Five Random Thoughts On FanExpo 2014

Scoop Gone Geeking by Strawberry

This weekend I shall be going crazy and getting my Geek on at the wild and wonderful FanExpo 2014! For three days, possibly four days for me, my life will be hanging with friends, meeting comic creators, “stalking” Hollywood stars, and staying out to the ungodly hour of 11pm. Yes, I am a wild man!

To Celebrate this annual Geek pilgrimage, here is my Five Random Thoughts on FanExpo and Geek things in general!



From Stan Lee to Greg Pak to Adam Kubert to Andy Kubert to Francis Manapul to Jill Thompson to William Shatner to Patrick Stewart to Matt Smith to Nathan Fillion to Elijah Wood to Edward James Olmos to Stephen Amell to tons and tons more!! All of them are of course, close personal friends. Some even join me for poker night.



Really good advice, given to all Geeks at conventions, is to make sure when you are getting all your comics signed by your favourite creator, to also thank them. That little bit of human kindness will help make their long day better, your long day better, and the whole universe’s long day better. One touching tale that I lived involving this was in 1992. At a big convention, various artists were lined up along one area, and amidst all these creators with displays of their all rather generic Batman and Wolverine work, sat one Marty Nodell. And in all the crowd gathering in that locale, I was the only Geek who recognized Marty, who was the creator of the Golden Age Green Lantern. The man was old, and looked even older, and had trouble hearing. His wife, who ran the very well set up booth, defined loud and New York. But my heart fell because no one was paying tribute to this great pioneer of the genre, instead oogling bats and claws. I went over and poured over Marty’s portfolio, exclaiming to the air of his amazing Green Lantern work. Marty’s wife immediately had him do up a quick sketch for me, and as he drew away, my voice carried over and whole gaggles of fanboys started over. And this was back in day when fangirls were a rare at shows. Just as Marty finished my sketch, his entire booth was swarmed and money was exchanging hands for prints and whatnot. As Marty’s wife handed me my drawing, I handed her my ten dollars and said “Thank you.” But she shoed away my money and said, in a very low voice I was surprised at, “No, thank you.” Throughout the day I would wander by their booth and it was constantly busy. Once, late in the day, I spied Marty’s wife giving me a hearty wave. I heartily waved back. And to this day I still remember how wonderful that was. So remember people, take a few minutes out with the creators and give them a little love. It makes everything better.



For the first few years I covered FanExpo, I tweeted out pictures right away from the floor of the con. However, with the crush of people in the last two years, getting a signal out till late in the day was almost completely impossible. At this point I plan to repeat what I did last year, photo albums here on Scoops Mental Propaganda going up within days of FanExpo closing. Also, if my Felix Felicis holds out, I will hopefully have a few interviews lined up to post here as well.



Recently an area of I have always studied became a bit more fascinating. Comics and related paraphernalia sales. Seeing what sold and joining into the thinking of why it did sell, always helps me to see the trends and predict the future. And that part of my affliction has been aided by Diamond Comic Distributors, who added me to their email list of sales figures awhile back. Now, besides social media, I have use of Diamond’s information to have an even better grasp of what is taking over pop culture. How does this relate to the wonders of FanExpo? Another factor for figuring out what is hot is the cosplay on parade at the convention. I still remember the critics in the print media dismissing Brave as something that will have no impact on people. Then I went to FanExpo shortly after the film came out and saw quite a few Princess Merida’s in view. And more growing every year. Always interesting to see what becomes the newest cherished icon of our lives.



For a loooong time Googliebear kept ordering me to make Geek friends at FanExpo. And several years back I met several people through the Comic Geek Speak Podcast, who were visiting FanExpo. Those friends multiplied and multiplied and multiplied. They now include the dudes from the Legion of Substitute Podcasters and fans of Firefly, Buffy, and (gasp!) Marvel Comics. It shalt be one looooong weekend of fun, frivolity, and friends.


Be on the lookout for a guy dressed in Hawaiian and smiling from ear to ear. And come up and say hello, you will get a high five back.



…is currently reading Buffy stuff online!!!!!

Green Lantern Nodell



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