Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.12 A New Man

Buffy season 4

Giles feels useless and becomes A New Man in this episode of Buffy.  All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Riley are smooching in bed and Willow pops in and says a demon is attacking the rec room.  Buffy and Riley arm up and head into the rec room, only to discover it is really Buffy’s surprise 19th birthday party.  Giles is out of sorts at the party and finally meets Riley.  Spike moves out and goes a demon hunting.  Professor Walsh is told of Buffy being a Slayer.  Riley has 17 captures and kills.  Walsh wonders how many Buffy has gotten.  Later we see that Buffy does not want to drag, but she has had more kills.  Like hundreds and hundreds of kills and multiple saving the world.  Riley is wowed by Buffy’s track record.  Giles sets out to stop a demon from rising and wants Buffy’s help, but she is hanging with The Initiative.  Giles talks to Prof Walsh and she slags Buffy and whomever trained her/father figure.  Giles really does not like Walsh.  Giles takes the Scoobies, minus Buffy, and go to stop the demon.  But they do not find the demon.  Willow thinks the Initiative already got it.  Giles then learns from Willow all about the Initiative, Riley, and Walsh.  And he is mad Buffy never told him.  Giles feels dejected and sends the Scoobies away.  After Giles leaves, Ethan Rayne pops up and Giles finds him.  Giles wants to beat Ethan, but stops when information is offered.  They head to a bar and Ethan talks about the Initiative’s plan called 314.  Buffy and Riley spar, and finally Buffy lets loose.  Giles and Ethan get drunk, and Giles babbles his feelings.  Willow and Tara do some magic, not very successfully.  Giles goes home, falls asleep, and wakes up the next morning as a demon.  He clumsily smashes through his place, before finally leaving.  Willow does not tell Buffy she was doing magic with Tara.  Buffy remember she forgot to tell Giles of the Initiative.  Giles seeks Xander’s help, but he can only speak demon, so Xander freaks.  The Scoobies find Giles’s place trashed and worry for Giles.  Giles wanders the cemetery and runs into Spike, who is looking for a new crypt.  Giles speaks and Spike realizes it is him, transformed into a Fyarl demon.  Spike speaks Fyarl.  Spike agrees to help Giles for two hundred dollars.  The Scoobies find out the demon has to be killed by a silver object.  Spike tries to drive Giles car and tells Giles about Fyarls.  These demons are dumb, rip things apart, and can spew mucous that hardens.  Giles sees Walsh and jumps out of the car to scare her.  Spike finds out at the bar where Ethan is.  Buffy finds out information at the magic shop where Ethan is.  The commandos chase Giles car and he jumps out, with Spike continuing driving.  Spike then crashes the car.  Giles smashes into Ethan’s room and attacks.  Buffy and Riley show up and Ethan is taken down by Riley while Buffy fights Giles.  Buffy stabs Giles with a silver letter opener and then looks into his eyes.  The eyes of Giles.  And the letter opener was not real silver.  Giles becomes Giles again and Ethan is arrested by Riley.  Buffy and Giles talk and clear the air.  And Giles tells Buffy he does not trust the Initiative.  Walsh is annoyed Riley broke orders, but is impressed by Buffy.  Walsh then goes through some doors labeled 314.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Riley, laying in bed, k i s s i n g!  And Willow kills the mood!  Danger in the library!  Happy 19th Birthday Buffy!  Love how Riley has to hide his gun so fast.  Willow, methinks Buffy would have rather met Little Riley, nudge nudge.  Anya is learning manners.  Giles looks so not fitting in.  Buffy acts she is introducing Riley to her dad.  Yeah, I know she is.  Buffy called Riley her boyfriend!  Mr. Giles?  Wonder if they were gonna address what Giles was doing these days, re: job.  Watchers pension?  Prof Walsh and Giles?  That would be interesting on so many levels.  Spike is moving!  Walsh meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and the Prof is still a bit of a bitch.  But Buffy did not introduce Riley to Giles the same way?  Betcha Buffy has killed way more hostiles.  Now Giles realizes the demons are a coming.  Yes, Riley, Buffy is waaaay more experienced than you at Vampires and demons.  So Giles sees Walsh and keeps his Watcherness secret?  Hmmmm.  Giles gets bitchslapped by Walsh and he doesn’t bitchslap back?  Father figure comment is really offhand.  Willow and Xander mention Riley and The Initiative!  And Giles has no clue!  Now he knows about Walsh and feeling like a useless 40 year old.  Ethan!  And Ethan is caught monologuing.  314?  Awww, Buffy and Riley sparring!  I hate drunk acting.  Knew he was kidding about the poison.  Willow and Tara!  Doing magic!  That floating rose magic sounds so sexual.  Umm, the rose isn’t supposed to do that.  Giles is now a demon?  This is getting silly.  Is that the actor under all that prosthetics.  Willow ain’t telling Buffy about Tara?  Lots of secrets around here.  Buffy KNEW she didn’t tell Giles!  Giles goes to Xander?  And of course Giles is speaking demon.  Great, now the Scoobies will think the demon took Giles.  Spike!  On demon killing patrol, while measuring crypts.  Knew Spike would understand him, makes sense and moves plot along.  And of course Spike doesn’t want to help.  Spike settles on $200?  The Initiative really are high tech and organized.  Meanwhile, Giles and Spike are in a car.  Paralyzing snot?  Great Giles is becoming more of a demon.  That was stupid, Giles chasing Walsh.  Cellphone on BTVS.  And Buffy comes to the perfectly reasonable and wrong conclusion.  Closing in on Ethan!  Riley is trying to pull rank on Buffy, good luck with that!  Ethan is such a liar!  Buffy versus demon Giles!  Spike is loving this chase isn’t he?  Well, that car was old and loved.  RIP Giles car.  Riley versus Ethan!  Now Buffy realizes it’s Giles?  Because of the eyes?  That knife wasn’t silver!  And Giles is back to human!  But Riley can arrest Ethan!  Riley is happy that Buffy is take charge and strong and a great fighter.  Giles has issues with The Initiative.  And Walsh has issues with Buffy.  Restricted Areas are always ominous.  Especially ones labeled 314.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Spike tells Anya what he thinks of Xander’s place, “I’ve known corpses with a fresher smell.  In fact, I have been one.”  Buffy tells Willow about her sparring with Riley, “I sorta kicked him across the room last night.”  And Willow tells Buffy great advice “You can’t walk around pretending you are less then you are.”  Spike also gives advice, to Giles, “Oh, tremendously convincing.  Try it again without the stutter.”  Xander asks the Scoobies something very important, “Why would a demon steal a car?”  And Anya ask the Scoobies an even more important question, “Why would a demon steal that car?”  Buffy tells Giles how she knew it was him, “Your eyes.  You are the only person in the world who can look that annoyed with me.”  And Buffy describes Giles face to him, “You have buttface.  You look like you are going to say but.”


Except for Giles and Spike hanging out and cruising, I found this one almost painful.  Forced and non sensical, the only thing to makes this worse would be if it starred Xander.



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