Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.9 Something Blue

Buffy season 4

Buffy finds another new romance while Xander gains a magnetic personality!  All part of Something Blue, my next entry in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Riley plan to go on a picnic and Willow talks to Buffy about Riley.  Buffy questions Spike, all chained up in Giles’s tub.  Willow suggests a truth spell and Giles agrees.  Willow finds out that Oz had his things shipped to his place.  Willow gets drunk to the Bronze, comes back to her dorm room and does a spell to make her wishes come true.  But it does not seem to work.  Giles comes by and wonders why Willow did not help with the truth spell.  Angry, Willow says that Giles can’t see anything and Giles departs.  When Giles tries to do the spell, he has trouble reading.  He drops the key to Spike’s chains and Spike escapes.  Buffy and Willow chat, and Willow wishes Amy human again.  Amy becomes human, is happy, than upset when Willow wishes her to be a rat again.  All this occurs without Buffy and Willow realizing it, right behind them.  Buffy goes to hunt down Spike, and because of Willow’s wish, finds him right away.  Willow talks to Xander and wishes that Buffy and Spike get married because she is always going on about him.  Back at Giles place, Buffy and Spike announce their engagement.  Xander consoles Willow, but she gets mad and wishes him to be a demon magnet.  Giles is now blind.  Buffy bumps into Riley while she is looking at wedding dresses and tells him she is getting married.  This pauses Riley.  Xander and Anya have demons come crashing into Xander’s basement place.  The two go to Giles solace and Xander realizes everything Willow has wished for has come true.  The demon D’Hoffryn, the one who made Anya a demon, takes Willow into another dimension and says Willow can now become a demon.  Anya figures out where Willow is.  The Scoobies head to a crypt where they try to stop Willow from changing, but many demons attack.  Willow says no to the offer and is sent back to Earth.  Willow breaks her spell, just when Buffy and Spike are kissing.  Willow apologizes to all and makes cookies.  Buffy talks to Riley and says she is not getting wed and that it was all a test for Riley.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Lots and lots of pictures of Willow and Oz.  And now a depressed Willow.  Heya!  Buffy’s University is progressive for 1999 and has a Lesbian Festival, and of course Riley is involved.  Riley is actually almost making cute sense here.  Boy talk with Buffy and Willow on cemetery patrol.  Riley wouldn’t cause you heartache?  Wait till you find out about the Initiate Buffy!  Now that was a fast staking.  Sunnydale needs a better class of Vampire.  Wait, Spike is part of the cast now?  What the what?  Love how Spike is manacled here.  And Spike does not provide much useful info on the commandos, which makes sense and works really well for the story.  Blood through a straw, ugh.  That’s right, Buffy, taunt poor Spike with your naked neck and dirty talk about blood.  The mug says Kiss The Librarian.  Spike sees that Willow is not well and the rest of the Scoobies don’t.  Oz’s room has been cleared out and Willow looks devastated.  And Buffy understands.  Spike has no taste, he watched Passions.  And now Buffy and Riley’s picnic.  Buffy still doesn’t drive?  Now that was sexy driving talk.  Willow shows up and sounds like Eeyore.  Anya and Xander and Buffy at the Bronze noticing Willow dancing it up.  A beer?  Willow drinking feels so…. wrong?  Willow’s thought process here is gonna lead to magic, we all know this.  Magic to make all the bad feelings go away.  Yep!  This Is Such A Bad Idea Willow!!!!!  Crap, she did it.  And the next day, nothing has changed, and Giles shows up.  And Giles looks really really concerned about Willow doing unsupervised spells.  Did she just wish Giles blind?  An almost blind Giles doing a spell on Spike will not end well.  And Spike escapes! Holy crap!  I forgot Amy is still a mouse!  And not anymore!  Yay!  But now Amy is a rat!  Drat!  Lucky Buffy to find Spike that fast, yep no magic here!  Love Spike getting pain from fighting Buffy.  Spike back at Giles, with Buffy ready to kick his ass.  What will Willow say next to cause havoc and havoc?  Married?  Married?  I shall gag now!  Love Giles stunned look.  Xander is a demon magnet?  Willow has such poor choice in words.  Buffy and Spike make the most sickening couple ever.  Aww, Buffy wants Giles to give her away.  Now they argue like a crazy couple.  And now Giles is fully blind.  Spike just called Giles his father-in-law.  And they kiss.  And I almost throw up.  Crap, not Riley, seeing Buffy all moony eyed over a wedding dress.  That’s right, break Riley’s heart.  Please don’t say their ages, Buffy, cause then Riley will think you are even more nuts.  Anya and Xander, about to get it on, than a demon just comes crashing in.  Steam coming from the drowning demon just grosses me out.  Every time Buffy and Spike kiss, an Angel looses it’s lunch.  And Xander and Anya come racing in, just ahead of the demon horde.  Will Xander put it all together?  Yes!  Buffy is so out of it thinking she wasn’t affected, I rolled my eyes twice.  I actual laughed when blind Giles fell because I am a bad man.  And a demon head zaps Willow!  He kidnapped Willow?  Is this demon gonna make her the new Anya demon?  People can be made demons?  Time for a demon party!  Hiding in a crypt is never a good plan.  Anya, better do whatever spell you gonna do quickly!  Well, the Scoobies aren’t doing well here.  And Willow is shown demon television of the fight her friends are losing.  And Willow makes the right choice.  These demons are so nice and business like.  Plot point; talisman.  Love the looks on Buffy and Spike’s faces when the spell is broken.  Willow bakes cookies as a sorry.   Buffy likes Bette Midler songs?  Now for Buffy’s cover story to Riley.  Which isn’t too bad.  And Buffy has that love look on her face.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Riley admits something to Buffy, “Yes, I am a lesbian.”  Giles tells Willow what he thinks about Buffy and Spike arguing, “If those two don’t kill each other, I might lend a hand.”  Willow pours out her heart to Buffy with, “I feel like I have been split down the center and half of me is lost.”  Giles taunts Spikes threats with “You’ll do what? Lick me to death?”  Spike playfully tells off Buffy after she suggests an outside daylight wedding “Fabulous, enjoy your honeymoon with the big pile of dust.”  Buffy tells Riley about Spike “You’ll really like him. Well, nobody really likes him.”  Giles complains about Buffy and Spike making out “I can hear the smacking!”  Spike can’t believe the Scoobies, “This is the crack team that foils my every plan? I am deeply shamed.”  Willow has a simple plea to the Scoobies with, “Eat a cookie, ease my pain.”


Despite my vomit almost appearing with Buffy and Spike together, I really loved this one.  Once again, magic blows up in people’s faces, and several comedic, and one dramatic, situation occurred.  And Amy came back!



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