz won’t stray. Like Willow did. WereOz got out! No ones keeping watch on him? Wait, two Werewolves? Bet the other one is Veruca! Werewolves sensing each other and such. They had Werewolf sex! Verucca looks so happy and joyful. And Oz looks so sad and unhappy and guilty. Veruca really loves being a Werewolf, thrilled by it actually. And now she is turning psycho stalker. And Willow dresses like Veruca. That is sad. She thinks it’s because of Verucca and she’s partly right. And Willow leaves unhappy. How is Oz gonna tell Willow about what happened? Giles really needs to get a life, like now. Rabbit ears on the tv? What century is Giles in? Buffy! Willow at Xander’s. Xander and his unseen parents really really do not get along do they? How desperate is Willow, getting relationship/sex advice from Xander? And the funny thing is, it is actually good advice. Wonder why Oz has no Werewolf memories while Veruca does? Does he suppress it? Oz is so trying to do the right thing here, getting Veruca into the cage with him, but his guilt is limiting his efforts. No Oz don’t! Willow with breaky! NOOOO!!!!!   Willow looks like she is about to be sick. Veruca looks like she is taunting Willow. And Willow is right. Oz could have told someone. And Oz brings up Willow’s cheating. She’s right, this is worse. Willow is devastated damnit. And now I wanna hate Oz, but is it really his fault? Uh oh, that resolve face looks like Willow is about to get witchy revenge. Buffy gets help finding Veruca from Oz, and she is not a happy Slayer. This spell is not going to go well for Willow is it? Verucca is after Willow! Buffy bumps into those campus commandos! Willow is going all season two Xander here (Bewitched) and really needs a reality check. Don’t do it Willow! Yes, she backed away from the edge! Veruca! Okay, she’s nuts. Wouldn’t Buffy knock out some guy carrying a gun on campus? It’s obvious they switched guns. Oz! And they transform! Partly! And they fight! Well that ended quickly! Buffy to the rescue! What happens when Buffy notices it is some kind of knock out dart, not a silver bullet, in the gun. Okay, the guns weren’t switched. Buffy and Giles compare notes on the commandos! Oz is packing? And Willow is angry. She still wants him. And Oz is worried about his Werewolf side. No! Don’t break up Willow and Oz! My heart is breaking! And he just drives off? He just drives off??


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy gauges how cool Giles is with, “Yes, but it is your cutting edge eight tracks that keep you ahead of the scene.” Willow wants fashion advice from Buffy with, “How come you didn’t tell me I look like crazy birthday cake in this shirt.”



Dearest Joss: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not crying in the corner. I am not crying in the corner. I am not crying in the corner.

Okay, quietly sobbing in the corner.



…is currently reading Jonah Hex No Way Back by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Tony DeZuniga.  And Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Faith Erin Hicks and Prudence Shen.




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