The Annotated The Passport To The Wall, Part 9, Chapters 40 to 43

Passport To The Wall Anotated 1

Annotations! Bullet points! Fun!

Already covered the start of the idea, and who ILONA is, Chapters 1 to 4, Chapters 5 to 13, Chapters 14 to 21, Chapters 22 to 29, Chapters 30 to 35, and Chapters 36 to 39.


Chapter Forty: Cynthia Is Down To Earth. ACT I of IV of FAMILIES

• With this four parter, I wanted ILONA to see several of her friends in their home environments, with plenty of one on one time. I picked the girls whom I thought would make interesting matches for ILONA, plus I had the good fortune to choose friends whose names had not yet appeared in a chapter title yet. With the plotting and character spotlights, I realized how relating each friend to an element would also work.

• I wrote all theses chapters with the idea in mind that ILONA had already, over the months, visited all of her friends houses several times, and met their families already. But after all this time, ILONA is now a whole lot more smarter and analytical. She will see things she has not realized fully before.

• Having all four chapters take place in one very busy day took a fair bit of planning, charts, spreadsheets, and deep meditating. Okay, mostly heavy planning.

• After awhile, I liked to start chapters with dialogue. Always felt more inclusive this way.

• Love how ILONA takes her laptop with her on this bike ride. Along with plenty of books.

• ILONA got a used bike as a Christmas gift from her parents. And after much begging, they let her take it out for a spin, even with snow on the ground.

• And it is the Monday of March Break.

• Clara going off the Disneyland and Susan heading to New York took them off the table.

• First stop: Cynthia’s house.

• Cynthia getting her room redone allowed me to not have her come along next chapter to SummerFall with ILONA and Cecily.

• The mystery of the unexpected visitor.

• Cynthia’s dad is a lawyer. Actually considered doing a chapter early on where ILONA would spaz because of her family’s history with lawyers.

• Cynthia and her mama share the same problem: Trying to be perfect and save everyone.

• And ILONA calls her friend on it. But Cynthia really doesn’t pick up on it.

• The mysterious stranger returning Cynthia’s mom smartphone is named Nicholas and he has had a problem with alcoholism for a long time. And he had a girlfriend and a child. This is the man from Finding Sally.

• Nicholas finding the smartphone on the subway was a concept I cut early on from Finding Sally.

• The name Nicholas gave was Sally, but it was actually for the photo inside (Cynthia’s mama?) not the phone itself.

• Wake up calls for alcoholic range all over the place. A smartphone battery running down was the one I picked for Nicholas.

• Cynthia’s mama used to be a lawyer. Stopped practicing to raise family.

• ILONA raises an interesting point. Not all families of addicts want to be reunited.

• Divergent mentioned.

• ILONA just quickly plugging in to check online is something people do all the time nowadays.

• ILONA meets Nicholas. And sooooo many things come from this.

• ILONA reminds Nicholas of his daughter.

• Love how ILONA tries to think of what Cynthia would do here.

• Nicholas telling ILONA about throwing the stapler at the kindergarten window is a biiiiiiig development. Anyone who has read The Long Drive To Nowhere will figure it out right away that Nicholas is Cara’s father.

• Thought it would nice for ILONA to give Nicholas a hug.

• And ILONA is now on Cynthia’s side, hoping for a happy reunion.

• Having Cecily forgot her school book at SummerFall was a good way to keep her out of the chapter till now.

• Stole the idea of Cecily being on Cynthia’s brothers shoulders from my own story Say Hello To The Clouds For Me.

• And now ILONA are going to go bike riding together.

• Song For This Chapter: Dancing On My Own Ground by Lawrence Gowan. I have been a Gowan fan since high school and wanted to use several of his tunes for these chapters. Dancing On My Own Ground is a great fit for this entry.


Chapter Forty-One: Cecily Sings To Air. ACT II of IV of FAMILIES

• Cecily singing Amazing Grace while riding her bike just made me happy.

• ILONA did look up the story behind Amazing Grace. Google it yourself and see this remarkable story.

• Cecily wanting to go to SummerFall and the wall brings up the two places she feels most at home with: Cynthia’s house and SummerFall.

• Second stop: SummerFall with Cecily.

• Biking through an entire school yard is always fun.

• Cecily texting Cynthia her location is not only responsible, but also sets up how Joy and Lidia find the two at the end of the chapter.

• And ILONA tells Cecily all about Arlene. And doing that while lying in the snow just felt right.

• Cecily singing a lullaby to Arlene was part of the plan from early on. I had several songs picked out, but eventually realized Rock-a-bye baby was the best choice. It is the song Googliebear and I often sing to Lexie The Wonder Puppy before she takes a nap.

• ILONA plays with Cecily’s hair.

• Simon the bully mentioned.

• People have a choice. One of the themes of Passport.

• Cecily’s parents disappearing after dropping her at a police station I knew would be very traumatic.

• Cecily blaming herself is not unusual.

• ILONA repeats to Cecily the same words that Cynthia said to Susan in WE LOVE ALL.

• Also thinking you don’t really exist because your parents vanish is not uncommon.

• Cecily mom used to sing Rock-a-bye-baby to her as well.

• Bone mentioned.

• Cecily’s ringtone is Amazing Grace, but with a more upbeat tempo.

