The Annotated The Passport To The Wall, Part 10, Chapters 44 to 47

Passport To The Wall Anotated 1

Annotations! Bullet points! Fun!

Already covered the start of the idea, and who ILONA is, Chapters 1 to 4, Chapters 5 to 13, Chapters 14 to 21, Chapters 22 to 29, Chapters 30 to 35, Chapters 36 to 39, and Chapters 40 to 43.


Chapter Forty-Four: A Time To Plant And A Time To Uproot

• And now it is time to destroy ILONA’s life. Well, not entirely, but you get the gist. With all so much going so well, ILONA had to experience something crappy again, all to survive and thrive and live to the finale.

• Really thought this famous poem from the Bible would make great chapter titles.

• I also wanted each chapter to start with ILONA and Jackson hanging together at lunch time. Those precious few fun minutes before her boyfriend is picked up.

• Avengers mentioned.

• Love how Jackson’s mom is so natural with ILONA, her son’s boyfriend.

• Cecily texts in class. Of course.

• Samantha talk again. And she is homeschooled.

• Collette is smart to research Samantha and make sure she is not an axe murdered. Online partners should always be checked out.

• Careful what you say about true love not just walking up out of nowhere Collette.

• Luke from Kimberly and Jason makes his first appearance in Passport.

• Susan says love in relation to Samantha. But she is right, she is too young to say love.

• First mention that the Trident movie is coming out soon.

• Madison mocks Susan. Because she is Maddie.

• Drama mentioned.

• Z for Zachariah mentioned.

• Mrs. Chase would have an election to decide what book to read next. Don’t you wish every teacher would do that?

• Wanted to have Susan champion the graphic novel, since Clara had such an established history with comics. But then felt guilty because Drama has a very strong LGBTQ storyline and having Susan pushing for it suddenly seemed cliched. Went ahead with it and hoped my guilt would subside.

• Love the implication ILONA’s vote was the tie-breaker. Remember people, every vote counts!

• And Cecily is leaving. Right now.

• Relatives found in Vancouver, as far away in Canada as I could.

• Even Cynthia is losing control here.

• With everyone devastated, Madison tries to be the cheerleader.

• Knew I had to have a Cecily and Susan moment.

• Collette offering an old Irish blessing just felt right.

• Having Cecily wish ILONA was her sister, and having ILONA call her Arlene, all part of the plan. Because I am evil.

• Rock-a-bye baby one more time.

• Of course Cynthia told ILONA’s parents.

• Can a hug from mumma heal the pain?

• Song For This Chapter: When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan. This song from Toy Story 2 by this wonderful Canadian singer is probably one of the saddest tunes ever recorded.


Chapter Forty-Five: A Time To Tear Down And A Time To Build

• Jackson figures out right away what is wrong with his girlfriend ILONA. That makes him smarter than most men alive.

• Cecily became Jackson’s friend, even after she threatened to punch him. Awww, kids!

• Love how Joshua is messing with Jackson by using money.

• Clara and Madison using the hand puppets to try and bring cheer.

• Cynthia is right, reading is great therapy.

• Simon the bully. First appearance in Passport.

• Simon makes fun of the girls, uses a name Hispanics would know was not used nicely, and goes very racist. Typical bully behaviours that we all have seen.

• Collette is right. All bullies have problems.

• All of ILONA’s anger at the injustice of Cecily being gone just blows out here.

• The bully reacting in fear to being attacked back? I have seen this in real life.

• I really wanted ILONA to lose it here, completely letting her anger scream out of her and into her fists. I took an extra long amount of time writing these sequences, to make sure the violence ILONA was inflecting was shocking but also confusing, since real schoolyard fights are like this.

• I also knew I had to describe the injuries Simon was being hit with. The human toll of the fight.

• ILONA does not react to hearing Simon scream.

• Cynthia having tears over the violence. She would feel this a lot.

• Only Cynthia would be able to calm ILONA done right now. And ILONA’s mother.

• ILONA apologizes to her friends for how she acted. But no apology for the bully.

• Madison is the self-appointed protector so of course she’s annoyed ILONA took her job.

• Collette makes known her opinion of this fighting. She does not approve of ILONA or Susan doing this.

• Because it turns out Susan, also very close to Cecily and victim of bullying by Mr. Micheals, gave Simon a kick in the crotch while prying ILONA off him.

• Susan approves of the beating, but is convinced ILONA lost it.

• Early on in Passport, I wanted to do a storyline where two of the friends would have a big disagreement, but still remain friends. Nothing struck my fancy till I was about to write this chapter, and what was originally going to be a small bit about fighting, became a Collette and Susan argument.

