Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.15 The Prodigal, and Angel 1.16 The Ring

Angel Season 1

Angel helps Kate with her father in The Prodigal and enters gladiatorial games in The RingMy Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series zips through season one.


The Prodigal…

What Angel Investigations Did!

1753 Ireland and Angel is human, called Liam, and a lazy jerk according to his father.   Today Angel fights a demon who attacked a subway train.  Kate shows up and Angle kills the demon.  A courier was interviewed about what happened on the train.  Kate’s father, the retired cop Trevor shows up as well and takes a package.  Angel realizes it was a Kwaini demon, who are not violent.  Angel tells Kate, but she doesn’t care.  Angel finds the courier and sees him hand a package to Trevor.  Angel confronts Trevor.  But Trevor is stubborn.  Wesley finds out the demon was on drugs.  In 1753 Liam leaves home and meets Darla, who sires him.  Angel rises and Darla shows him Vampire 101.  Calling himself Angelus, he kills his entire family.  Today, two men see Trevor and Angel shows up and knows they are Vampires.  But he can’t come in unless invited.  So Trevor dies, the Vampires take off, and Kate shows up.  Angel and Kate go to the bad guys place and attack.  They win.  And Kate is mad at Angel.  In 1753 Darla approves of Angelus.  Today Kate goes to her father’s grave and Angle watches.


My Thoughts!!

Ireland 1753.  Another Angel flashback.  So this is before he was sired.  And Angel is a drunk and a sleaze.  Today, Angel is fighting a train highjacker.  Kate!  So L.A. is just like Sunnydale, people believe what they want to believe.  Kate’s dad, oh joy.  This flashback lady (Darla?) thinks drunken Angel is cute.  So Cordelia’s birthday just went by.  So that demon was peaceful by nature.  Now Kate has an office?  And Kate has a messy filing cabinet.  And Kate is being typical tv cop and ignoring the obvious.  Wesley and Cordelia, demon morticians.  Kate’s dad is up to no good.  Flashback Angel is being kicked out by daddy, hooks up with Darla, and Angel is sired.  Kate and Trevor and I’m bored.  Finally, Wesley is useful and competent.  PCP!  Call Snyder!  Why does Cordelia look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?  Okay, she was undercover.  That is one huge video camera.  Betcha these guys are Wolfram and Heart.  So a career cop turns bad.  Demon!  Flashback Angel has his funeral.  Angel 1727 – 1753 and I noticed no last name given.  So when you first become a Vampire it hurts.  Time to feed Angelus.  And Cordelia can’t get the security system to work, just like she can’t make coffee, or file.  Kate is now helping because the plot has to move along.  Wait, still no visions from Cordelia yet?  Demons!  And play by play from the security system!  And Wesley and Cordelia can actually fight now!  Evil lawyers at the door!  Angelus against his father!  And he killed his sister!  Of course Kate’s dad has a hidden gun.  Lawyers are Vampires!  And Angel can only come in after Kate’s dad is dead.  Love Angel’s threat.  Angel’s got quite the arsenal here.  Is Kate’s dad gonna rise as a Vampire?  Kate’s got a gun, the Vampire’s had better run!  Fight!  And Angel’s hidden stakes come back.  Time for Kate’s PTSD.  Hello mindgames from Angel’s sire Darla.


Telling the story of Angel’s non Vampire life is interesting.  Connecting it to the boring character Trevor is not.

Angel logo

The Ring…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia and Wesley use an online demon database and argue.  A man, Darrin, comes in saying his brother Jack was taken by strange creatures.  Jack is a gambler, etc.  Angel goes to the bookie and gets information.  Angel goes to the sewers and fights some demons.  Angel finds a place with fancy rich people going inside and sneaks in.  It is gladiator games fought by captured demons.  Angel sees Jack and finds Darrin as well.  Turns out it was a trap.  Angle will now be a gladiator.  Soon Angel is in quarters with other demons and has a bracelet on to control him.  The other demons won’t help Angel.  And Angle won’t participate.  Wesley and Cordelia realize they can’t find Angel or Darrin. Wesley sees the bookie and gets information.  Angel has his first fight but refuses to fight.  Wesley and Cordelia show up at the arena and get in.  Angle kills and wins the fight.  Wesley sees the control bracelet.  Angel tries escape, is unsuccessful, and ends up meeting lawyers Wolfram and Heart.  They want him to forget, he says no.  Angel has his second fight.  Wesley and Cordelia get in again with a way to defeat the bracelet.  Wesley’s key to the bracelets are taken by another prisoner.  Wesley takes Darrin hostage.  The demons get free and fight the guards.  Darrin is pushed into the pit by Cordelia, a bracelet is put on him, and he is disintegrated.  AI all leave and let the demons go as well.


My Thoughts!!

Demons demons demons is a database and Cordelia and Wesley argue and I yawn.  A client!  Demon bookies!  Angel and his bribes, gotta move the plot along.  And Angel follows the trail.  Finally something interesting, a demon fight club.  Okay, it was a trap for Angel.  At least Cordelia realizes something is wrong.  And Wesley is back to being a klutz.  Oh look, a prison bully.  These bookies are brutal.  Wesley has finally shown some cahones.  Well, Wesley and Cordelia tracked Angel down quickly.  And Angel doesn’t wanna kill in these gladiatorial games.  But Angel finally does.  So Angel tries to rally Spartacus or something.  Of course Cordelia stole a bracelet.  Angel captures the brother and I knew the other demons wouldn’t help and that the brother would be shot.  Wolfram and Heart!  How did the games guys know of Angel, betcha it was Wolfram and Heart.  And Angel says no to their scummy offer.  Haha, Wesley almost blew himself up.  We all knew the demon was gonna steal Wesley’s key.  Angel got staked!  In the kidneys!  So Angel’s mercy convinces the demon?  And the other demon?  And the crowd stops cheering!  Wesley’s got his gun on the psycho!  And the slaves are freed!  A fitting end to the villain!


The concept of an underground demon fight ring is interesting and scary, even if the execution here is kinda wonky.



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