The Annotated The Passport To The Wall, Part 11, Chapters 48 to 50

Passport To The Wall Anotated 1

Annotations! Bullet points! Fun!

Already covered the start of the idea, and who ILONA is, Chapters 1 to 4, Chapters 5 to 13, Chapters 14 to 21, Chapters 22 to 29, Chapters 30 to 35, Chapters 36 to 39, Chapters 40 to 43, and Chapters 44 to 47.


Chapter Forty-Eight: ILONA and CARA. ACT I of V of A FAREWELL TOP GRADE FIVE

• So now we begin the final five, plus one, chapters of Passport. At this point I still had a million character points, plotlines to be completed, three characters to bring in, and moving everyone towards a conclusion of this part of their journeys. And ILONA, our heroine, has still a ways to go before she fully is no longer the girl staring at the wall.

• Each chapter title has ILONA’s name in it.

• Madison using the hand puppet, and a pirate voice, and a billion cultural references, is why we love her.

• Gail Simone’s Batgirl mentioned.

• Enhanced craziness should be Madison’s motto.

• Cynthia being called away to the office feels like a weekly occurrence.

• Of course Collette recognizes Cara.

• Cara is the main character from The Long Drive To Nowhere.

• Cara may be nervous, but still manages to properly introduce herself to the friends. She is a grade five student at SummerFall, now staying at Cynthia’s place as a foster child.

• ILONA barely remembers Cara ever.

• New life theme mentioned yet again. This time in relation to Cara.

• Of course Cara would have a tight hug. That is not uncommon amoung abused kids.

• Cara read some of the book with the Trident on the cover, but only because her mother Sabrina forced her.

• They all noticed the word forced and the use of her mother’s first name by Cara.

• Cara explains to all, very clearly, about her abusive mother. She knows it is not her fault, so feels no shame.

• Knew Susan would give Cara a big huge hug.

• We do that all the time around here. Susan speaks volumes of truth here.

• I love it in comedies when everyone slaps their heads in unison. And yes, I am easily amused.

• Clara saying this is like ILONA all over again says so much.

• Cynthia does the same thing with the paper slips for Cara that she did for ILONA.

• So now Madison says that ILONA and Clara and Cara look alike. Seems Maddie is picking up where Cecily left off.

• Lost finale fanfic is almost done.

• ILONA does the Cynthia style introductions, but Cynthia changes ILONA from counseling to writing.

• ILONA mentions to Cara about finding her new destiny. Another new life theme mention.

• Susan says apps, which sets off Cara, very desperately.

• Cara, as shown in Long Drive To Nowhere, is a natural at programming apps. And she worked on app in secret for quite awhile now.

• Cara’s app? It tracks world’s records. Which is exactly the thing her mother Sabrina was lusting after to get Cara to break, all for fame and fortune.

• Cara and Collette’s dad form a partnership on the app. Which will make both rich.

• Song For This Chapter: Heart of Gold by Neil Young. People with golden hearts are good people.



• The long awaited Lost finale fanfic by Susan, with help from ILONA, has finally gone live on wattpad.

• So now Madison and Clara are going to shout cupcakes all the time. Great.

• Samantha’s first appearance in Passport.

• Everyone recognizes Samantha from facebook.

• I knew right away they would hug, than hold hands.

• Bob and Doug McKenzie mention. For awhile in the early 1980’s, many Americans thought Canada was like these SCTV comedy skits.

• Love how going to Toronto to see her girlfriend is considered an educational field trip. Another mutually agreed upon fiction?

• Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s Prime Minister from 1968 to 1979 and 1980 to 1984. He passed away in 2000.

• Susan told Samantha to say that, just to get Collette’s goat. And it works.

• Samantha calls Susan Cupcake. The nickname is now official. From now on in Passport, Samantha only refers to Susan by this nickname.

• Samantha is christened Muffin by Clara. The nickname is now official. From now on in Passport, Susan only refers to Samantha by this nickname.

• Cupcake and Muffin does sound like a cop show.

• Clara is wrong. Cupcake and Muffin are nicknames, not a shipping name.

• I knew Susan and Samantha would kiss as soon as they met.

• Samantha lives in Los Angeles.

• Samantha found Susan because of the geotagging in her pictures. This is a very real thing which allows people to find your EXACT location.

