Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.11 Doomed

Buffy season 4

Buffy has to head back to Sunnydale High School, all to save the world.  Again.  All this and more as Doomed is here.  Time for yet another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Riley talk.  And Riley is not telling Buffy anything about The Initiative, but Buffy figures a lot of it out.  Riley thinks Buffy’s powers are cool but has never heard of a Slayer.  Earthquake time and Buffy knows something is up.   Xander tidies his basement place from the small quake and tells Spike he has to help out.  Buffy talks to Giles, who is not concerned with the quake.  Riley asks Forrest about Slayers, but is told they are only myths.  One of the demons freaks and Riley wonders if it is quake related.  Willow goes to an after quake party and finds Percy, one of her Sunnydale High tutees.  Percy’s date Laurie does not him to talk to Willow.  One party goer is killed by a demon.  Willow hears Percy reassure his date by trashing Willow.  Feeling sad, Willow lays down in one the dorm rooms and realizes she is laying next the dead student.  Xander finds Spike wearing some of his gaudy clothes, all because Spike shrunk his own laundry.  They argue and Xander tells Spike off, hurting Spike’s feelings.  Riley and Forrest talk and another Initiate agent, Graham, comes in and tells them of the murder.  Willow tells Giles of the symbol carved into the body, and Giles says the world will end again.  Buffy finds the demon at a crypt gathering the bones of a child.  They fight, it escapes, and Buffy bumps into Riley.  They argue because Buffy does not want to let Riley in.  The Scoobies find out the demons need a man’s blood, a kids bones, and the Word of Valios to do the Sacrifice of Three and destroy Earth.  Riley gets his Initiative team ready as well.  Spike tries to commit suicide when Willow and Xander come in.  Willow feels sorry for him and brings him along.  Buffy and Riley bump into each other again and talk some more.  Spike hanging with Willow and Xander, makes fun of them as well.  Giles realizes the Word is a talisman that he owns.  The demons attack and take the talisman, beating Giles up.  The Scoobies find Giles and head to the debris of Sunnydale High School because the ritual will open the Hellmouth.  The Scoobies show up and fight the demons, and one jumps in, a sacrifice to open the portal.  Another demon fights Spike, and Spike hits back.  When no pain comes, Spike realizes the anti-violence implant only works for humans.  So Spike can beat up demons.  This causes Spike to start pummeling demons.  And throws one in the Hellmouth.  Riley shows up and helps.  The third demon jumps in and Buffy jumps in after it.  Riley attaches a cable to Buffy and manages to pull Buffy out.  With the demon.  Riley lies to the Scoobies, but they quickly figure out who he is.  Spike pretends to be a friend of Xander and uses an American accent.  Later Riley talks to Buffy and is annoyed that the Sccobies know who he is.  Buffy reassure him with a kiss.  Spike wants to keep fighting and tries to convince Willow and Xander to come with him.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

And picking up right where we left off…  And neither wants to be the first with the truth.  Buffy puts a whole lot together much faster than Riley does.  Riley has never heard of Slayers?  Did Buffy tell all this to Giles yet?  And Riley wants secrecy of course.  Amy the Witch Mouse is upset.  Earthquake!  Buffy knows what it is.  I am guessing Hellmouth, since they never said if Sunnydale High is being rebuilt or not.  The Odd Couple: Xander and Spike.  Spike the plumber is a new spin-off series.  I laughed when Spike’s implant prevented him from clocking Xander.  Willow is so chipper with campus earthquake trivia.  Giles brought up the commandos Buffy…  The Initiative thinks the Slayer is a myth.  Smallvile mention!  These Initiative doctors are really useless.  Hello, I’m an uncomfortable Willow at a frat party.  Naked Limbo!  Demon!  Damn, dead desecrated body lying next to you in bed Willow.  Another day, another job for Xander.  I LOVE SPIKE’S SHIRT!!  Definitely my style!  I think Xander actually hurt Spike’s feelings here.     Love Willow’s shirt here: Bunny’s Dog Walking Service.  Willow alternates so well from angst to valuable information.  End of the world… Again.  Willow saying we’ve done this before is the viewers voice ringing out.  Demon!  Fight!  Riley shows up, just in time to almost get punched.  They better not kill Riley off this episode.  Buffy is really really trying to push Riley away here, very very hard.  They should really ask Anya for help here.  Spike is attempting suicide?  Xander’s words really must have hurt.  Willow even gives a helping hand to a depressed Spike because she is Willow.  Slayers don’t live past 25?  This true or is Buffy just all pissy?  Riley is really calling Buffy on her negative attitude.  Spike is quite pleased with the headgames he just played with Willow and Xander.  Turns out Giles had the Word of Valious!  And now the demons attack!  Giles looks really bad.  Sunnydale High still looks condemned.  The library has seen better days.  Demons.  Looks like Spike was wrong about Willow and Xander being useless.  Spike just found out he can hurt demons.  So he does!  See Spike Beat-up A Demon!  And Spike really thought he was helping!  Riley!  Dang, Riley’s utility belt is very helpful.  And she managed to catch the third demon sacrifice.  Scoobies meet Agent Riley, Agent Riley meet the Scoobies.  And Spike is trying hard not to be recognized.  Love Spike’s Texas accent.  And Buffy and Riley kiss, aww!  Spike has to get his violence on, so let’s go kick some demon ass.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Riley tells Buffy all about his injuries, “I’m a walking bruise today.”  Riley goes on to his friend for 1,000th time about Buffy, “Buffy, she’s pretty cool, isn’t she?”  Riley asks Buffy a question that would be normal in Sunnydale, “Again? You dated me before?”  Riley tells something to Buffy that sounds oddly romantic, “I can feel my skin humming.”  Spike tells Willow and Xander exactly what he thinks of them with, “Buffy fights the forces of evil. You’re her groupies.”  Willow asks Riley a very obvious question, “You were just passing by, in your G.I. Joe outfit?”


Scoobies meet The Initiative.  The Initiative meet the Scoobies.  All in the wonderful playground of Sunnydale High.  This one was amazingly cool Joss, with action, character developments, and relationship woes all chugging along.



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