Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.17 Eternity, and Angel 1.18 Five By Five, Part One

Angel Season 1

Angel brushes up against Hollywood yet again in Eternity and sees an old Frenemy in Five By Five, Part OneMy Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series zips along.



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel and Wesley watch Cordelia being awful in a play.  After the three see actress Rebecca Lowell crossing the street and about to be hit by a car.  Angel saves her and she impressed because he does not know who she is.  Her agent, Oliver, offers Angel money.  Rebecca tries to hire AI to protect her from a stalker.  Angel says no.  Later Rebecca has a party and afterward the stalker attacks.  Angel shows up and saves her.  Stalker gets away.  Rebecca sees Angel has no reflection and realizes he is a Vampire.  Angel goes a movie premiere with Rebecca.  After, they are attacked.  Angel wins and figures out Oliver is behind it, all to restart her lagging career.  Rebecca decides that becoming a Vampire and looking young forever will solve her problems.  Later Rebecca has drinks with Angel, then spikes his.  The drug works and Rebecca asks to be made a Vampire.  He says no and realizes the drug gives him perfect happiness, so Angelus pops up.  Rebecca escapes.  Angelus shuts down the building and confronts Wesley and Cordelia.  Angelus makes fun of Wesley and Cordelia, but they manage to knock him out.  Angel awakens and is chained to the bed, back to normal.


My Thoughts!!

Gasp!  Angel and Wesley trapped in live theatre with Cordelia performing!  And she keeps forgetting her lines, acting badly.  Oliver Simon.  Raven.  Bad guy with car.  Angel saves Rebecca/Raven.  So she is smitten by her rescuer because Angel doesn’t know who she is.  Yet another mention of retard.  You think by 2000 that would have stopped.  You would think Angel would want to keep a low profile and be out of the papers.  Raven shows up to hire Angel, right on cue.  Hollywood parodies on a Hollywood show always kinda bore me.  Raven has a stalker.  And Angel likes her, which is funny because the two have no chemistry.  Faking a vision?  So Cordelia.  Poor lonely movie star girl.  Stalker attack!  Angel saves the day!  Ooops, no reflection Angel has blown his cover.  Betcha the attacker was her agent, either he loves her or is trying to generate publicity.  Does that mean Angel did the nasty with Rebecca.  Buffy mention!  That is one big cross Cordelia is sporting.  Wouldn’t the camera guys notice Angel wasn’t showing up on screen?  Convenient back alley.  Convenient guy with gun.  Angel had way too hard a time fighting this loser.  So the agent was behind it, out of career ambition and love.  Rebecca is too old for a career?  Gasp ageism!  So Angel will make her youthful forever.  I have no idea what her plan here is, how is she going to become a Vampire this way?  Oh, she’s drugging Angel?  Cordelia now realizes, hours later, that she was being pumped for info by Rebecca?  Couple of episodes ago, she figured it out right away.  Angel mentions being trapped in hell.  This scene, where Rebecca wants Angel to bite her, is so over the top with everything including the music.  That squirting blood all over Rebecca scene was gross.  The drugged drink makes Angel into Angelus?  Or is he just trying to scare her?  And Wesley saves that idiot Rebecca.  She drugged him with something that induces bliss, ie happiness, so Angelus is not real.  Now he is hunting them.  Wesley has inferiority complex.  Betcha Cordelia is bluffing with the holy water, just long enough for Wesley to really do a number on him.  Holy elevator shaft Angel!  So Angel is normal again, all chained up.  Knew they were gonna leave him that way.  Rebecca just took off?  Not even an apology?  Hope she never comes back.


I really hope Angel keeps well away from the Hollywood aspect of Los Angeles, because whenever they combine the two, it hurts.  And I wanted Rebecca to die.  Quickly.


