Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.13 The I in Team

Buffy season 4Buffy joins The Initiative and complications ensue in The I in Team.  Another exciting chapter of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Some Scoobies play poker and Xander is selling energy bars.  And no one trusts The Initiative.  Buffy tosses Initiative soldiers around as a test for Walsh.  Scoobies make plans to meet at the Bronze, but Buffy is whatever which hurts Willow.  Giles and Spike argue at his crypt, Giles thinks Spike has been neutered for some higher purpose while Spike says bugger off.  Buffy comes into The Initiative and thinks it is amazing.  But she lets slip some knowledge of Spike.  Willow blows Tara off to go hand with Buffy.  Walsh enter room 314 and looks into her half human half demon soldier Adam.  Buffy shows an hour late at the Bronze and bring Initiative guys with her.  Willow is not pleased.  Buffy and Willow argue about The Initiative, and then Buffy and Initiative get paged and take off.  Willow goes to see Tara.  Buffy and The Initiative go hunt a Polgara demon and Forrest is all pissy about Buffy.  Forrest see Spike and they tag him a with a tracer.  The demon attacks Riley’s team and Buffy and Riley take it down.  And then Buffy and Riley have sex for the first time together.  And Walsh watches from a hidden camera.  Spike retreats to Giles place, still chased by The Initiative.  The next day, Buffy wakes and finds Riley is still with her.  They talk about The Initiative and Riley gets a call from Walsh who sends him on a mission.  Walsh had secretly decided to get rid of Buffy.  Buffy gets paged by The Initiative and sent demon hunting by Walsh.  But its a trap.  Buffy is enclosed and fights two demons.  Riley’s team traces Spike.  Willow and Giles get the tracer from Spike’s shoulder and it is flushed.  All before Riley’s team can find them.  Buffy is considered dead in battle, but actually her headset monitoring her fell off.  Riley reports back to Walsh and is told Buffy is dead.  But Buffy has killed the demons and tells Walsh through the headset that she is still alive, tough luck.  Riley sees and gets mad and leaves.  Buffy talks to Giles of how The Initiative betrayed her.  Walsh plans to use Adam to get Buffy, but then Adam kills Walsh.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Scoobies playing cards is new.  Poker!  Anya is still so new at everything.  Another new Xander job.  Booster bars are prob evil.  Cue commandos!  Training exercise!  Can’t tell if Walsh is impressed or scared.  Okay, scared.  Maybe she mentally lumps Buffy into the evil category because she is a purist?  Aww, Willow is feeling left out.  Spike needs to hire a decorator.  Giles has a point about higher purpose with Spike.  But Spike is back to burly old Spike.  You know Buffy and Riley ain’t talking about sex, but The Initiative.  It’s take your girlfriend to work day!  Now let’s get some answers!  Behavior Modification of demons!  And of course she doesn’t mention Spike.  Buffy joins The Initiative?!?!?!?  Pager?  Welcome to 1999.  This is such a soft tender romance brewing between Willow and Tara.  Invite Tara!  Willow!  You just broke Tara’s heart.  314!  Is that some human/demon/cyborg hybrid?  The Initiative is making super soldiers?  And next scene, cue Xander in Captain America shirt.  Buffy comes an hour late, and brings Riley and his agent friends.  The true first meeting between the Scoobies and The Initiative.  And it looks awkward.  Anya is worried Riley will figure out she is a demon.  Scoobies mention!  Willow does not like talking about Tara?  Maybe conflicted feelings?  Willow brings up some very valid questions which Buffy ignores because The Initiative is all nice and shiny.  All the pagers going all at once in no way looks suspicious for secret agent guys.  Demon 101.  And of course Buffy asks questions, how dare she!  We all knew this was gonna happen.  Willow and Tara, together again.  Buffy is so used to being Buffy on patrol.  Crud, they see Spike, who wisely makes a run for it.  Buffy and Riley fighting together!  Buffy and Riley making love together!  This is rather intense!  Walsh is watching and recording?  What a freakin’ perv!  Please stop with the Xander energy bars.  Spike!  Being chased by commandos.  When will they discover the tracer on Spike?  Bet those aren’t vitamins Riley is taking.  The Initiative is run by the military.  Are they related to those feds who took Invisible Girl?  And Riley might start asking questions.  That was fast, Buffy declared a liability.  Two British guys arguing in British slang is cute.  Xander gets a soldier memory flashback, I thought those were gone.  Buffy comes back and finds no Willow.  Buffy and Willow, estranged roomies.  Bet Walsh is sending Buffy into a trap, and keeping her from the Scoobies as Riley attacks.  Yep, Willow, you ionized the air!  And love the new hair styles.  Magic versus science!  Paging Admiral Ackbar cause It’s A Trap!  When will Buffy figure it out?  Buffy’s dead!  Betcha she figured it out and is faking out Walsh.  Commandos almost find Spike!  Okay, Buffy’s not playing possum, she just dropped the crappy headset.  Walsh can lie like a politician.  Buffy figured it out and is calling Walsh out.  Buffy just owned Walsh and dropped the mic and kicked that bitch in the head.  Man, Riley looks piiiiiiiised!  And the calm Prof Walsh loses her cool.  And Buffy gives the 311 on season four’s big bad, The Initiative.  Adam is the hybrid.  Now crazy Walsh is talking crazy talk to herself, re: killing Buffy.  Wait, Adam kills Walsh?  Calls her Mommy?  Whaaaaaat??


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander gives lessons to Willow in ethics with, “You know magic at the poker table qualifies as cheating.”  Anya tells Willow stuff that makes Xander’s card go flying, “Yes, we’ve enjoyed spanking.”  Buffy tells Walsh about her fashion sense with, “Don’t worry, I’ve patrolled in this halter many times.”  Buffy spars with Riley, and before they make whoopie, Buffy says, “So. What do you wanna do now?”  Buffy tells Walsh the 411 with “If you think that is enough to kill me, you really don’t know what a Slayer is.”


Well that didn’t last long.  Buffy joins and leaves The Initiative.  All because Walsh is completely nutty.  Imagine what would have happened if she was normal?



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