Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.10 Hush

Buffy season 4

Buffy goes against on of her most terrifying villains to date, ones that will take your voice away!  Yes, that’s right, today I take on the horrors of Hush.  Once more into my really loud SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Professor Walsh goes on to her class about the differences between language and communication.  And Buffy dreams of Riley kissing her.  But the dream is interrupted by a little girl singing and holding a box and going on about The Gentlemen.  Buffy tells Giles about her dream.  Xander and Anya argue about their relationship.  Willow goes to her campus witch group and realizes they are mostly posers.  But one girl, Tara, almost expresses interest in Willow’s idea of actually doing spells, but is shy and quiet.  The Gentlemen cause vapour to leave everyone’s mouths in Sunnydale that night.  The vapours all go to one building and end up in a box.  The same box Buffy dreamed up.  The Gentlemen are men with freaky smiles who float standing straight up and do not speak.  Their minions run wild with abandon.  By the morning, all of Sunnydale awaken and realized that one can speak.  Chaos and chaos reign, with silence profiteers and religious fanatics in the streets.  The Scoobies end up at Giles place and see on television that only Sunnydale has been hit.  Buffy and Riley met in the streets and try to somewhat restore some order, and then they kiss.  That night, The Gentleman and minions depart the attic and float around Sunnydale.  They get into a students room and cut out his heart, with no one hearing his screams because he could not scream.  Giles’s girlfriend Olivia was visiting before this all started, and she is scared when one of The Gentlemen floats by the window.  At campus the next day, Giles does a presentation with projected transparencies telling the Scoobies of who the villain is and what they are after.  Turns out they can be killed when the Princess screamed.  Anya is sleeping on Giles’s couch and Spike drinks blood from a mug.  Xander comes in, misunderstands, and attacks Spike.  Anya stops him and they go and to have sex.  Tara finds a spell to return the voices and takes it to Willow, but she runs into The Gentlemen along the way.  She races to from room to room, but no one lets her in.  Willow finds Tara in the halls and the two take refuge in the laundry room.  They try to move a vending machine to barricade the door, but it is too heavy.  Willow tries magic, but is not strong enough, but when Tara grabs her hand and they do it together.  Riley spots the bad guys in the attic and Buffy chases one of the minions to the same building.  They fight separately, then bump into each other.  Slayer and Agent, meeting in that capacity for the first time officially.  They then fight together against the forces of evil.  Buffy sees the box and gets Riley to follow.  Riley manages to destroy the box and Buffy’s voice comes back.  Buffy screams and The Gentlemen’s heads explode.  Tara and Willow talk the next day and Willow is told she has special power.  Buffy and Riley meet in her dorm room and agree they have to talk.  Then they just sit and stare at each other in silence.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Prof Walsh is yakking away again and picks Buffy as an example.  Always hated this kind of in class demonstrations.  And Buffy and Riley kiss passionately.  Okay, the class is now gone so this is a dreaded dream sequence.  Complete with a creepy little girl.  Yep, a dream!  Love how Willow mentions Wicca group so casually in front of Riley.  Willow eavesdropping is so cute.  Even Buffy has loose lips around Riley, mentioning patrolling.     Kiss!  Kiss him Buffy!  Riley is as bad as Buffy used to be with making up excuses.  Who is Giles talking to?  Someone with prophetic dreams?  Spike!  They should do a whole episode just with Giles and Spike in the house.  Giles has a neighbour!  Anya!  Anya with Xander, learning all about mortal relationships.  Love Spike’s look after Anya’s sex remark.  Giles is trying to dump Spike on Xander, which no one is happy with, but can you blame him?     Willow’s Wicca group and Willow looks unimpressed.  Bake sale.  I think I think she thinks they are posers.  They are posers.  Buffy and Willow girl talk.  And Agent Riley has the exact same conversation with his best bud.  Clark Kent mention!  Spike tied to a recliner is priceless.  Okay, now I want an episode with Spike and Xander as room mates.  Olivia?  Who is this?  Giles is getting it on with a much younger woman.  