• People never recognize true love, even when it is staring them in the face. Those words are gonna whack ya in a second Collette.

• Luke from Kimberly and Jason is back. And completely whatever to Susan and Samantha dating.

• Awww, Luke asks out Collette to the Trident movie premiere. And the one giving all that seize the day advice to Susan is now tongue tied.

• Love how Cynthia wants to help the relationship along, but also maintain group cohesion, re: the Trident movie.

• Susan to the rescue of her shocked friend. WWTDD equals What Would The Doctor Do?

• Luke is happy happy, must now tell friends, and update online.

• Collette and Luke are now officially a couple.

• Cara asks the obvious. Is it always this chaotic around here?

• Cara disabled the geotagging on Susan’s laptop.

• Cara refers to Cynthia’s family as being separate from her, not like Cecily who completely embraced them. This is not surprising since Cara is still suffering from PTSD.

• An explanation of how thoroughly Sabrina insulated Cara from anyone but her. No information given for any relatives at all, including father.

• This artificial isolation, and Sabrina being gone, helps create a depression with Cara. She is a young girl who now has to find a new life for herself, but with a new support system she has not completely accepted. Hence the wondering of if she is real.

• ILONA trying to be helpful, asks what she believes to be a soothing question.

• Cara does the same looking up face that Nicholas did.

• And Cara repeats, almost word for word, how Nicholas describes the stapler incident.

• ILONA zooms in on the word stapler, trying desperately to connect to dots to something she has heard before. Namely, what Nicholas from Finding Sally said to her in the first chapter of FAMILIES.

• And now ILONA tells Cara and Cynthia about the connection between Cara and Nicholas. Reuniting daughter and father.

• Eventhough Cara knows nothing about Nicholas, why he left, how he picked alcohol over her and Sabrina, left her with an abusive mother, she is still happy to have someone. A family, even a tenuous one. It helps make her real.

• Would any of this have happened if ILONA had not gotten the book? And Cara not called the police?

• I spent quite a bit of time writing and rewriting this section, not only to get the facts already set-up right, but also to ensure that ILONA’s breakthrough had the proper effect on her and Cara.

• This entire scene was all part of the original plan.

• Love how Samantha explains to the returning Clara and Madison about how Collette is now dating Luke and that ILONA has found Cara’s father. Indeed, how long were they gone?

• Song For This Chapter: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglova. I loved this wonderfully moody sing from the great movie Once. Googliebear however hates the song and the movie.



• This chapter is the second longest one. It was always planned to be double sized, maybe even jumbo super-sized, but as I finished it one night, I decided to move the entire unwritten section dealing with the friend’s history and ethnicitities to chapter 51. All done and everyone is happy!

• Till the very next day, when I took Lexie The Wonder Puppy on a walk to @Rebeccahh95’s house to drop off another load of comics. Partway on my journey, my mind raced back to the sealed off chapter 50 and decided to go broke or go home. A quick note was made in the blackberry, and after completing my Geek mission, I got home and reopened chapter 50. And the friend’s history and ethnic backgrounds became part of the sleepover. All redone and everyone is happy!

• It was always part of the grand plan that ILONA would host the sleepover after the movie based on the book with the man with the Trident on the cover premiered. Part of the final leg of this particular journey of hers.

• Starting with Madison and Clara bellowing their praise of the Trident movie is just so right. These two bellow everything.

• Awww, all the couples are holding hands.

• ILONA’s parents are very brave to host this many kids.

• By now, all of ILONA’s friends had visited her apartment and met her parents, but Cara, Samantha, and Luke have not.

• ILONA’s moms name is Mary. ILONA’s dads name is Yuri, but they call him the English version George. I picked Mary in honour of Googliebear and I picked Yuri because of Yuri Gargarin, the first human in space. Also, Yuri is a Hungarian name as well, fitting with Collette thinking ILONA’s name is Hungarian.

• Messing with the homeschooled American seem to Madison’s and Clara’s new hobby.

• And Samantha asks the Yuri Gargarin question, which Susan and Collette had already asked long ago.

• Now it is time to namedrop every character so far who ILONA’s knows and would be at the Trident movie premiere. They are: Josh, Tracey, Sarah (The Chat), Joy, Lidia (Four O’clock Appointment With Joy), Kimberly and Jason (Kimberly and Jason).

