Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.13 She, and Angel 1.14 I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Angel Season 1

Angel meets another justice seeker in She and kids with demon issues in I’ve Got You Under My SkinMy Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series pumps on.



What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia has a house warming party and Angel and Wesley are socially inept.  A man stands guard over a crate hears spooky sounds inside.  He opens it and is surprised.  Angel offers Wesley a job.  Cordelia gets a vision of a man burned alive.  Angel and Wesley go to the body and find a demon Tae from another dimension. He is here to catch a killer demon.  Angel follows the trail and is attacked by a female lady with magic powers who kicks his ass.  The demon gets a call and takes off.  Angel pursues.  They end up at an art gallery.  Angel finds her in a storage room and a portal opens.  Out comes a naked humanish girl.  Tae burst in and takes the girl.  Angel finds out from the magic demon that the new girl will be control by some spine stuff.  She is Jheira a princess Oden Tal and helps woman escape.  The spine has the Ko which has sexual powers.  Jheira hits on Angel.  Jheira admits to killing people to protect the girls.  Wesley and Cordelia follow the trail of the demons.  They find Tae and his plans to take care of Jheira.  Jheira goes to a spa where the girls are safe, but do not know that Tae is coming.  Cordelia and Wesley go and get Angel and they figure out where Jheira is.  Angel shows up in time to fight Tae and the girls are evacuated.  Jheira almost loses her spine.  Angel saves her.  The girls get away and Angel tells Tae to get lost.  Later, Angel and Jheira argue some more, but are also attracted to each other.  And during the credits, Angel and Wesley are shown dancing at Cordelia’s party.


My Thoughts!!

Party at Cordelia’s!  Wesley is not busting a move.  That sweater is awful.  Can Wesley meet the same fate as Doyle please?  Angel dancing?  Oh, a daydream.  Time to be all moody and sulky and say hi to Dennis.  Moaning from the sealed box is never a good sign.  Angel to Cordelia: “I have two modes with people.  Bite and avoid.”  Wait, I thought Wesley already worked for Angel Investigations?  Vision time!  And now Angel investigates… Tae is here and has a stop an evil.  So now Portals exist to other dimensions.  The grappling guns!  I notices we haven’t seen those battoys in awhile.  Ouch, that must have hurt.  So tattoo face lady can go all ghost like and hurt Angel.  Cellphone!  Not while driving Angel!  And low battery!  And car charger for the cell!  These cellphone jokes are lame and lame and lame.  Who thought this was funny?  She is smart with manipulating the security guards.  The security guards would know Angel was not a tour guide, as would the patrons.  Of course Angel knew the artist.  And out of the Portal pops out a girl.  Fight with the krinkle forward guys!  That back surgery, and sound effect, looks painful.  Tattoo lady explains the plot and the sex slave analogy.  So Cordelia and Wesley find the trafficking ring, complete with brainwashed victim.  This spa dude is annoying.  Angel’s plans are so straightforward sometimes.  Seriously, the Wesley is a klutz joke is way past not funny.  Love to see this quack try to cleanse Angel’s aura.  Now Cordelia and Wesley can finally fight?  After being captured like losers?  Eventhrough they are lame, I can just tell these Portal people will be back.  If you cross the line in your pursuit of justice, I will take you down has been used how many times before?  Dancing credits!


The muddy topic of the week is sex slavery.  Haven’t seen this much mushing up of the moral since season two of Star Trek Enterprise.  I hope Jheira does not come back.


Angel logo

I’ve Got You Under My Skin…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia talks to Angel about Doyle, then has a vision.  Angel and Wesley go to a house in the suburbs and Angel saves a young boy Ryan from a car.  Angel meets the parents and they act all suspicious.  But he gets an invite to dinner.  Wesley finds gunky magic goo outside the house.  Which means someone is possessed by a killer Ethros demon.  Angel  makes brownies with demon finding stuff in it.  At dinner Ryan is revealed to be the demon, not the father.  The parents agree to an exorcism.  Ryan is put into a magic circle and Angel goes to get a priest, but the one they want is not available.  Wesley says he can do it.  Ryan’s mom is almost killed by Ryan.  Cordelia is sent to get a prison for the demon, an Ethros box, but she gets a different one because the store is out.  The demon makes fun of Wesley as he tries the exorcism.  Some marbles spell out Save Me.  Angel does the exorcism.  And the box breaks.  AI realizes the demon will become solid to recuperate and they go find it.  The demon says the boy is evil.  Angel kills the demon.  Ryan locks up his parents and tries to set fire to his younger sister.  Angle shows up and saves everyone.  Kate takes Ryan to social services.  Angel talks to the parents and tells the dad to take care of his wife and daughter.


My Thoughts!!

Wow, a magical knife without much use.  Cordelia made brownies.  And Angel just called Wesley Doyle.  Those bratty kids are scared of daddy.  Why that is an ominous lock on the kid’s door.  Now time for the Angel Cordelia heart to heart over Doyle.  Vision time.  Saving a kid from a car is new for Angel.  Yeah, this family isn’t tense.  Wesley is finally being useful and looking for clues.  Angel, Jones is such a cool alias.  Demon possession!  Wesley to Angel and Cordelia: “A father doesn’t have to be possessed to terrorize his children.  He just has to–”  Character development for Wesley.  Hehe Angel made brownies full of demon freeing stuff.  It’s the oldest kid Ryan, demon possessed.  And now the parents flip roles of course.  Cordelia is sooo helpful with the comments.  Angel can walk into a church?  The Nun can tell Angel is a Vampire?  Can all religious officiants see demons?  Cue ominous warnings from Nun.  Wesley wants to do the exorcism and Angel doesn’t think he has the mental stamina, which he is right.  No other Priests are available?  Why let the weepy mother this close?  And of course she breaks the circle.  Cue demon trouble.  Will Wesley sacrifice himself like Doyle did?  Now they need a magic box.  And the demon reads Wesley’s mind and taunts him.  A lot.  Daddy kept Wesley under the stairs.  Kinda saw that coming with Wesley, and that looked painful.  Save Me with marbles is supposed to be scary but isn’t.  That was a fast exorcism.  And the cheap ass box Cordelia got broke real fast.  Demon in physical form with cryptic messages.  So Ryan has no soul.  And the marbles was the demons cry for help.  Interesting twist.  The boy is a sociopath and psychopath and evil.  He’s gonna burn his sister?  Yep, Ryan is nuts.  Angel!  Ryan is with the cops now and Kate looks pissed at Angel.


Some light at the end of the Hellmouth here with some actual horror and some actual social issues.  Things happened and they felt more real.



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