• Joy and Lidia show up. They are from Four O’clock Appointment With Joy. Obviously Cynthia told them where to find ILONA and Cecily.

• ILONA being lifted off the ground by Joys’ hug is reminiscent of ILONA’s hug from Cynthia’s mama. The twirling around is an added bonus.

• Of course Cecily thinks ILONA and Joy look alike.

• Song For This Chapter: Your Stone Walls by Lawrence Gowan. Another great song, this time about letting guard down and connecting.


Chapter Forty-Two: Madison Is Fire. ACT III of IV of FAMILIES

• Mr. Micheals was always hated it seems.

• Having ILONA, Cecily, Joy, and Lidia all hang out by the wall, eating lunch was just fun.

• Who invented the group high five? Joy and Lidia or Joshua and Tracey and Sarah? Giving a sense of communal history to the characters and the wall.

• How old is Mrs. Travis? I remember when I was younger trying to guess teachers ages.

• ILONA and Cecily notice the bruises on Lidia, which places this chapter shortly after the events at the end of Four O’clock Appointment With Joy. I have a timeline placing where all the short stories take place in relation to Passport.

• Sarah makes jewelry. And Lidia is wearing a necklace made by her.

• Joy’s ringtone is meep meep, the sound the road runner makes.

• Brave mentioned.

• Joy calls ILONA little sister.

• To Kill A Mockingbird mentioned.

• Fables mentioned.

• A new life. Another of the Passport themes.

• Third stop: Madison’s house.

• Josh again. Just visiting Madison’s house before his family leaves to Disney. I not only wanted to feature The Chat characters again, I wanted to show that those friends hang out together as well and have adventures, well away from ILONA.

• So now according to Josh, ILONA is world famous.

• Tracey in the chair, rolling along like a crazed maniac, is a callback to The Chat.

• Monty Python reference.

• Joshua’s dear old great auntie meeting some one because of a book is a future short story, not yet scheduled.

• Of course Tracey just grabs ILONA and wheels off.

• The Sound of Thunder and Ray Bradbury referenced.

• Madison’s room is a mess. What a surprise, except for the bookshelves and the scrunchie pile.

• Battle of the Scrunchies? I don’t know what that is either.

• Sleepover coming up on Wednesday. Because these friends are always having sleepovers.

• Of course Cynthia’s room redo would be chronicled on facebook.

• Knew Cynthia, Cecily, Joy, and Lidia would update facebook with ILONA’s journeys that day.

• Friends With Boys mentioned.

• The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy mentioned.

• ILONA does a really good job here analyzing Madison’s heroine worship of Tracey. Something Cynthia and Clara have also said apparently.

• Madison hanging around with/stalking Tracey, and using the scrunchies as an excuse to have contact, was part of the plan when I wrote The Chat.

• And ILONA figures it out that Tracey knows, all based on the scrunchie supply.

• Mutually agreed upon fiction. Thought that line fit these sisters.

• I often wonder how this house stand up to the chaos of Madison and Tracey.

• A scrunchie on the bike kinda gave me the fuzzies.

• Song For This Chapter: The Good Catches Up by Lawrence Gowan. Another rousing Gowan song, all about how being good will eventually win the day.


Chapter Forty-Three: Collette Live Like Water. ACT IV of IV of FAMILIES

• Fourth stop: Collette’s house.

• Having Collette wearing a construction helmet, all covered with snow, was just to good an image to not go with. I almost added a flashlight to the helmet. Almost.

• Love how the snow keeps flying off Collette. She must have really been covered.

• Way early on in the planning I had Collette fixing computers with her dad for this chapter. But I wasn’t married to the idea and looked around for something better.

• And the better was the snow fort. Loved loved loved this idea more. Back a million years ago, when I was a young teen, I made a snow fort in my yard, all proper and everything. Took me most of the day, froze my butt off, and made me very very happy, but my snow fort lasted for quite awhile till the warmer weather finally felled it.

• Love how ILONA is completely blown away by the snowfort.

• Of course Collette skyped with Susan first thing in the morning.

• Lost finale mention. And how ILONA is still doing edits. And is behind.

• Samantha mention again.

• I love how Collette’s the usual is rebuilding old computers.

• How Collette describes making a snow fort is pretty much how I did it.

• And of course all chronicled for facebook and youtube, etc.

• Hidden Fortress mention. This is an old black and white Japanese movie that is said to have inspired Star Wars. Having seen it, I can see the point.

• ILONA would be polite and call Collette’s parents Sir and M’amm.

• Doyle the dog probably thinks the snow fort is one big dog house.

• A Very Potter Musical mentioned.

• I snuck in a strange, strained, reference to Howls’ Moving Castle. An anime I still have yet to see.

• Of course Susan is checking into not one, but two comics shops in New York.

• And of course secretly taken pictures of ILONA and Hermione.

• Zen and the Art of Writing mentioned.

• Collette explains Ray Bradbury’s philosophy of life and she applies it. Make Greatness.

• Love how ILONA’s parents recognize Madison’s scrunchies in their daughters hair.

• ILONA’s mumma noticing all the changes our heroine has gone through.

• The explanation of the A New Life poem. Given to ILONA’s mom the day the little girl was born.

• Song For This Chapter: When There’s Time For Love by Lawrence Gowan. The song title says it all.


Wheeee!! Another crazy dispatch done! Hope you enjoyed yet again!

Till next time!


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