The Annotated The Passport To The Wall, Part 8, Chapters 36 to 39

Passport To The Wall Anotated 1

Annotations! Bullet points! Fun!

Already covered the start of the idea, and who ILONA is, Chapters 1 to 4, Chapters 5 to 13, Chapters 14 to 21, Chapters 22 to 29, and Chapters 30 to 35


Chapter Thirty-Six: The Joy of Reading

• Having Clara shouting muffins at Madison sounded like fun.

• No writer even procrastinates. Ever.

• ILONA is asked to proofread and edit Susan’s Lost finale. ILONA is doing a whole lot more creative work lately huh?

• Of course Cynthia knew that Susan was going to ask ILONA to help edit the fanfic.

• Mention of ILONA’s letter to the Trident author and how she still hasn’t finished it yet.

• I am waiting for people to get mad that the school receptionist Mrs. Travis texted a grade five student.

• Cynthia saved the Grade Five Reading Partnership! Almost cancelled because someone complained. Isn’t that so often the case?

• The Grade Five Reading Partnership is the fancy name I gave for Passport for something I actually did. Back when was in grade five, volunteers went to the kindergarten class and be assigned a child. The two would then settle in on the hallway floor and the older kid would read the younger kid a book. I remember I had a little blonder girl who was very nice and chatty and did not care about the stutter I had at the time.

• Clara was read to by Tracey. Madison was read to by Josh.

• After a massive thought process, ILONA remembers her reader was some girl named Joy. The same Joy from Four O’clock Appointment With Joy. This was always in the plan.

• And of course Cynthia, Clara, and Madison know who Joy is.

• The afterschool work Joy is so busy with? It’s a good guess it is hanging out with her friend Margaret.

• Yeah, I wonder who ILONA is going to be paired with as well?

• The Adventures of Superhero Girl is mentioned.

• And ILONA finally sends the letter to the author of the Trident book. Big turning point here.

• Song For This Chapter: Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day by Morcheeba. Wanted a really happy song for this really happy chapter.


Chapter Thirty-Seven: Love You Forever

• When I talking about Happy Halloween!, I said that it was the fastest chapter to write. The next fastest was this one. Early on I thought it would be cute and charming if the littlest muskrat, the finally formally introduced Jackson, developed a massive crush on ILONA. And all because she is who she is. And because the book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, a children’s classic by a Canadian master.

• I figured a kindergarten class nowadays would have a security system.

• And suddenly my writing roll comes to a smashing halt when I realized I had forgotten to create a name for the kindergarten teacher. To google!

• Mrs. Aurora, name means light. I like that.

• Of course ILONA and Jackson have already met. Run in the same social circles as they say.

• ILONA’s mom plays with her hair. ILONA messes up Jackson’s hair.

• Walter The Farting Dog mention.

• Seems like all these kids and teens have had Love You Forever read to them. Just as it should be.

• Love how ILONA just keeps reading the story over and over again, even without Jackson’s asking again again.

• And Jackson holds ILONA’s hand.

• Notice how Jackson at first says the likes the book, now he says he loves the book.

• And Jackson hugs ILONA and thinks she smells nice.

• Mrs. Aurora loves to state the obvious, doesn’t she?

• Song For This Chapter: Kiss From A Rose by Seal. Googliebear and mines wedding song.


Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Coolest Lunchtime Ever

• Having Mrs. Chase show up at lunchtime just sounded cool. And getting an adults perspective on the friends adventures would be fun.

• Seems like the friends at the wall is somewhat well known at SummerFall.

• Mrs. Chase says Bonus House Points. Any teacher who correctly quotes Harry Potter is amazing.

• Watership Down mention. This is the only book the friends have read that I have never read, but it stuck me as something Cynthia would gravitate to. I have seen the movie, many many years ago, but for Googliebear, this almost disqualified me from using the book.

• I thought Watership Down was way way older. Had to make sure the timeline could work for Cynthia’s mom to have read it.

• Mrs. Chase hugs her books. Because she is a wonderful person.

• The Illustrated Man mentioned.

• And it course it is Collette’s dad’s copy.

• My Sister’s Keeper mentioned.

• Mrs. Chase is reading it, and Susan’s mom has read it. And yes, the movie sucked.

• Good Geeks read the book before they see the movie. And as I mentioned with Watership Down, I have broken that rule. Now hanging head in shame.

• Notice Mrs. Chase uses the term significant other.

• So ILONA has been “dating” Jackson for the last week. And is slightly embarrassed by it.

• Goodnight Moon mentioned.

• A rather complicated system of notes back and forth, all to please one little boy.

• And ILONA is not telling her parents about Jackson. They would never approve of ILONA having a significant other of course.

• I thought having Cecily being protective of ILONA would be interesting. And how upset Jackson would be by it.

• Having Mrs. Chase and Cynthia interact was fascinating. Two den mothers chatting.

• Mrs. Chase obviously had a most interesting life in grade ten.

• Samantha mentioned.

• Susan and Samantha met online and are chatting endlessly on multiple platforms.

• Collette giving Susan relationship advice will definite backfire on her when Luke shows up towards the end of Passport.

• Notice how Mrs. Chase doesn’t blink an eye at Susan casually saying she is a lesbian.

• Madison changes ringtones yet again.

• And Mrs. Chase has an idea for Clara’s Corner.

• Song For This Chapter: On Top Of The World by Tim McMorris. A happy happy song for a fun playful chapter.


Chapter Thirty-Nine: Live From SummerFall!

• The chance of any school letting kids film their youtube show in a classroom is pretty remote, but I thought, what the hey, it would be fun.

• Sis Boom Bah is an old Johnny Carson joke. Google it and ye shall thank me.

• The Christmas puppets are back.

• Collette doing a science experiment, complete with beakers and strange chemicals just seemed so her.

• Cynthia has to help her mama get a new smartphone. Still building up to the Finding Sally/Long Drive To Nowhere crossovers.

• Love now pleased Collette is with her science experiment.

• Having ILONA, Cynthia, Cecily, and Jackson doing a dance routine struck me as a quick way to show the healing between Cecily and Jackson is now done.

• Calling the dancing quartet The Fonzies was a Happy Days shout out for Googlebear.

• Mrs. Chase was supposed to do a dramatic reading of the final soliloquy of Our Town. I read Our Town in a read-a-long with @Rebeccahh95

• Juggling a lot of chalk is of course one of Mrs. Chase’s skills.

• The world’s greatest chalk flipper should be a real title.

• Song For This Chapter: Living Island by H.R. Puffnstuf. The theme song from Puff ‘n’ Stuff, one of the greatest movies ever made!


Wheeee!! Another crazy dispatch done! Hope you enjoyed yet again!

Till next time!


…is currently reading Batman: The Dailies 1943-1944


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