Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.15 This Year’s Girl

Buffy season 4

Buffy faces a whole Hellmouth worth of trouble when Faith comes back in This Year’s Girl.  Once more into my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Faith are together in what appears to be a dream sequence, making a bed and talking nicely. Blood from Faith drops onto the sheets, all from a knife wound Buffy gave her.  Xander looks over The Initiative gun and can’t figure it out.  Buffy finds a demon victim of Adam, dissected in a tree.  Riley awakens in the hospital and goes to leave, but Forrest and Graham try to stop him.  Buffy creates a crazy plan to get Riley, but he walks in free.  Faith is still in a coma at the hospital, having dreams of a picnic with the Mayor that Buffy interrupts, followed by Buffy chasing her through the cemetery.  Faith falls into a grave, then climbs out, and wakes from her coma.  Faith leaves her hospital bed and meets a lady in the hall.  Faith still thinks it is Graduation Day, and is told it is six months later, and that the Mayor died.  Faith takes off.  The hospital sees Faith is gone and nurse places a mysterious phone call.  Faith listens in outside Giles place and Buffy gets a call that Faith is awake.  Buffy and Willow walk the campus the next day and Faith shows up.  They argue.  They fight.  Faith escapes.  Giles and Xander find Spike while looking for Faith, and he intends to help Faith.  Buffy tells Riley about Faith.  Faith gets a package the Mayor left for her.  In it is a videotape message from the Mayor saying they he might fail and he left a gift for Faith.  It is a small device called the Draconian Katra.  Giles is visited by mysterious men and they know each other.  Faith goes to Buffy’s house and takes Joyce hostage.  Buffy shows up and the two fight, ripping apart some of the house.  Joyce calls the cops.  Faith takes the Draconian Katra out and slaps it between her hand and Buffy’s hand.  Light blazes and Buffy knocks out Faith.  Buffy breaks the device.  Joyce asks Buffy if she is okay, and Buffy says “Five by five.”  The saying Faith always says.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Faith making Buffy’s bed.  And Buffy stabbed her.  Little sis is coming?  Another Slayer?  Don’t like dream sequences, but coma dream sequences are interesting.  Riley in the credits!  Love Xander’s sweaters and Willow’s hat.  Wait, now Xander has his military smarts back?  No one seems to care Xander just electrocuting himself?  Riley!  Macho men showing off their macho manliness all to be macho, don’t you just love The Initiative soldiers?  Faith is in the dingeiest hospital room ever.  The Mayor!  Faith has such daddy issues with the Mayor.  And the Mayor finds a snake.  Buffy mercilessly killing the Mayor just shows how screwed up Faith still is.  One disgusting dissected demon coming up.  Hmm, Xander in a Cabin In The Woods.  Willow is a good hacker, but I don’t think she is that good.  Using magic against technology?  Interesting.  Okay, Buffy, your plan is about as feasible as me flapping my arms and flying to the moon Riley!  Aww, Riley and Buffy are holding hands!  Faith!  Faith being chased!  Faith being chased by Buffy!  Knife!  Cemetery!  Into a grave!  Faith still def has issues generally, and with Buffy, and casts herself as the victim.  Faith wins!  Time to wake up!  Time for Faith’s Shawshank moment.  And some girl starts filling in Faith on all sorts of going ons.  The date: Friday February 25th, 2000.  First time they have ever given a specific date on Buffy, relevance?  Now we get to hear the public version of Buffy’s graduation, including the Mayor’s death, but no mention of a giant snake.  Buffy never told Riley about the Watchers?  Aww, Buffy is so good at offering solace to Riley.  Who is the nurse talking to on the phone?  No one tore down the decrepit shell of Sunnydale High?  Faith is spying on the Scoobies, wishing for their lives.  Waiting to Faith to walk in right now.  Nope, I was wrong.  Of course Buffy told Riley who Faith was, slightly sanitized.  Faith!  When Faith says B to Buffy this time, it sounds nasty.  Yes, Faith is still homicidal.  Willow actually looks scared.  Willow, is resolve face and getting to do some witchy stuff to Faith, but Faith calls on it.  Fight!  Love how Willow whacks her with her backpack.  Willow and Tara!  Love how Willow has already told Tara about Slaying and stuff.  Love Tara’s fighting style, much like mine.  Spike!  Of course Spike is not going to help, but hinder.  Spike and Faith are so going to get along.  Who are these guys meeting the nurse?  The Initiative?  Damn, Faith is smart in avoiding the cops.  The Mayor is still so strange, even on video, and Faith still has daddy love for him.  What is this gift?  Looks like the Ultimate Nullifier.  The Mayor still has a creepy laugh.  Joyce!  Long time no see!  Faith, you punch the woman who treated you better than she did her own daughter, who gave you Christmas dinner?  So Buffy hasn’t come to Joyce in a good long time.  Not a shocker really.  Faith needs a slap more than a hug.  Buffy!  Fight!  Buffy versus Faith in one hell of a knock out fight, which also demolishes the house.  Who are these guys in Giles house?  Rupert?  Betcha they are Watchers!  The Mayor’s gift!  They switched bodies!  Called it!  Love how Buffy has the crazy Faith stare.  Holy crap!  It’s a Buffy Freaky Friday!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander asks Buffy a question about the plan including a Cabin in the Woods, “Question?  Will hiding in a cabin with stockpiled chocolate goods be any part of this plan?”  Buffy asks Riley an obvious question with, “I, am looking for brainwashy chips in your head.”  Xander tells the Scoobies another obvious thing, “This qualifies for a worst timing ever award.”  Willow tells Tara what the plan is if they see Faith, “Run. Flee. Maybe skeedabble.”  Buffy tells Faith off, after she threatens to bed Riley, with, “You’re not his type. He’s not big on sleaze.”


Faith is back and whipping everything into a frenzy!  And Joss, that ending, really really blows my mind.  How much carnage and chaos with Faith in Buffy cause?



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