Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.9 Hero, and Angel 1.10 Parting Gifts

Angel Season 1

Angel loses a friend in Hero but finds an old friend in Parting GiftsMy Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series goes on.



What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia and Doyle tape a commercial for AI and argue.  Doyle gets a vision of people in trouble.  Angel and Doyle quickly find the people in a bad apartment building.  They are Lister demons on the run from the Scourge, an evil army demons who want to kill all non pure demons.  Doyle has heard of them and did not help a demon years ago from them.  Angel sets up escape for the demons on a ship.  One teen takes off and Angel has to save him.  Angel pretends to join the Scourge and sees they have a weapon, the beacon, that kills half breeds.  Scourge goes to attack the ship and Cordelia finds out accidentally that Doyle is half demon.  And she accepts it.  Angel shows up and defends the ship.  The Beacon is activated and Angel prepares to die to stop it.  But Doyle knocks Angel out of the way, kisses Cordelia, and stops the Beacon.  And he dies.  The ship gets away.  In the office, Angel and Cordelia watch the Doyle video from the start of the episode.  And they feel sad.


My Thoughts!!
Cordelia doing a cheesy dumb voiceover for an Angel Investigations commercial.  Kill me now.  Doyle to Cordelia: “I don’t knon what we need evil for when we have you right here.”  Please stop with these commercials.  And now the weasel line is what hurts Doyle.  Angel tells Doyle about what happened last episode?  What if this got back to Buffy?  Are they explaining last episode to the viewers?  Cause I can’t see Angel letting it all out like this to Doyle.  And Doyle tells Cordelia, now Buffy will definitively find out.  Harriet is still in town?  Cue love triangle!  These visions are becoming increasingly annoying.  That’s a kid running from soldiers in the city, which is scary.  So Angel and Doyle search one yucky abandoned apartment and find demon (?) refugees.  Cue Jews Holocaust analogy.  The demons are half human.  And of course the teen boy one has attitude.  Oh great, they think Angel is The Promised One.  The Scourge is death!  Du-du-dum!  Army of pureblood demons.  So Doyle feels guilty for not helping his fellow demons being persecuted.  Flashback to slaughtered demons.  Of course Cordelia plays the role of But They Are Demons!  Angel is certainly not above threatening people to get what he wants, is he?  The stupid punk teen took off, predictable and who cares?  Doyle found Reese way fast didn’t he.  The Halloween guess was a good one, the one day Reese could walk down the street in the open.  Here come the Scourge!  No one notices these jackbooted fascists marching down the street every night?  Angel!  The Scourge even wear WWII uniforms.  So Angel plans to pretend to join them?  And of course Doyle is not really dead.  Cordelia’s heart just grew two sizes, giving up money for the safety of demons.  And now the other demon lets out Doyle’s secret to Cordelia.  Wait, the guy from the ship is turning traitor.  Half demon death ray!  One disintegrated traitor coming up.  And Doyle shows up in time for the ship!  Cordelia and Doyle argument time.  So now Cordelia doesn’t care about demon stuff?  Riiiiight.  Now Cordelia wants him?  Angel versus Scourge troopers!  These bad guys aren’t very well trained.  Angel loves snapping necks.  Someone has to sacrifice themselves, all to save the half demon refugees.  Knew Doyle was gonna deck Angel, kiss Cordelia, stop the machine.  And Doyle dies saving everyone.  Doyle was The Promised One.  Does he stay dead?  I kinda hope so, because Doyle was the even lamer Xander for this show.


So the writers realized that the concept of Doyle was interesting, the actual execution was off the mark.  One part of me is sad they could not fix what was wrong, another part is mostly happy they just moved on.  RIP Doyle.

Angel logo

Parting Gifts…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel sees the Oracles and wants Doyle back.  But they say no.  A demon is being chased down the street by a person on a motorcycle.  Cordelia and Angel are still mourning Doyle.  The demon shows up at AI wanting help.  The demon, Barney, is an empath demon and uses his power to cheat at cards.  Cordelia is at a commercial audition when she gets a vision, which is painful and new to her.  The motorcycle man continues his pursuit.  Cordelia realizes that Doyle’s kiss gave her the vision powers.  Barney is left with Cordelia as she draws what she saw in her vision.  Angel is attacked at Barney’s motel room by the motorcycle man.  And it is Wesley.  Who is now a rogue demon hunter.  After he was fired as a Watcher.  They talk and are attacked by a demon hiding in the room.  Angel and Wesley come back to AI and Wesley sees Cordelia again.  Angel leaves Wesley behind and tracks the demon to a demon spa and finds it hurt because its horn was ripped off.  Barney reveals to Cordelia that he is evil and stole the demons horn.  And now he wants Cordelia’s eyes for the visions.  Wesley helps Angel at the spa and find out Barney is the villain.  Barney kidnaps Cordelia and plans to auction off her eyes.  Angel and Wesley come back and see Cordelia is gone.  Angel finds the vision drawing by Cordelia and realizes it is a statue, and the statue is at a hotel.  Cordelia is put to auction and she talks the participants up in price.  And the person from Wolfram and Heart wins.  Cordelia is taken to a back room for eye removal.  Angel and Wesley barge in and a fight breaks out.  The good guys win.  Later at AI, Wesley is ready to leave but is kinda talked into staying.  And Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley have breakfast together.


My Thoughts!!

So Angel goes to the Oracles of The Powers That Be to try and revive Doyle.  And they tell him to bug off.  And another demon on the run.  So Doyle is still in the credits?  Sad Cordelia, looking at coffee mugs.  Haha this Cordelia scene is sooo funny.  This Doyle wannabe Barney is an annoying demon.  Angel to Barney: “Coffin.  I hate that stereotype.”  This Cordelia commercial is soooo over the top.  Now everything Doyle is hitting her.  Now Cordelia is getting Doyle’s visions?  Waiting for the demon assassin reveal to be Doyle.  Now that is different, Cordelia kissing Angel.  All to see if the vision power transfers over.  Really don’t know how I feel about Cordelia being the visionary now.  So Angel goes into scary dark apartment and is caught by the assassin… Wesley!  Now he’s a tough guy with a crossbow and dressed as a cool terminator wannabe.  And Angel disarms rather easily.  So Doyle for Wesley?  Wesley was fired as Watcher and now is a rogue demon hunter.  Yes, he is still a weiner.  And the killer demon is right above them.  Barney is emphatic, yay new power!  Wesley!  Cordelia!  Right back at where they left off.  Or not.  Can someone please slap Wesley, hard.  The demon wants to steal Barney’s empathetic power.  So now Angel is going all loner because of Doyle’s death.  Yes, Cordelia, explain Doyle’s visions that were explained every episode so far.  Guess what, Barney is evil.  Now he’s playing mind games.  What Barney is doing looks almost rapesh.  Now Wesley is in an awful suit.  And speaks demon.  So that’s what was in Cordelia’s vision that she was trying to draw.  Cordelia’s life is on the line and Wesley goes on a pity party.  Demon auction!  Yeah, Barney is despicable.  That’s one way to win an auction.  And of course Wolfram and Heart wins.  Okay, the Wesley bad at fighting joke was old even on Buffy.  Wesley almost got his Wesley on in that fight.  What a bland goodbye to Wesley, just ask him to stay.  Cordelia to Wesley about Angel: “He’s a good cook for someone on a liquid diet.”  So Wesley is staying, awww.


Well that was fast.  Doyle is freshly gone and Wesley is popped right in.  Here’s hoping the former Watcher and rogue demon hunter turned AI employee will fare better.  Wesley never thrilled me on Buffy, but I am an optimist here.



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