Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.19 New Moon Rising

Buffy season 4

Buffy gets a visit from an old friend in New Moon Rising!  Another howling good post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow and Tara talk about getting a pet.  The Scoobies have a meeting and Oz shows up at the end.  They are all shocked and uncomfortable.  Buffy talks to Riley about Willow and Oz and mentions he is a werewolf.  Riley does not like this.  Buffy tells him off.  Willow and Oz talk and walk during the full moon and she realizes he is not in werewolf mode.  Oz went to Tibet and used herbs and chants and meditation, can now control it.  And he wants back with Willow, who is non committed.  The Initiative on patrol is attacked by a werewolf like demon.  Tara gets worried when Oz answers Willow door in the morning, not knowing nothing happened.  Willow tells Buffy that Oz can now control the wolf, but also her relationship with Tara is very serious.  Buffy figures out what Willow means and is surprised.  Spike agrees to help Adam to get the chip out of his head.  Willow and Tara talk about Oz and it is made clear nothing happened.  Oz sees Tara and smells Willow on her and he figures it out.  He snaps into werewolf mode and chases Tara before being caught by the Initiative.  The Scoobies plan to free Oz.  Oz is being experimented upon by the Initiative and Riley is not happy.  Spike offers to help the Scoobies get into the Initiative.  Riley tries to help Oz escape but is caught.  The Scoobies break in and Adam secretly help them.  Buffy grabs the Colonel and makes them to free Riley and Oz.  Riley goes into hiding in the wreckage of Sunnydale High.  And Buffy and Riley talk.  Willow and Oz talk in his van and they break up completely.  And leave town because of the Initiative.  Willow goes to see Tara and tells her she loved her.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Willow and Tara!  Of course Willow is more of a dog person.  Tara wants to get a cat.  Awww, Willow and Tara are holding hands.  Scooby mention!  Somehow I can’t see Giles eating potato chips.  Lots and lots of demon activity is never a good sign.  And Giles finally tells Anya off for her sarcasm.  Okay, everyone is freaked.  Oz!  Will Oz be in the credits?  Noooo!  Willow seems stunned, maybe happy, while Tara looks hurt.  Well this scene is awkward and full of pain.  Oz never called or wrote or texted or fb?  Don’t let Tara go!  Now I am all full of conflicting feelings.  I heart Willow and Oz forever.  But I also heart Willow and Tara.  Deep touching conversations while on patrol, typical Buffy.  Riley reacts how most would to the werewolf part.  Buffy called him a bigot!  Everyone’s emotions are set to holy crap level of tension, and the world is not even ending.  Oz is cured!  Oz is cured!  No, Willow has a new girl.  Crud, crud, crud, my heart is all torn and such.  Great, now The Initiative will think they were attacked by a werewolf, ie Oz.  Oz was in Tibet?  Learned meditation.  So he’s not cured, but can now control it.  Willow is so falling for him again.  Now that is one sexual bit of hand holding.  And Tara shows up at the door of course.  And thinks the wrong thing.  And almost stuttered.  Are Buffy and Riley essentially living together?  And now they argue like a married couple.  So Buffy tries to almost explain Angel to Riley.  Love how Buffy automatically thinks dirty when Willow mentions all night with Oz.  Will Willow admit her feelings for Tara to Buffy??  Clueless Slayer moment!  Ding!  Buffy figures it out!!  Cue Buffy being uncomfortable.  And Buffy finally grounds herself, and remembers she is still Willow’s bff.  Spike!  Adam finds Spike!  Still don’t quite buy him as this season’s big bad.  Willow and Tara.  The talk we have all been waiting for.  Say it!  Say you love each other!  Kiss!  Such a perfect Tara line.  A hug?  No love you’s or a kiss?  You’re killing me here.  Oz and Tara.  Time for awkward.  And she ignores the sweater comment.  Oz looks pissed when he notices Willow’s smell all over Tara.  Oz, you are acting like some possessive jerk, you are better than this.  Or is this the werewolf coming out.  Yep, werewolf!  Riley saves Tara!  Were they on patrol for it?  Amazing how little discipline The Initiative has without the Professor around.  And Oz changes back just in time.  Now Riley is starting to see the other side of the equation, the Buffy side.  So these scientists have no issue with experimenting on people.  Spike!  Sad to see Oz in this condition, physically and emotionally.  Knew Riley would try to break Oz out.  And be promptly caught.  This military guy is an ass and nuts and now he wants Riley to betray the Scoobies.  I wonder why The Initiative haven’t tried to raid the Watchers?  Wonder what Adam wants from this mission.  Anya now knows computers?  Riley makes his choice and it is Buffy!  Standoff!  Oz has control again.  This military guy is such a jerk.  Meanwhile at the ruins of Sunnydale High…  Buffy and Riley are camping out.  All the Scoobies are in hiding.  Now Buffy tells Riley about Angel, or, I Was In Love With A Vampire.  The Oz van went overseas?  Talk about parables to abusive relationships.  And Oz accepts Tara.  And Willow will always have Oz.  This is ending, isn’t it?  Willow and Oz.  No goodbye kiss, but a goodbye hug.  The girl he saw always walking by is leaving his life.  That is one long heartbreaking hug.  Tara!  Willow and Tara!  And Tara realizes the choice Willow made.  And Tara blows out the candle.  Willow and Tara forever!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander jokes about Buffy to the Scoobies with, “Buffy doesn’t make her quota?  Bad Slayer!”  Willow calls Buffy out, “Why do you keep saying my name like that?”  Tara tells Willow some advice, with her slight stutter, “Do what makes you, ha-appy.”  Spike explains Buffy to Adam, “The thing about the Slayer is, she is a whiny little thing, but when it comes to the fighting she has a slight tendency to win.”  Buffy explains Spike to Spike, “Or someone formally dangerous and currently annoying.”  Buffy tells Riley what to do, “Talk later.  Stealthy escape now.”  Riley tells the Colonel what he is, “No sir, I’m an anarchist.”  Willow sounds waaaay to much like an abused woman talking when she says to Oz, “It was my fault. I upset you.”  Willow shows Tara some candles, “You know candles?  I brought one.  It’s extra flamey.”


The closure we have been waiting for has finally happened.  Willow and Oz are no more.  Sad Scoop.  Willow and Tara are official.  Happy Scoop.  Maybe it’s just because I find Willow cool?



…is currently reading Pitouie by Derek Winkler, as recommended by Ainslie Keith




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