Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.7 Bachelor Party, and Angel 1.8 I Will Remember You

Angel Season 1

Angel helps out Doyle in Bachelor Party but the big event is Buffy showing up in I Will Remember You. More exciting entries in My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series.


Bachelor Party…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Doyle wants Angel to have fun. Cordelia goes on a date with a rich stockbroker. Doyle finds Buffy ‘s picture in Angel’s books. Doyle then has a vision of a man prisoner of Vampires. Cordelia’s date is dull so they head back to her office and a Vampire attacks. Stockbroker takes off and Doyle saves her. Cordelia thanks Doyle and a woman walks in. It is Harriet, Doyle’s estranged wife. She wants a divorce so she can remarry a guy Richard. Angel trails Richard and sees him get a package from someone, then head to a restaurant. Harriet meets him, then Richard becomes a demon, and Angel attacks. Turns out Richard is a nice demon, an Anomovic, and they own the restaurant. Richard’s family has dinner together and talk about the upcoming bachelor party, and have Richard will have to eat Doyle’s brains for tradition. At the bachelor party, Angel figures out something is up, calls Cordelia at the bridal shower to get the translation of the chant, and gets beaten up. Doyle gets prepped, without realizing, for the eating. Angel bursts back in and starts fighting. Cordelia shows up and whacks Doyle in demon form. Harriet stops the fighting and gives Richard crap for following stupid old traditions. And she breaks off the engagement. Later at AI office, Doyle has a vision of Buffy in trouble.


My Thoughts!!
Didn’t Doyle say no to hanging with Angel just an episode or so ago. And look, Angel reads. Angel and Doyle are acting like concerned parents. Buffy picture in Angel’s book! Time for a vision! Yay! Soy Bean talk! Actually feel sorry for Cordelia here. Angel and Doyle versus punk demons! And Doyle doesn’t like going demon, in a fight or otherwise. Cordelia ended that date quickly. Vampire! And stock broker guy just took off. Doyle saves the day! Xander mention! Love how Cordelia only notices Doyle after he saves her life. And a mysterious woman walks in. And they know each other. Francis is Doyle’s first name. And Harriet Harry is Doyle’s wife. This is bad, not awkward. And another guy walks in, Richard. Wedding. That was so obvious. Doyle to Harry about Richard: “Can I get a side of bland with that bland.” Early marriage at 20 and they fight and she leaves. Doyle did not know he was a half demon until he was 21 when his mom told him. And Angel is following Richard, and witnessing a mysterious pickup. Okay, Richard is a demon. Angel! Okay, the demon is a good guy, owns a restaurant, and she’s a demonologist. So Doyle really does hate his demon side. And Doyle signs the divorce agreement. So Doyle and Cordelia are invited to the bachelor party etc. Such a normal demon family dinner with product placement KFC. And they plan to eat Doyle’s brains. Such a normal family get together. Speaking demon in front of Angel, not realizing he probably understands them. Doyle was controlling and a grade three teacher and volunteered at a soup kitchen? Let’s add some mystery to Doyle shall we? What broke the man? Angel’s spidey sense is tingling. Richard wants Doyle’s blessing? It this 1812? Angel sees the nasty mysterious ceremony in the backroom. Cordelia has a cell phone! With an antenna! Pretty sure this is the first time they have used a cell on Buffy/Angel. Love how it is four against one in order to beat Angel. Now Doyle sees the other half. Those bippy old ladies sure know how to spoil a party with accidental truths. Sigh, silly traditions in a silly scene. Angel’s back! Demon to Doyle: “You brought a Vampire to my brother’s bachelor party?” And now Angel let’s loose! Yay! Doyle goes all demon! And Cordelia hits demon Doyle, many many many times. I actually laughed. So traditional, but really non traditional demons, who only follow the rules they want when they want to. Harry breaks off the wedding because Richard is gutless. Cordelia is being a very different type of cheerleader here. Another vision! This time of Buffy!


A demon bachelor party with stupid old traditions! What hilarity! Sigh, this one just made me want to eat my own brains.