• Every name would sound familiar to Mary and George, except for Jason. Luke’s explanation of Jason not only places where Kimberly and Jason take place in the Passport timeline, but also what happened to Jason after that story ended.

• Researching co-ed sleepovers, I did find they are a bit more common these days. Even with young couples.

• Knew ILONA would thank her parents.

• Bring the chaos of the schoolyard to ILONA’s bedroom seemed natural.

• Let’s see, Clara and Madison are wrestling, Collette and Cara are twindling with Susan’s laptop, Susan and Samantha and Luke are checking social media reaction to the movie, and Cynthia is being Cynthia and floating about.

• Operation Clara’s Corner Trident Movie Edition. You didn’t think they would have a sleepover after the Trident movie premiere and not film a youtube video?

• Of course Collette and Cara are “hacking” a modem so ILONA can use it. These two are very smart kids.

• Snow fort callback.

• For the rest of the chapter, everything is shown to be happening through the lens of the digital camera.

• Madison is right, referring to the Trident book as the book with the man with the trident on the cover is a mouthful.

• Looks like Susan’s Lost finale fanfic is a big hit.

• I knew Cara would not be able to converse on camera just yet. And knew that Clara would come to the rescue. Also, knew I had to do the CaraandClara line.

• Cara is remarkably open with her past, her present, and does not say what her dad Nicholas suffers from. We also see that she has not met him yet. She is so hoping for his love for the true her, not her earnings potential. Which means she exists as Cara.

• A new life theme again.

• Cara talks about her app, and how Collette and Collette’s dad helped bring it to market.

• And the app tracks world records, by the way.

• And now Clara realizes that Cara is the girl in her grade four class, as previously mentioned, who was always trying to break world records.

• When Cara repeated grade four, she was in the same class as Clara.

• And now Cara, the girl always trying to break world records, now makes an app that tracks world records. Yes, I love irony.

• Cara’s next app is all about Judy Blume. Praise Be her Name!

• And I checked, but no apps exist yet for tracking world’s records or all about Judy Blume. And I don’t know why.

• Madison changed her ringtone again. This time it is “Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!” from the Buffy episode Once More With Feeling.

• ILONA leads a lightening round of everyone’s favourite books. I had a great time picking all the characters favs. And yes, ILONA’s fav is obvious.

• Madison had to do the friends history.

• So Cynthia, Madison, and Clara have known each other forever because their older siblings are friends. Cynthia is Italian Catholic. In grade three, Susan comes to Canada and her mom meets Cynthia’s mom at the PTA, which makes Susan meet the other girls. One month later, Susan meets Collette because of being bested in a spelling bee. Grade four, Susan comes out to Collette, the other girls, than her mom. All this history was planned from the start.

• And Madison is right. The race of your friends does not matter.

• ILONA did her famous walk to the wall in September.

• ILONA is part Hungarian through her grandmother.

• Madison found the Taylor Swift on her ipod. Callback to MERRY CHRISTMAS!

• ILONA speaks. All she wanted was friends. And now she is having a sleepover. She is no longer alone.

• Clara already created the so-called shipping names for Collette and Luke. They are now Shortcake and Biscuit. Shortcake because that was Fonzie’s nickname for Joanie on Happy Days. And Googliebear came up with Biscuit. From now on in Passport, Collette only refers to Luke by this nickname. From now on in Passport, Luke only refers to Collette by this nickname.

• Collette had mentioned during MERRY CHRISTMAS! about how she had met ILONA before.

• In grade four, Doyle got away from Collette and ILONA tried to help find him, even weighed down by groceries. And that act of kindness was how they met. And Luke found Doyle by the way.

• And Collette and Luke have their first kiss.

• Now the friends talk endlessly about the Trident movie.

• Ellen mentioned,

• Tegan and Sara mentioned.

• Cecily skypes in. I really wanted her absence to be felt until this chapter. No word, no communication, till now.

• Sleepovers should always go way way late.

• Song For This Chapter: Devil Knows You’re Dead by Delta Spirit. The wonderful song from the final montage in the last episode of Friday Night Lights. Simply Amazing!


Whew!! Another huge dispatch done of Passport! Hope you enjoyed one more time!

Till next time!


…is currently reading Pitouie by Derek Winkler, as recommended by Ainslie Keith


P.S. You can read The Passport To The Wall on Wattpad!




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