Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.19 Sanctuary, Part Two, and Angel 1.20 War Zone

Angel Season 1

Angel helps out Faith against the wishes of Buffy in Sanctuary, Part Two.  And he meets a potential ally in War ZoneMy Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully is almost done season one.


Sanctuary, Part Two…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel takes Faith in.  Faith has violent dreams.  Wesley and Cordelia are not happy she is staying with them.  Faith talks to Angel about redemption.  And tells Angel about Buffy’s new boyfriend.  Wesley is found by the Watcher swat team who are after Faith.  If Wesley helps take down Faith, he will be brought back.  Wesley says yes as long as Angel is not hurt.  They agree.  Wolfram and Heart are mad at Faith for turning good and send a demon to kill her.  The demon attacks and Faith kills it.  And the blood freaks her out.  Buffy shows up and sees Angel hugging Faith.  Buffy thinks Faith should be in jail, Angel disagrees, and Faith apologizes to Buffy.  Buffy and Angel start to fight.  Wesley shows up and says the Watchers are coming.  Buffy and Faith go to the roof and argue.  The Watchers attack.  Wesley takes out one inside.  Buffy and Faith fight the ones on the roof.  Angel takes out the helicopter.  Kate shows up and arrests Angel for taking in Faith the fugitive.  And Kate plans to put him in a cell with sunlight.  But at the police station, they are all surprised that Faith has turned herself in.  Angel and Buffy argue some more, about Faith, about them, and about everything.  Faith ends up in a jail cell.


My Thoughts!!

Well, Faith looks beaten mentally and physically.  Yep, she still has psycho thoughts.  And still no Faith in the credits.  Love how Cordelia and Wesley silently examine each others wounds.  Wesley is pissed that Angel is being nice to Faith.  What a switch from last episode.  Faith seems to be everyone’s least favourite Slayer.  Kate!  She’s on the job!  Cops are hearing all these superhero Slayer stories?  Wolfram and Heart!  And they know Faith is with Angel.  And they have heard about Angel and Buffy.  Who are these guys?  Oh yeah, neck brace guy, Faith’s punching bag.  So only Angel who is atoning, can help Faith, who wants to atone.  Wesley is pissed.  These Watcher guys!  Holy crap!  Alchemist mention!  Oh, the Watchers are badass, they smoke where they not supposed to.  These Watchers are so political and jerks and not to be trusted.  Faith doesn’t know how to use a microwave.  Faith to Angel: “I’ve got to be the first Slayer in history to be sponsored by a Vampire.”  And Faith lets slip that Buffy has a new boyfriend and that she is sleeping with him.  Betcha the lawyers are talking to Buffy.  Okay, I was 1000 percent wrong, it’s a demon.  Wesley makes a baaaad deal, cause I don’t trust them to not take Angel as well.  Superman cartoon!  Crud, the cops know Faith is in town.  And of course Kate is the cop in charge.  Demon attack!  The blood blows major PTSD into Faith.  Buffy!  Love how Buffy jumps to 50 wrong conclusions in five seconds.  Now Buffy is turning into complete bitch mode.  And Buffy deserved that.  Will Wesley do it?  The lawyer is gonna call the cops I betcha.  Yay!  Wesley didn’t turn traitor!  Yep!  Lawyers went to Kate.  These Wolfram and Heart guys are slimy and manipulative.  And Buffy and Faith have the heart to heart we have all waited for.  And of course the Watcher jerks break their word and attack.  Buffy saves Faith!  These Watcher guys shoot like Stormtroopers.  Good shot Wesley!  Good jump Angel!  Did Faith take off?  Angel under arrest!  How did Buffy and Wesley know Angel was arrested?  Kate being a bitch.  And Faith gave herself up!  Yep, looks like another stake in the Buffy Angel relationship.  And Buffy back to being a bitch, by comparing Angel to Riley.  Wesley is wrong, prison will not rehabilitate and rebuild Faith.


Yet another episode made great by the inclusion of Buffy and her cast.  And excellent forward momentum on the Faith storyline.  But I am still waiting for this show to stand on it’s own more.


Angel logo

War Zone…

What Angel Investigations Did!

A teen girl wanders the dark streets by herself.  Vampires follow her.  When they attack, they are attacked instead by a street gang with a truck and weapons.  A fight happens and several die on each side.  AI see a new client, Nabbit, at a party and he says he is being blackmailed because he went to a demon brothel.  Angel finds the blackmailer and threatens him to turn over the pictures.  The Vampire hunting gang leader, Gunn, hears about Angel being in the neighbourhood and sees him go after the blackmailer.  Gunn plans to stake Angel.  Angel meets with blackmailer the next night and is attacked by a demon.  Angel kills the demon and gets the photos.  And then is staked almost to dust by Gunn’s people.  They chase him and shoot at him.  They stop when Angel saves Gunn’s sisters life.  Later Vampires attack Gunn’s base and take his sister.  Angel goes to the gangs hq and tries to talk to Gunn, saying he is a good guy.  Angel is locked into a meat locker and eventually escapes.  Gunn finds his sister, who is now a Vampire, and finally stakes her.  The other Vampires show up and Angel stakes their leader and declares a truce.  Angel talks to Gunn and says he might ask for help someday.


My Thoughts!!

Oh look, another girl walking L.A.’s deserted streets being followed by… Vampires!  She is saved… but not by Angel.  A group of Vampire hunters.  Cordelia brings Angel and Wesley to a Hollywood party?  Yeah, they will fit in.  This is one nervous nerdy guy.  Of course Angel confuses D and D with real D and D.  So he’s being blackmailed because he went to a demon bar.  Fight!  Vampires versus Vampire Hunters!  Man, that guy died a horrible painful death.  Demon hookers in the demon bar.  I knew she was doing something naughty with a tail.  Vampire Hunters are all about to be attacked.  And they see Angel threatening the blackmailer.  Is the nerdy guy making up the blackmailer to pay them to be friends?  So blackmailer brings a demon to an Angel fight.  Holy crud, the Vampire Hunters just missed Angel’s heart!  Run Angel Run!  Now Angel realizes they are humans.  Maybe because he saved her they will realize the error of their ways?  Okay, so the blackmail was real.  Vampires planning war!  That is one lousy Vampire.  Tear gas!  Attack!  Very very smart Vampires who just captured his sister.  Knew he would reject Angel’s help and lock him up.  They are gonna be slaughtered.  And the sister Alanna is now a Vampire of course.  Cordelia and Wesley save Angel and remind him of his cellphone.  Is it constructed as a real joke or are the writers having trouble integrating cellphones into the show since it can change the danger and flow of story?  Knew he would stake Alanna.  Vampires!  Knew Angel was gonna do and say everything he just did.  Does the leader come back and join Angel because my spidey-sense tells me he will return.  Sigh, coffee jokes again, very 90’s in 2000’s.  Cordelia saying those kids is funny since she is almost the same age.  Cordelia prostitute?  Bonding moment between Angel and Vampire Hunter.


This is a very cool concept, that other people would notice the Vampire menace and act on stopping them.  Plus Gunn  seems kinda interesting.



…is currently reading Pitouie by Derek Winkler, as recommended by Ainslie Keith




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