Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.7 The Initiative

Buffy season 4

Buffy! The Campus Commandos! Spike! Riley! Hidden Underground Science Labs! The Initiative, another episode in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy, has all this and more!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Riley and two guys see Buffy be a klutz in the cafeteria. They all think she is attractive but strange and make fun. All but Riley, who does not make fun. Giles and Xander realize the commandos are normal. Buffy is told to patrol by Giles, but she decides to go to a part with Willow instead. Spike awakens in a high tech cell with all sorts of other demons also being held prisoner. He is fed by blood packets dropped from the ceiling. But he is warned that the blood is drugged. And soon they will be experimented on. Spike blames Buffy for this, thinks she is behind it. Riley informs Willow that Oz dropped out. Prof Walsh is mean to Willow at this point, so Buffy tells her off, which the Prof likes. Forrest, a friend of Riley, asks Parker about Buffy, and he is vulgar. Riley decks Parker. And Parker goes down like the garbage he is. Riley sees Willow and asks for advice with Buffy. Willow, still upset over Oz, takes awhile to agree. Spike plays possum on the cell floor. When they turn the force field off, Spike attacks and escapes. He sees Harmony, then leaves to take revenge on Buffy. Harmony is later found in the woods by Xander as she prepares to burn Spike’s things. Xander and Harmony have a crazed slap fight, than stop. Willow gives advice to Riley at the party, all to woo Buffy. It does not go well, and then Xander shows up and says Spike’s back. Riley leaves with his friends and enters a hidden high tech elevator. They enter into a gigantic, enormous, hidden high tech facility, filled with military and science personal, and loads of prisoner demons. And all the while they talk about Buffy. And this is the same place Spike was in. And Prof Walsh is here and in charge. Riley is told that Hostile 17, who is Spike, has escaped, and the commandos get ready. They head out to track down Spike. But they find Buffy instead, also trying to find Spike. Buffy and Riley have an awkward conversation, not wanting to tip each other off. Spike finds Buffy’s dorm room and captures Willow. Spike tries to bite Willow, but can’t because of a head pain. Willow tries to help Spike with his issues, but then realizes escape is the better option. Riley finds Spike and the commandos attack. Buffy shows up, shoots off a flare gun, and takes the commandos down. Spike escapes. Riley has his men retreat, not sure what hit them. Prof Walsh is all pissed at Riley’s report. Turns out Spike has a chip in his head that prevents him from feeding on or hurting a human. Buffy and Riley talk the next day and admit they like each other.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Why is Buffy such a klutz all of a sudden? Interesting to see a guys viewpoint on Buffy, even the horny ones. Spike! In a Star Trek security cell. I think he, and everyone else here, are in trouble. And a lab. Giles can actually draw. Xander is really bored. Giles is really bored. They are bored together. Spike is one pissed off Vampire. Are these the government guys from the invisible girl episode? Blood packet from the ceiling is the best way to feed. Spike thinks Buffy is behind this? Willow is so trying to fix Oz, even when he is not there. Prof Walsh the bitch really needs to get the stick out of her ass. And Buffy tells off Prof Walsh. Who likes it. Kinda cliched. Xander got a lot of ordinance. So looks like the military training has worn off. Good to see that plot point dealt with, kinda bugging me. Xander’s mother has a voice! Frat boys talk to Parker about Buffy and he is his usual jerk self. Riley punched him! Now I love Riley! Punch him again! And Parker stays down like the sack of crap he is. Rewatched that scene a few times. Spike is so faking. Called it. Syringing the wrong guy is not the wisest move. Knew Spike would sacrifice the other Vampire to get away. Riley goes to Willow for advice, which is a wise move. But Willow is still kinda bitter after Oz. Buffy likes cheese. Stuffed piggy named Mr. Gordo. Ice Capades without the irony. Getting fresh? What is this Happy Days? Harmony! With a unicorn poster! Spike! Welcome back to dysfunctional relationship central. They should do a whole show with Xander and Giles on patrol, narrated by Xander. Willow is so cute helping Riley this way. And Riley freezes, which is so cute. Harmony! About to burn stuff? Xander and Harmony? Betcha they are gonna fight, then do it. This Is The Best Fight On BTVS Ever!! And Harmony was gonna burn Spike’s stuff, which we all knew that’s what is was. Riley is such a sad man sitting on the couch. Riley is such a gentleman with the music. Xander gets Buffy in the most awkward way. Wait, Riley and the frat boys are part of this insidious plot with the commandos?   Finn Riley is a demon hunter? An agent? In this the Cabin In The Woods secret facility? Holy Crap!!!!!! Prof Walsh! The Initiative? WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELLMOUTH IS THIS?????? Do the Watchers know about these guys? Flare gun? These people need the 1999 Iphone. Riley finds Buffy! And Buffy pulls and hides her stake like a boss. I thought Buffy was getting better at lying. Teutonic! Double points scrabble word used again! I can’t wait for these two forces to meet! Willow being all depressed. Spike! Nice working on the getting permission thing. Now this is violent and rape like and disturbing. NO!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, Spike can’t “perform”. Is Spike developing a conscious? And Willow goes into really dark territory here, thinking it’s because he doesn’t want her. My thoughts exactly. Are these two developing a strange friendship. Scanners detect Vampire! Spike is 126 years old. What in the name of Hellmouth are you saying Willow? Thank the Universe she realizes too! Run Willow Run! And the lights go out! Here comes Agent Finn! Willow! Spike versus Commandos! What to do about Willow? Spike escapes! Or not! Buffy! Buffy With A Flare Gun! Buffy With A Flare Gun In A Hallway! Buffy versus masked Finn! Spike limps away! She is really kicking his ass! And now I think he realizes it is Buffy! So the Initiative doesn’t not know about Slayers? Love how the commandos think it was big strong guy. Spike has an implant to prevent biting? He is going to be soooo pissed when he finds out! An impotent Vampire! This feels weird, seeing Buffy and Riley talk now. Fraternity prank? Sunnydale’s explanations! Does he know? Does he?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells Xander where Willow is “With the black hole of despair she’s been living in since Oz left?” Xander tells Giles how good he is with the military stuff with, “Are you kidding? I put the Semper in Semper Fi.” Willow gives a warning to Riley with, “I have seen honest faces before. They usually come attached to liars.” And Willow gives another warning to Riley with, “And remember, if you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel.” Willow again, this time trying to explain the situation to Spike, “You know, this doesn’t make this any less terrifying.” Buffy gives her own warning to the commandos with, “Contain this!”


Holy Crap. Holy Crap! HOLY CRAP! Riley and The Initiative is one hell of a game changer for BTVS! Plus, Spike is back and defanged, which is funny as heck.

And where is my Buffy with a flare gun action figure?


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