Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.20 The Yoko Factor Part 1

Buffy season 4

Buffy sees Angel again and they don’t let it be.  She also has to face the fractured Scoobies who refuse to come together in The Yoko Factor Part 1.   So join me on the long and winding road to another post of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!  Oh look!  A yellow submarine!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Colonel has plans for Riley and Buffy.  Spike tells Adam how difficult it is to kill a Slayer, especially Buffy.  So Spike says to break the Scoobies up.  Buffy just gets back from Los Angeles and seeing Angel and Faith and is in a bad mood.  Xander talks to Riley about Angel and reveals the two had sex.  And that was the cause of Angelus.  Giles is singing and Spike shows up.  Spike offers Initiate information and tells Giles that Buffy does not respect him.  Willow and Tara play with their new kitten and talk about living together.  Spike tells Xander that the Scoobies think he is useless.  Buffy is patrolling for Adam and bumps into Forrest.  They find Adam and fight him and Forrest dies.  Buffy escapes and is knocked out.  Spike gives fake computer disks to Willow and Giles is getting drunk.  Spike tells Willow that the Scoobies think her relationship with Tara is not serious.  Riley hears over Initiative radio about a disturbance.  He investigates and it is Angel fighting the commandos.  Angel and Riley fight.  And Angel easily wins.  Buffy is in her dorm room and Angel arrives.  Then Riley arrives.  They argue.  Buffy talks to Angel alone in the hall.  And they clear the air.  Spike tells Adam he has succeeded.  Buffy and Riley talk.  Later the Scoobies have a meeting at Giles place which quickly breaks down into a huge argument.  Tara and Anya leave the meeting.  Willow lets out to Giles and Xander of her relationship with Tara.  The friends all leave the meeting bitter and angry at each other.  And Riley shows up at Adam’s cave.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

So The Initiative is a mess.  The government knows about Buffy’s existence, but not fully what she is.  These government guys feel so coverty ops, off the books, and not very bright.  Adam doesn’t get Slayers, so Spike tries to explain them.  Still not buying Adam and his Philosophy 101 dronings.  So the plan is to break up the band of Scoobies, probably by sowing internal divisions.  Riley really needs to redecorate Sunnydale High.  Riley is very interesting with understanding Angel and Buffy.  Even I realized before Xander that Buffy never mentioned the sex.  This is one dirty conversation.  And Riley feels bad and jealous now.  Giles singing!  And now Spike is here, and Giles jumps and screams.  Spike nuked the blood?  Double ewww.  I noticed last episode that Spike calls Giles Rupert.  Now Spike starts sowing the discord, by poking Giles with how Buffy never listened when he was a Watcher.  Willow and Tara!  Playing with their cat.  It’s so cool that Willow is planning all this future with Tara.  Riley you are so fishing with Buffy and she doesn’t want to talk.  Spike finds a gun and can’t even point it at anyone, thanks to that old ship.  Xander and the army, where is Spike going with this?  Buffy and idiot Initiative guy patrol the same area and accidentally find Adam.  Who quickly cleans their clocks.  Badly.  Spike fakes badly being chased.  And Spike notices Tara playing with Willow’s hair.  Giles seems to be drinking quite abit now.  Why does anyone believe Spike at all?  Really?  So now Willow thinks no one has confidence in her magic.  Distress call!  Angel!  Angel and Riley face to face!  Riley thinks he’s Angelus.  Riley ain’t gonna win this fight.  Buffy has seen better days.  Angel!  And he’s trying to stay on mission, but Buffy just can’t let it go.  Riley!  With a gun!  And Buffy has to be the grownup here.  And Riley shows no trust in Buffy, so she takes the conversation with Angel to the hallway.  So Angel came to apologize.  At least Buffy has come to her senses abit and also apologized.  Shouldn’t Angel also apologize to Riley.  Wait, they cut to boring Adam?  I wanna see the Buffy and Riley talk!  They mentioned the episode title!  Take a drink!  Riley so thinks its sex, because he is an idiot guy.  And Buffy gets annoyed.  Forest is the dead Initiative guy.  So all the Scoobies are together and tension is high and they are about to argue.  Stop drinking Giles!  Now come the fireworks.  Notice Anya and Tara retreat out of the room so the original four can hash it out.  But when are they gonna figure out it was Spike.  Everyone is very very very sensitive right now, with only Buffy trying to fix it.  Anya and Tara stuck in the bathroom just talking would make a great episode.  Now Xander realizes what Buffy said about Willow and Tara.  Buffy has a point and the Scoobies are being idiots.  Adam.  Adam and Riley?  Holy crud!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow emotionally tells the cat it has a problem, “You cannot have more catnip. You have a catnip problem.”  Anya tells Spike to much about Xander with, “He’s a viking in the sack.”  Angel is happy to tell Buffy what he thinks, “Oh, and Riley. I don’t like him.”  Riley tells Buffy what he thinks of Angel, “Even when he’s good, he’s all mister billowy coat and king of pain. Girls really love that.”


While I completely understand the idea here, to show the fractures in the Scoobies this year, some simmering since the beginning, but I don’t fully buy it.  My biggest biggest concern is:  Why would anyone believe Spike?  Why?



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