Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.11 Somnambulist, and Angel 1.12 Expecting

Angel Season 1

Angel has his past catch up to him in Somnambulist and Cordelia deals with something unexpected in ExpectingMy Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series goes on.



What Angel Investigations Did!

A girl is being chased down the street.  She is caught, marked, and killed by Vampire.  And the killer looks like Angel.  And Angel wakes up from a nightmare.  Kate is at the dead girl and knows it is a serial killer.  Wesley sees the killing in the newspaper.  Angel goes to see Kate about the murder and finds out the killing is very much like his dreams.  Wesley and Cordelia think Angel might be responsible, so they chain him to the bed.  Angel himself wonders if he is responsible.  Angel dreams of a person he sired a long time ago, Penn, and figures out he is the killer.  Angel tells Kate about the killer and what his MO is.  The cops almost catch Penn during a killing and he takes off.  Kate goes to hunt him and is attacked.  Angel shows up and fight Penn.  Kate knows something is up during the fight.  Later, Penn talks to Cordelia at the AI offices.  She figures out it is him.  Angel shows up and Penn escapes because of Wesley.  Penn plans his next killing.  Angel goes to Kate’s place and says she knows about Vampires and about Angelus.  AI finds Penn’s hideout with clues to a school bus plot.  Kate is getting the cops ready for Penn and it turns out Penn is in the room and attacks the cops.  He takes Kate and escapes into the sewers.  Angel shows up because he knew the schoolkids was a ruse.  They fight and Kate kills Penn by impaling him through Angel.  Later Cordelia and Angel talk, and Cordelia promises to stake him if he turns Angelus again.


My Thoughts!!

Yet another scared girl being chased in the darkened city.  And fed upon by Angel.  Or was it a dream?  Kate!  It’s a serial killer.  Wesley is now in the credits!  Bored already by Cordelia and Wesley blatherings.  Gasp!  Something in the newspaper!  Angel is tired and moody yet again.  And almost walks into direct sunlight.  Kate and Angel with no romantic chemistry.  And Angel recognizes the dead girl from his nightmare.  So Kate is a profiler now?  And describing Angel?  Their are other tenants in this building?  Love how Cordelia defends Angel’s honour after Wesley’s accusation.  And Angel thinks it’s happening for real.  Sleepwalking Angel.  Flashback nightmare to ye olden times.  Cordlia to Angel and Wesley: “Great news sports fans!  There’s been another killing!”  Another flashback, and it turns out Angel sired and trained the killer.  Cordelia to Angel and Wesley: “A real psycho-wan-kenobi.”  So Angel did sire him.  Time for Angel to tell Kate the truth?  Now Kate has a Cross.  Sending cops up against a Vampire?  That’s not very wise Angel.  Police versus Vampire, eh not really.  And Kate goes in with no back-up.  And Angel goes in.  No pulse, he must be dead!  Whoops wrong, er, no right!  You know what I mean.  Angel!  And now Kate knows… something.  It’s Neo versus the Matrix!  Of course Kate doesn’t want to believe in Vampires.  The hand burning cross bit was whatever.  And the bad guy is pumping Cordelia for information.  And now she realizes?!?!  Yay!  Cordelia with the blinds!  Boo!  Cordelia with the stake.  Angel versus villain.  Put the blinds down Cordelia.  Wesley walks in of course.  Studying montage!  Kate knows about Angelus.  He’s changed his MO.  Uh-oh, we are gonna have a lot of dead cops.  Angel knew the schoolkids thing was a fake out.  He took Kate.  Holy Water!  Good one Kate!  Knew she was gonna stake Angel upwards.


Interesting concept, old sires coming back to haunt Angel.  But I found Penn very whatever and the mystery pedestrian.


Angel logo


What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia has a night on the town with some friends.  Angel and Wesley go demon hunting.  Cordelia and her date, Wilson, get along, and head to her place and have sex.  Morning and Cordelia is alone and very very pregnant.  Nine months worth.  Angel and Wesley are worried when she does not come to work and go to her place.  They find Cordelia upset at being pregnant.  Angel tracks Wilson down.  Wesley take Cordelia to the doctor and they find out she is having a litter.  And that the babies fluids are dangerous.  Angel finds Cordelia’s friend and she is pregnant as well.  Angel finds Wilson at a gun club and asks him what is going on.  Wilson and his friends act as proxies for a demon and don’t care because they are getting sex.   Wilson’s gang shows up and attack Angel, who then beats them up.  Wesley realizes that Cordelia will have the child of a Haxil demon.  Cordelia knocks Wesley out and goes to the demon.  Angel finds out that Cordelia has left and goes after her with Wesley.  Cordelia and the other girls are at a refinery awaiting the demon, who is really big and tall.  Wesley confronts the demon, Angel throws a tank of something, and Wesley shoots it.  It is liquid nitrogen.  The demon is frozen solid.  All the girls snap out of it.  Cordelia smashes the frozen demon.  Cordelia is grateful for Angel and Wesley saving her.


My Thoughts!!

Joker reference!  Cordelia can’t file.  Wesley shows up.  Cordelia’s flaky friends are annoying.  Time for a vision!  They think Angel and Wesley are gay.  That axe gag is soooo funny.  Doyle reference!  So Wesley is over his hormonal urges for Cordelia and sees the reality.  This guy with Cordelia is supposed to be slick… not.  Cordelia is inviting the guy to stay over, first direct mention of sex with her.  Her roommate is a ghost, have to keep reminding us of this.  Guy to Cordelia:  “Hey, that’s some jumpy polka.”  Bed scene with Cordelia.  She really slept in.  And she is really pregnant.  Wilson is his name.  She wouldn’t figure it out right away it was magic.  Interesting, how Cordelia talks about her sex life with Angel, even mentions how she was safe.  Wonder how much the network freaked over this one.  Wilson is an impregnating demon.  Angel does a lot of bribing on this show.  Cordelia gets freaked easily by the other pregnant woman, probably her fear of motherhood.  Cordelia and Wesley, pretending to be a married couple.  Cordelia is having a litter.  Betcha Serena is also preggers.  Acid blood from Alien.  Smelly money is a clue.  Cordelia going nuts, part one.  Messy Cordelia just drank blood.  Love it when Angel just openly threatens people.  Next scene should be Angel mopping the floor with these guys.  Brainwashed Cordelia is nutty and wants to keep her babies.  The jerks are surrogates for a demon.  What asshats.  Love it when Angel breaks bones.  Plucking bullets from yer gut is such a Vampire hardship.  Yep, that is one big demon.  Delay, Wesley, delay.  And the babies shrink away as the demon gets frozen.  Talk about tiptoeing around Cordelia.  And she makes jokes.  Angelus callback! Awwww!


1950’s Moral of the Story: Loose woman get pregnant and the men leave them.  Very progressive viewpoint for the Angel show.  Really surprised they went this stupid direction.



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