Angel logo

Five By Five, Part One…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Faith shows up in Los Angelas after she left Sunnydale in Who Are You.  She beats people up, goes to clubs, and causes fights.  Angel saves a gang member from a demon and gets him to testify against a Wolfram and Heart client.  1898 Romania has Angelus and Darla celebrating his birthday by kidnapping a gypsy woman.  Angelus feeds on her.  Darla comes back the next day and Angelus now has a soul and is Angel.  And he is in pain.  Darla kicks him out, disgusted.  Wolfram and Heart put out a contract on Angel and get ahold of Faith.  Angel, Wesley, and Cordelia head to lunch when Faith shoots a crossbow at Angel.  Angel catches the bolt.  AI is stunned to see Faith.  AI calls Giles and find out Faith came out of the coma last week.  They argue over what to do with Faith.  Faith shows up at the office and taunts Angel.  Angel fakes being a lawyer and gets into the Wolfram and Heart offices, all to track Faith.  He gets caught and leaves.  The lawyers have high tech and magical defenses.  Cordelia goes home and Dennis tries keeping her out, all because Faith is inside.  Faith captures Wesley and takes him and tortures him.  Angel tracks Faith down and finds her.  They fight and Angel is getting beaten because he does not want to hurt Faith.  1898 Romania has Angel begging for help, attacking a woman, but unable to feed due to his soul.  Today, Angel and Faith keep fighting and Angel is only defending himself.  Faith is upset by this, and has a nervous breakdown.  Wesley shows up with a knife.  Angel takes pity on Faith and holds her.  Wesley drops the knife.


My Thoughts!!

Demon hobos with guns.  Angel with a sword, Wesley driving the car, kinda cool.  And Angel saves the guy.  Faith!  And Faith meets slimy guy at bus station.  And promptly kills him.  Either she took too long to kill this civilian, or she prolonged out of joy.  I wonder if Faith joins the cast this episode.  Flashback to Angel in yo olden times, and the gypsy girl!  So guy they saved is needed to testify.  Yep, Faith, one woman demolition crew.  Hey, witness needed in case against Wolfram and Heart client.  Angel!  And he brings the witness of course.  Betcha their solution is Faith.  Man, they found Faith really really fast.  And she is just screwed up enough to go into that limo.  Too bad we didn’t actually see the transformation from Angelus to Angel, just the aftereffects some time later.  And now Darla is disgusted with him.  Faith is really keen to kill, especially Angel.  Man, these lawyers are brutal and heartless and unemotional.  Faith!  Faith with a crossbow!  Holy crud!  And of course Angel catches the arrow.  The scared look on Wesley and Cordelia’s face is priceless.  No one told Angel Faith was awake??  Giles mention!  Angel is piiiiiised that Faith is back, and thankfully he remembers that Wesley was an ass at that time.  Angel wants Faith dead.  Wesley wants to bring her back.  Faith really shouldn’t play with guns.  Hello loony tunes Faith.  This guy is so clueless that he falls for Angel’s “lawyer” act.  And Angel just figured out Wolfram and Heart are behind Faith?  Man, these lawyers are really smart, mystical barriers and cameras and such.  Betcha Faith is in Cordelia’s place, and Dennis is trying to protect her.  So I guess the massive sexual chemistry between Cordelia and Wesley is long gone.  Called it!  Wesley tries to do the right thing, then just decks her.  Looks like they are finally getting him past idiot phase.  So Angel still fed in a flashback, but with difficulty.  Knew she would torture Wesley.  And now Wesley tells her off.  Looks like his Oprah moment is gone.  Ugh, I hate shards of glass.  Took them long enough to figure out where Faith was.  Now we get fire as Faith gives her woe is me sarcastic babble.  Angel! $15,000?  Only that much?  Angel versus Faith!  Angel should be able to take her, but I think the flashbacks are telling us Angel is afraid of letting loose, acting like Angelus again.  Faith is really a pyscho fighter, and Wesley looks like crap.  Knew they were going out the window.  Finally, Angel is fighting back, and Faith is loosing it, and I have a feeling that Wesley is gonna kill her.  And Faith has an emotional breakdown.  Something we all knew was going to happen.  Next up, the rehabilitation of Faith!


Faith is back!  And finally getting help!  Knew they would get one more bang of evil from her before the inevitable rehabilitation.  And this certainly fit the bill!



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