Gentleman reference?  Someone is doing some serious magic, stealing people’s breath as they sleep.  Okay, that guy is creepy.  Seeing random crying girl in Buffy’s dorm hallway is so MSCL.  Wait, they talked and no sound came out.  OMG.  WHAT HAS HAPPENED!  NO ONE CAN TALK!  NO ONE!  Now I really wish I could lipread.  Even without words, you know Xander thinks Spike did this.  Riley knows crap is getting bad.  Vocal code not accepted?  CRAP!  Riley does a MacGyver.  Everyone is freaked out and rather jumpy.  Sunnydale looks like the Depression has hit.  Street corner preachers?  Profiteers?  And of course Buffy and Willow get one.  This must have been absolute hell to film.  Awww, Willow always knows exactly what to write to Giles.  Thank you newscast for explanation.  Flu vaccinations?  Rolling eyes.  And The Initiative is also on the case, corresponding with whomever is their boss.  Chaos rules the streets.  Riley breaking up fights and Buffy breaking bones.  That kiss says I Love You!  Okay, these floaty demons scare the heckers out of me.  And they look so darn joyful.  Where is Olivia going?  Leaving Giles?  Yeah, I just jumped when demon guy floated by the window.  Stop With The Floaty Demons And Creepy Music And Crazy Smiles Or Else I Won’t Be Able To Sleep Tonight!  Oh Crud!  Oh Crud!  Are they gonna operate on him?  THIS IS TERRIFYING!  Organs in jars?  STOP THE CLAPPING!!  Giles is putting the clues together.  Fairy tales?  Scooby meeting in University classroom.  Interestingly, Anya, but no Spike.  And no Olivia.  The Gentleman.  Willow is right, they want our hearts.  No Xander, not woman’s breasts.  Even Giles slides sound like Giles.  I notice how like a silent movie, the music is oldies style and changes from set piece to set piece.  Thanks for the visuals of blood Giles, but you are a lousy cartoonist.  Anya is loving this and just chewing away on the popcorn.  Buffy’s hand motion!  We know what she means, but even Giles completely mistook it.  The Scoobies are dirty minded monsters hunters!  Princess screams?  Buffy is going on patrol!  Riley is going on patrol!  And Riley gets a clue!  Wait, that girl has spell stuff and is searching out Willow.  Run, it’s the floaty guys!  Will anyone open the door and save her?  Kill those freaks Buffy!  Riley!  Get the freaks!  Willow hears the knocking, but is not at her door!  Aghh!  Smiling Demon With A Heart!  RUN!!!!!!  Will Buffy and Riley see each other?!?!?!?!?  YES!!!!!!!!  Gun to gun!!  This is like when Buffy and Angel fought side by side.  Spike!  With freshly chilled blood.  And of course Xander misunderstands, in the one silly part of the episode.  This music is awful.  Did Anya just do that hand motion?  Willow and Tara are never gonna move that pop machine.  Useless, they use MAGIC!  Yep! Together!  YES!  Okay, that look was not just a victory look.  Buffy finds the hearts.  They are after Buffy’s heart!!!  Smash the box!!  Buffy screams!  I scream!  Their heads exploded!  YES!!!!!!  And the next day, life returns to normal.  For Sunnydale.  Tara’s mom was a Witch?  I see something beyond friendship with these two.  Giles and Olivia!  So Giles has told Olivia all these stories, which she now knows is true.  Many questions about Olivia.  Buffy and Riley.  And they just stare at each other.  Silence.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines And Movements And Facial Expressions!!!

Riley asks Buffy a very important question with “Tonight, you have crude oil?”  Giles tells Anya that her sex remarks are sooo not Giles style, “Yes, that is exactly the most appalling thing you could have said.”  Spike chimes in to Giles, all about Xander and Anya, “I’m not having these two shag while I am tied to a chair three feet away.”  The look on Riley’s face when he realizes the Initiative elevator is now a deathtrap.  Buffy’s hand motion at the Scoobies meeting, which they all take extremely the wrong way.  Anya’s hand motions when she wants Xander to know what she wants to do next.  The creepy creepy smile and head tilt and hand clapping of The Gentlemen.  Riley talks to Buffy, winning the understatement of the year award with, “I guess we have to talk.”


Joss, you have seriously scared the living Hellmouth out of me.  These villains are the most nastiest, scariest, freaky ones ever.  Also, the cast did the most amazing job showing us the true horror, and the occasional inadvertent humour, of the situation.  And lastly Joss, I love your drawings for Giles presentation.  Epic!



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