• Simon begged ILONA to stop. ILONA shouted How Dare You! Both are right.

• And Susan is ultimately right. Bullying is a choice.

• And Cynthia has to be the den mother again.

• Now Susan notices that Collette knows the bully’s name is Simon.

• An enemy who has a name immediately humanizes them.

• Collette investigated Simon, and found out his father took off. Just like Susan’s father had. But Susan never bullied anyone after her father left, did she?

• The fact that Simon stays in the Principal’s office after ILONA leaves means he is getting more crap than her. This has always been my experience.

• Mrs. Chase to the rescue.

• ILONA, now that she is calm, does a pretty good job analyzing herself and the reasons behind the fight.

• Mrs. Chase mentions her grade ten year again. Must have been an interesting time in her life.

• The Diary of Anne Frank mentioned.

• Mrs. Chase’s favourite book, one she first read in grade ten, and now she is getting ILONA to read it.

• Everyone always asks that. Yes, Anne Frank is real, and yes, it is her diary.

• Having ILONA fight the bully was always part of the plan. I wanted to explore what it would take for a peaceable character like her to become violent. And how she would deal with the aftermath. Also, who was the bully and why did he do the bullying? I knew I could never in one chapter, and many chapters leading up to and following after, do better with the subject matter than Judy Blume did with Blubber. And yes, Praise Be Her Name!

• My own experiences with bullies and fighting made me realize, sometimes years later, about how these people had major issues of their own. And deal with them by lashing out at innocents. My bullies have run the gamut as children who are abused, raised by alcoholics, living in poverty, and having absentee parents.

• Song For This Chapter: At Seventeen by Janis Ian. So many emotions in this song, all about being young and confused.


Chapter Forty-Six: A Time To Mourn And A Time To Dance

• Jackson considers the fight cool, much to ILONA’s chagrin.

• ILONA wants to make sure Jackson knows the bullies name is Simon.

• ILONA confesses her uncertainty about the fight to Jackson. Just like a real couple would.

• Ron will always be whiny in Harry Potter.

• Clara gets a text about Saturday night dinner with Grandfather. We see the aftermath of this event in The Chat.

• I love how a note on the blackboard causes this much heartache.

• Yes, Mrs. Chase is leaving. Because I am evil.

• Mr. Micheals is coming back.

• The students weeping struck me as very real.

• Mrs. Chase finally tells the tale of her life in grade ten, her very special year.

• Susan’s mom is an accountant, and she might go the same path.

• But more importantly, Susan comes out of the closet to the whole class.

• Clara loves her family.

• ILONA thanks her parents for the book and recognizes their sacrifices. And how that led to her new life and friends.

• The two den mothers hug. Kinda wish I had done more with Cynthia and Mrs. Chase together.

• Susan gets very emotional as well.

• Mrs. Chase quotes Our Town. Of course.

• The dread of a bad teacher is always terrible.

• Mr. Micheals is back. And different.

• Mr. Micheals apologizes to the class. And to Susan.

• Knew Susan would not immediately accept the apology, and would challenge him right away.

• Mr. Micheals semi-quotes Amazing Grace. And mentions a new life.

• Having Mr. Micheals attempt to flip the chalk, and fail, was just too tempting. And shows the differences still existing between him and Mrs. Chase.

• Thus almost completes the reformation of Mr. Micheals, as ordered by Googliebear. And the exit forevermore of Mrs. Chase. This major change to the plan worked out very well. Mr. Micheals still has a way to go to regain the trust of his students, and apologizing is a good first step, but having a character looking for redemption gave the new life theme a fresh twist for me.

• Song For This Chapter: Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The song title says it all.


Chapter Forty-Seven: A Time To Embrace And A Time To Refrain From Embracing

• ILONA notices right away that Jackson is rather hyper.

• Mention of what happened in The Chat.

• The first mention of ILONA about to leave grade five and SummerFall and head off to a new school for grade six.

• So Jackson breaks up with ILONA, and is all upset with it.

• And ILONA and Jackson kiss for the first time, and it is after they break-up, and on the forehead.

• But they remain good friends. This was all a part of the original plan.

• Buffy mentioned.

• And now Clara reveals the happenings of The Chat.

• And now ILONA reveals that Jackson dumped her.

• As Madison states, these last few weeks have really sucked dragon dung.

• Clara shows her deep philosophy side.

• ILONA tells her parents about her boyfriend breaking up with her brings the usual results.

• Until they find out it is Jackson.

• And everything feels better when big sister Joy calls to offer support.

• Song For This Chapter: Someday by Jacksoul. A great song about the breakup of a relationship.


Whew!! Another crazy dispatch done! Hope you enjoyed yet again!

Till next time!


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