Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.16 Who Are You

Buffy season 4

Buffy is stuck in Faith’s body.  Faith is living it up in Buffy’s body.  And things get crazier from there in Who Are You.  Another exciting post in My Year of Angel… Hopefully, whoops!  Almost got switched around by Faith!  I mean another exciting post in My Year of Buffy series!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy/Faith is taken away by ambulance.  Faith/Buffy practices being Buffy in a mirror.  Buffy/Faith is taken from the cops by the Watchers Council commandos.  They plan to take Faith back to England for punishment.  Faith/Buffy goes to the Bronze and is kinda mean to Spike, by being very sexy and tempting.  A bunch of Vampires are found by Adam, who chats them up about immortality.  Faith/Buffy meets Tara and is also mean.  Willow tells Faith/Buffy about a Vampire in the Bronze and she reluctantly goes to get it.  And when the intended victim thanks her, Faith/Buffy is taken aback.  Buffy/Faith tries to escape the Watcher Council commandos.  Tara knows something is wrong.  So Willow and Tara do a spell to figure out what’s up with Buffy.  Faith/Buffy acts all sexy with Riley and then has sex with him.  Later, Riley tells Faith/Buffy he loves her, and Faith/Buffy is not happy to hear this.  So Faith/Buffy decides to leave town.  Buffy/Faith, just as the Watchers Commandos are about to kill her, finally escapes.  Faith/Buffy is at the airport.  Buffy/Faith goes to Giles and tells him of the body swap.  She tells him things only she would know.  Willow and Tara show up and have a magical device to switch them back.  They find out from television that Vampires are holding people in a church.  And Faith finds that out as well.  Everyone heads to the church, which is also where Riley goes for service.  Faith/Buffy talks him out of going in and she goes in.  Faith/Buffy fights the Vampires and Buffy shows up.  Faith/Buffy fights Buffy/Faith.  Buffy/Faith uses the magic device to switch them back.  Buffy/Faith is now Buffy again.  Faith/Buffy is now Faith again.  Faith takes off.  Buffy finds out that Riley had sex with Faith/Buffy and she is hurt.  Faith leaves town.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Just wait till Buffy/Faith wakes up.  Who will be the first Scooby to figure it out?  And they flipped the credits of who played who.  Faith/Buffy so does not like being hugged.  Faith/Buffy getting used to her new body.  Hello Travis Buckle!  Buffy/Faith knows what’s happening!  Willow and Tara!  And Tara calls it with Willow not telling her friends about her.  Not buying Willow’s excuse, methinks Willow has another reason here.  And Tara obviously knows about the Slaying.  Tara’s look says sooooo much.  Faith/Buffy even dresses like Faith.  So these guys are Watchers!  And that was one violent jailbreak by them.  Faith/Buffy doesn’t know who Anya is.  I know what wetworks is!  That laugh sounds wicked and strange.  So Faith/Buffy has homicidal daydreams, oh joyful.  That is one dangerous stare Faith/Buffy gives Willow.  Giles must be getting suspicious of Faith/Buffy, since now she doesn’t know who Adam is.  Faith/Buffy at the Bronze with Spike!  Are they about to make out?  That is just nasty dirty talk.  Adam finds some Vampires.  And negotiates?  Buffy/Faith meets these Watchers and realize they are nuts.  Time for the awkward meeting of Faith/Buffy and Willow and Tara.  That look again from Tara to Willow.  Now that was rude, Faith/Buffy, first the lesbian comment, then making fun of the stutter.  That thank you unnerved Faith/Buffy.  Yuck, if Faith/Buffy does Riley.  Knew Buffy/Faith wouldn’t escape with that plan, these guys are zealots.  Tara figures it out first?  Okay, she sensed the energy being off, which makes her a better witch than Willow.  Hyena mention!  Faith/Buffy is doing one heck of a lapdance for Riley.  Okay, Faith/Buffy is really sick in the head.  This astral projection looks rather intense and heavy duty and involves lots of handholding.  Kinda looks sexual too.  Damn, Faith/Buffy had sex with Riley.  And he said I Love You.  And that freaks out Faith/Buffy.  Watchers goons are gonna kill Buffy/Faith!  Damn, she’s got a half good/half desperate escape plan.  Buffy/Faith and Giles!  That eyes bit was a shot at that ending.  Faith/Buffy is about to bolt town.  And that was a lot of history slammed out in a jumble of superspeed.  Willow and Tara!  Betcha they know it is Buffy.  Tara is very shy at admitting her witch power.  They conjured Kryptonite!  So Adam and his Vampires have captured a church!  Buffy/Faith sees this.  Faith/Buffy sees this.  Riley’s other uniform, his suit.  Faith/Buffy shows up to save the day!  Riley goes to church?  He’s the only character so far to do this.  And just like Buffy, Faith/Buffy just walks right in.  Giles so overacts as a diversion.  Faith/Buffy starts kicking ass.  I think that is the first time we have seen a Vampire vaporize from sunlight.  Faith/Buffy is saved by Buffy/Faith!  And now they fight!  The magic!  And now the freaky friday is over!  And Faith runs away, gone forever.  Check date mentioned in first part, bet it was Friday, hence Freaky Friday.  Now Buffy realizes Riley slept with Faith/Buffy.  And Buffy jumps off the bed rather quickly.  Faith is still all alone, on a truck headed somewhere.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Joyce talks to Faith/Buffy, and seems to have more empathy to Faith than she ever had for Buffy, says, “I think she is horribly unhappy.”  Faith/Buffy tells a military jerk who and and what she is with, “I am not a killer. I am the Slayer.”  Faith/Buffy shouts to Buffy/Faith, describing how she feels about herself, “You’re disgusting!”



Holy Freaky Friday Joss!  Having Faith pretend to be Buffy and having Buffy not pretending to be Faith is fascinating and amazing and, well you get the idea.  And having newbie Scooby Tara save the day was awesome!



…is currently reading The Best Of The Spirit by Will Eisner

P.S.  With this episode done, I am now officially halfway through Buffy The Vampire Slayer!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Halfway There!!!




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