Angel logo I Will Remember You…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel is back from secretly helping Buffy. Cordelia and Doyle are watching him. Buffy suddenly shows up and she is angry he came to Sunnydale and never said hello. And Buffy is in town visiting her father and thoughts he would give Angel a piece of her mind. Buffy and Angel argue. As the argument ends, a demon smashes in and the two fight it. The demon takes off and the two chase it. The chase ends up in the sewers and they keep arguing. Angel touches some demon blood on the wall and feels weird. Buffy tries up above while Angel keeps in the sewers. Angel finds the demon and they fight. Angel gets a hand cut and the demon blood enters the wound. Angel kills the demon. But suddenly the blood mix makes a white light and Angel can now hear his heartbeat. He is alive. Angel is happy and goes into the office in daylight. Doyle figures it out right away. Angel realizes he is hungry and starts eating food. Doyle figures it is a Mohra demon, needs salt, is evil and goes after good guys, and their blood is special. Angel wants to ask The Powers That Be about this, and Doyle finally agrees to help. Doyle takes Angel to see the Oracles, who work for the Powers. Angel goes through The Gateway for Lost Souls, gives the gift of his watch to them, and the Oracles say Angel is human. Buffy is walking a garden in daylight when Angel comes up. They kiss. At AI Cordelia tells Doyle about Angel and Buffy’s history, and thinks they are having sex right now. But instead they are talking. And then they have sex. Again and again. Doyle has a vision of the demon, which is still alive, and is more powerful. Angel and Doyle go after the demon and Angel decides to not include Buffy. He has to fight demons as a human. They find the demon at a salt refinery and it attacks. Buffy wakes up and finds out Angel went out by himself. Buffy finds Angel as the demon is beating him up and going on about the End of Days. Buffy defeats the demon. But Angel is badly hurt. Angel goes to the Oracles and asks about the End of Days. They say that Buffy will face evil alone without Angel, and she will die. Angel asks the Oracles to make him a Vampire again so he can help Buffy. They say no, but eventually agree and say his human day shall be erased. And only Angel will remember it. Angel sees Buffy and tells her that the Oracles will make him a Vampire again. Buffy gets very upset. Angel hugs Buffy in the last minute of their perfect day. Next, we are back a day and Buffy is about to leave Angel’s office again, pissed off. The demon bursts in and Angel kills it dead dead this time. Buffy is surprised by this and then leaves.


My Thoughts!!

So how bored and contemplative is Angel? He is rolling pencils across his desk. Cordelia to Doyle: “Batten down the hatches, here comes Hurricane Buffy.” So they see Angel with a stake and think they worst. Buffy! OMG!! Oh yeah, Buffy’s father lives in L.A. That was a nasty look Buffy just gave Angel. So that Buffy episode was just last night, and that means Buffy did not see Joyce at Thanksgiving, but goes out of town to see her father. I know, it was really to see Angel, but still. Cordelia calls it for how long this freaking heart to heart will take. Which reminds me, how long till Oz shows up in L.A.? Demon attack! Buffy and Angel fighting side by side again! And they almost kiss! This is one tense sewer patrol to find the demon. Angel to Buffy, never a good sign: “I feel weird.” Are they about to make out in the sewers? So I am guessing Buffy knows Angel destroyed the ring? Since he is not going up into the sunlight? And she’s not pissed? And now they go their separate ways yet again. Oh crud, Angel killed the demon, but it’s blood mixed with his! Cue Regeneration! Wait, he has a heartbeat now? Angel’s alive?!?!?! Love how Cordelia just goes right to the worst case scenario. And Angel just walks in the front door from the daylight and Doyle figures it out right away. Was that a cold pop tart? Agree with Angel about yogurt. What Angel really needs is fish sticks in custard. The demons blood has regenerative capabilities. So a Vampire is a degeneration of a human? Because of death. The Powers That Be can make Vampires human? Again, who are these guys? Angel is thinking normal human life with Buffy here. These Greco Roman glowy reins guys are cryptic and annoying. The Powers That Be have Oracles and they say Angel is relieved of his duty to make amends? That was fast, he’s barely been in L.A. for a few months. And Buffy sees Angel walking in the daylight and they kiss. Dead plant is a clue! Cordelia knows that Buffy and Angel are doing the nasty. But really they are having tea and crackers. And discussing what to do now. Angel is waiting for the other shoe to drop. No time for the kissing and hugging and doing it on the table. Naked Angel! Broken table!   Food! And no Angelus! Chocolate and peanut butter! Knew she was gonna lick the ice cream off of Angel’s chest. Time for another Doyle vision, all in time to end Cordelia’s whines. Awww, Buffy and Angel are so happy. So Angel and Doyle are going after the demon. Waiting for Angel’s bad decision to not bring Buffy along in three, two, one. Yep! And this fight is not going well for Angel. And Cordelia lets the cat out of the bag to Buffy. Hello internal injuries Angel. Buffy! Buffy would escape that hold easily, she’s Buffy! The demon just did a Bane to Buffy, but without the same results. And the demon is gone. And Angel has to be headed to intensive care. Off to see the Oracles for the Powers That Be again. So Buffy is gonna die with the End of Days. So Angel offers his humanness to the Oracles, all to help Buffy live. Temporal folds? Pleas don’t tell me this whole episode will have never happened.   Hey, she just said Angel is no longer a lower being! Happy upgrade dude! Yep, called it! Twenty four hours gone! Only Angel will remember! Sigh, this is stupid. Like a really bad episode of Star Trek. I thought he was gonna do the time thing without telling Buffy, but looks he has grown abit and is telling her. And Buffy is upset, understandably. Dang, this hurts. I don’t like this ending, but darn they really sell it. A minute! That’s right Joss, destroy Buffy and Angel one more time, and I am not crying in the corner, weeping uncontrollably. Buffy to Angel: “I felt your heartbeat.” Kiss and hug one more time. Buffy to Angel: “I will never forget.” Angel looks so hurt in the past. And Buffy walks out, still pissed off.


This was the best episode of Buffy Angel has ever had. And the sad part is, why would the best episode of Angel really feel like yet another episode of Buffy? But we all know this is not the end of Buffy and Angel, but it sure did hurt like hell.



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