Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.17 Superstar

Buffy season 4

Buffy enters a whole new world and doesn’t even know it in Superstar.  Another amazing awesome chapter of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and the Scoobies are on patrol and find a bunch of Vampires.  So they get Jonathan to help.  At his mansion.  Buffy does combat practice with Jonathan at Giles place.  Jonathan outdoes Willow’s computer skills and finds a better way to get the Vampires.  The Scoobies lead by Jonathan head out to get the Vampires.  Jonathan stakes most of the Vampires himself, with Buffy doing next to nothing.  Jonathan consoles Buffy.  Jonathan is hounded by the press and finds Spike.  Spike and Jonathan insult each other with Jonathan winning.  Jonathan is also a movie star, model, singer, and book writer.  Riley tells Buffy that he is recovering from the drugs the Initiative gave him.  Jonathan gives Buffy relationship advice, saying she is angry for Faith sleeping with Riley.  The Initiative is till after Adam, and a Colonel calls in Jonathan for tactical advice.  Jonathan figures out that Adam is powered by some radioactive stuff in his chest.  And Adam must be destroyed to be defeated.  One of Jonathan’s fans is attacked by a monster outside his mansion, and she escapes.  Jonathan gives Riley advice on Buffy.  Jonathan sings at the Bronze, very Rat Packish.  Buffy and Riley talk and make up.  The fan shows up and tells Jonathan about the monster.  Jonathan learns of the symbol on the monsters head, and Buffy can tell something is up.  Adam watches lots of television and can tell Jonathan is a fake and a spell has been done.  Adam says the magic is unstable.  Jonathan is asked to bed by two ladies and when he unclothes, the same symbol is on his shoulder.  Buffy tells Willow that Jonathan was scared and she refuses to believe it.  Tara is attacked by the same creature that went after the fan.  She escapes.  And the creature has the same symbol.  Buffy goes to Xander’s place and sees tons of Jonathan merchandise.  Buffy wonders how he could do all this stuff and be so perfect.  Buffy asks Anya if people can alter reality and is told yes.  Buffy tells the Scoobies about Jonathan, and they don’t want to believe.  Jonathan arrives and explains the tattoo.  Buffy wants to hunt the monster but Jonathan tries to talk her out of it.  They go and see Spike who tells them about a cave.  Willow figures out Jonathan used a spell to make himself perfect.  But it also creates an evil creature.  Buffy and Jonathan fight the creature in the cave.  The Scoobies wonder what the other world is like.  The creature is knocked over a ledge and Buffy saves Jonathan.  White light goes over Sunnydale and everything returns to normal.  Later Buffy talks to Jonathan and gives him advice.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and the Scoobies on patrol!  With Anya!  Who is this guy?  And why is he all over the credits?  Jonathan?  Earshot Jonathan?  And he is better at sparring than Buffy.  I hate Jonathan so much already.  He feels like some internet fan written into the show as an over the top fanfic joke.  I think I am going to hate this one.  Jonathan and Spike!  If Jonathan altered reality, wouldn’t Tara notice?  She knew about Faith/Buffy after all.  Okay, Riley mentioned Jonathan, so kooky world still exists.  Now that is a lot of sugar Buffy.  These Jonathan fans are abit much.  And Jonathan of course wrote a book and does celebrity endorsements and knows exactly what to say.  And he is part of The Initiative?  Great, a made up metal.  Hello fanfic!  Demon at Jonathan’s place?  Betcha Jonathan is a demon!  Okay, that blindfolded gun bit was ridiculous and stupid.  And the Bronze is now a jazz club and Jonathan is a singer.  This is the longest episode ever.  All we need is Leslie Nielsen to show up and this would be Naked Gun.  I love Naked Gun, but smushing this to Buffy does not work.  This Adam villain is not quite working for me either, all moody and all knowing.  But at least Adam knows the truth about Jonathan.  Magic that will unravel.  So Jonathan has the demon mark on his back!  Gasp!  On No They Didn’t!  That Class Protector Award Is Buffy’s!  That Was Her Moment In High School!  Jonathan has gone to far!  Tara attacked by a demon!  Smart girl, used magic to defend herself.  And now Buffy’s confidence in Jonathan has been shaken.  And in every reality, Anya is rude.  Dark Horse Comics!  President McKinley mention!  And Anya just told us the plot.  Matrix Trilogy would have sucked more with Jonathan.  Aww, Riley is till a decent nice guy in this reality.  Jonathan is good at lying and I want to slap him.  Spike is kinda showing non-homicidal feelings towards Buffy, almost sexual it seems like.  Jonathan doesn’t like the real Buffy reasserting itself.  Xander do not engage in book burning.  Augmentation Spell!  And a yin gets created for the yang.  And slowly Jonathan’s hold on the Scoobies lessen.  Buffy and Jonathan fight the demon!  And Buffy saves Jonathan, which is her first mistake.  Spell broken!  Dingoes Ate My Baby!  Scoobies!  With Anya!  With Riley!  And With Tara!  Off, in the distance, Jonathan, all by himself.  Everyone is slowly forgetting.  Spells in counseling?  Honestly, what in the name of Hellmouth is Sunnydale doing?  Jonathan wanted perfection tomorrow, with no effort.  And Buffy and Riley are making up, awww.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander loves stating the obvious to the Scoobies with, “I think we did great.  We knocked them dead.  Which they already were.”  Spike gets snippy with Jonathan and the Scoobies with, “I wasn’t exactly pining for a noisy visit from Wonder Jonathan and his fluffy battle kittens.”  Anya tells Willow what she would do with a topless Jonathan, “Yeah, pretty darn lickable.”  Giles gives Xander a lesson in manners with, “Xander, don’t speak Latin in front of the books.”  Buffy gently tells Jonathan off with, “People didn’t like being little actors in your sock puppet theater.”


This one was torture for me.  Can’t stand the making fun of fanfic concept because it all is to easy.  And Jonathan went from sympathetic to obnoxious very very quickly.



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