Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.18 Where The Wild Things Are

Buffy season 4

Buffy and Riley are, ahem, out of action in Where The Wild Things Are.  Once again my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy posts roll on!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Riley do some patrolling and killing a Vampire and a demon.  Instead of telling Giles that these two species are working together, they head to Riley’s room and have sex.  Riley hears a noise in the night.  Xander now works an ice cream truck.  And Anya rides with him to complain about their sex life.  And some kids overhear.  The Scoobies realize Adam is uniting Vampires and demons.  Buffy and Riley head off to have sex again.  They do it all night long, making to rest of the frat house cold.  And a fire shoots out from the fireplace.  Spike tries to rob Anya.  The frat party happens and Buffy and Riley make sex eyes at each other.  Spike and Anya talk about not having demon powers anymore.  A guy puts his hand on a wall while talking to a girl and feels sexual excitement.  Xander flirts with another girl.  Buffy and Riley go upstairs to have sex.  Willow touches Tara’s knee and she pulls away.  Spike and Anya come to the party.  Xander joins in with spin the bottle.  And he kisses another girl on the cheek, who thrusts herself onto him.  She leaves and Xander finds her chopping her hair.  Willow finds a body in the bathtub, and it disappears when she touches it.  And shows up behind her.  Vines pop out all over the house and everything shakes.  Spike gets trapped in a chair.  He breaks free and the Scoobies get outside.  Spike leaves.  The rest go to Giles who is singing at a coffee house.  And he is very good.  They find out the frat house used to be a children’s home.  The lady who ran it is still alive and used to punish the children very severely.  So the ghosts are children who were activated by Buffy and Riley always having sex.  But when the sex strength leaves the two, they die.  Giles, Willow, and Tara do a spell on the ghosts.  Xander and Anya get through the vines to try and reach Buffy.  They finally get to Buffy and Riley.  And the ghosts leave.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Riley on patrol and fighting! Vampires hate demons?  But tonight they are working together.  And Buffy and Riley have the after Slaying horniness.  Riley could hear that dripping faucet from across the hall?  Xander is now a concession truck driver, of course.  Anya really really likes sex, doesn’t she?  And of course the sex talk is right in front of a bunch of kids and adults.  Tara!  She now an official Scooby?  Adam is the culprit bringing Vampires and demons together, since usually demons consider Vampires abominations.  Love Giles look at Willow when she compares Adam to Martin Luther King.  The sexual tension in Buffy and Riley’s hand holding is pretty intense.  Giles is annoyed The Initiative is throwing a party.  Love how all the Scoobies know exactly what Buffy and Riley are off doing.  They showed condoms!  Something is stealing the heat, and just when Buffy/Riley climax, the fire goes out of control.  Spike!  Anya!  Is this the first time they have been onscreen together?  I don’t recall.  Okay, that lust look between Buffy and Riley is obviously magic induced.  Spike and Anya wallowing in their powerless states.  This guy is getting nowhere with this girl.  The wall is making this guy all hot and bothered.  Wait, why is Xander hitting on this girl?  He’s with Anya!  Is something in this house, or that wall, making everyone lusty?  So now the horny wall is a parlour trick?  Willow makes a move on Tara and she freaks out?  Definitely the magic horny wall.  Spike and Anya crash the party.  Full of Initiative soldiers.  Anya is always very very open with her relationship.  They are playing spin the bottle!  So this Julie girl is a very forceful kisser.  Wonder how they got away with this episode, with all the sexuality.  Julie chopping off hair, crying in closet equals bad sign.  Willow, stop finding creepy things in the bathroom.  Meanwhile, Buffy and Riley are still making love.  Xander’s right about these frat parties.  Exploding spin the bottle!  Tentacles at the door!  Those two have quite a lot of stamina!  Earthquake!  Love how the haunted chair just straps up Spike, but will he get arrows hitting him this time as well?  Ghost girl running through Anya unnerves her.  Spike?  Spike volunteers?  But instead he leaves.  That ghost is one hell of a bouncer.  Giles is a folk singer?  Is that really him singing?  Love Willow’s shocked look.  And Giles suddenly sees the Scoobies.  WHAT?!?!?!  Willow had a crush on Giles?  Meanwhile, back at the frat house, Poison Ivy is attacking.  Giles can be so obtuse about sex talk sometimes.  The frat house used to be a children’s shelter.  This old lady is someone I don’t trust.  Yep, she is one freaky prude bitch.  So Buffy and Riley’s constant sex has empowered the spirits.  Cue Willow and Tara and Giles spell.  Cue Xander and Anya at frat house.  Okay, those kids appearing are freaky.  Is Anya okay?  Crud, they are trying to drown Xander!  And they open the door and save everyone!  Love how Xander still has cut on his face.  Yes, it was horrible, all that sex for Buffy and Riley.  But what about The Initiative agents?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Giles knows how to delicately tell Riley he won’t be going to the frat party with, “Much as I, ah, long for a good kegger, I have other plans.”  Spike tells Anya what he misses, “I wish I had appreciated it more. Stop and smell the corpses, y’know?”  Xander reminds the Scoobies of their mission, right after they see Giles singing, “Can we go back to the haunted house, because this is creeping me out.”  And Willow admits to the Scoobies her feelings for Giles with, “Now I remember why I used to have such a crush on him.”


Felt kinda meh about this one.  While the openness that University students have sex is refreshingly honest, I felt that touch became very one note very fast.



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