Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.21 Primeval Part 2

Buffy season 4

Buffy rallies the Scoobies and saves the day in Primeval Part 2!  Another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy excitement!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Because of the Scoobies squabblings, Willow has still not cracked the computer disks, so they have not fallen into Adam’s trap.  So Adam is displeased and will not remove Spike’s chip.  Riley finds out a chip is near his heart controlling him.  Xander feels sorry for himself.  Willow sees the disks unlock themselves.  Giles has a hangover.  Buffy searches Adam’s cave and finds Spike, who slightly slips up his involvement.  Buffy gathers the Scoobies and reveals Spike was behind the fights.  Willow says Adam is hiding in a secret lab in the Initiative and plans more hybrids like himself.  Adam releases the demons and creates demon and human body parts.  And he wants to kill Buffy.  They think of ways to defeat Adam and Xander says something that gives Giles an idea.  The Scoobies break into the Initiative and are caught.  They try to tell Colonel what is up, but he does not believe.  Adam sees this and orders Spike killed because the gang is together.  Spike escapes.  Adam cuts power and frees the demons.  The Initiative fights the demons in a large bloody battle.  The Scoobies escape the guards and Willow figures out where Adam is.  Buffy goes to fight Adam and the Scoobies prepare a spell.  Buffy finds Riley, who is tied up, and fights Adam.  Forrest, now a creature, fights a now freed Riley.  Riley finally wins against Forrest.  Buffy is losing to Adam.  The Scoobies do a spell that uses the power of all Slayers, from first to now, and Willow’s magic, Xander’s bravery, and Giles knowledge, to channel strength to Buffy.  Super Slayer Buffy has force fields and telekinesis and super speed and super strength.  She beats up Adam and rips out his radioactive heart.  The spell gives out and all are drained.  Spike saves the Scoobies from demons.  The Scoobies help the Initiative evacuate and survive the demon battle.  The Colonel dies.  The government overlords declare the Initiative a failure and shut it down.  They also make it clear they don’t like Buffy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy can’t find Riley, cause Riley is with Adam.  Riley has a chip?  Prof Walsh was one crazy control freak.  Time for more of Adam’s boring Philosophy 101 mumbo-jumbo.  Spike!  Now Spike realizes having Willow not talk to Buffy might mean Buffy won’t fall into the trap.  Ooops!  Love how Tara calls Giles Mr. Giles.  I don’t think Giles remembers much of last night.  That’s a cute picture of Buffy, Willow and Xander.  Looks like Xander was really hurt by the implications of his friends, that he is a lost directionless loser.  Buffy going after Adam by herself, not a good plan.  So we are in area 41 of The Initiative?  And Walsh is “resurrected”.  And Forest!  Spike!  And Spike just let out his involvement without realizing it.  Too smart of a Vampire for his own good.  And the encrypted drive starts unencrypting itself…  Buffy bumps into Xander and Willow and Giles on campus and everyone looks so sorry.  And Buffy reveals what Spike did and now the Scoobies feel very very stupid.  But the hurt still lingers in the air.  Buffy figures it out!  Demons get captured on purpose, fight and kill a bunch of soldiers, viola new Adams.  Dang good plan.  Giles has spell but completely forgets that Willow could do it.  And then Xander speaks up with something that gives Giles an idea.  Rappelling?  This is new, even for the Scoobies!  And why didn’t they bring Anya and Tara along?  You would think The Initiative would have alarms in the elevator shaft.  Buffy and Willow heart to heart.  Awkward hug during rappelling.  Love Xander’s reaction to the group hug.  Knew they would be captured.  Obi Wan mention!  And now Spike realizes he has failed and must make a mad dash for it.  Give him this, Spike is a survivor that way.  Giles looks embarrassed at talking about the magic items.  Buffy finally tells the Colonel what an ignorant and arrogant jackass he is.  And the power goes out.  And the demons get out.  All courtesy of Adam.  Knew Buffy was going to do that.  Meanwhile, mass hysteria!  Soldiers gets killed by demons.  And Spike is loving this.  Willow is smarter than the soldiers, all because she can read blueprints and find the hidden lab.  Buffy taking down demons and soldiers!  Is Adam gonna make Riley fight Buffy?  Buffy versus Forest!  Why did Riley stab himself?  To get the chip out!  Riley versus Forrest!  Hope the Colonel becomes demon food!  Buffy versus Adam!  And she is getting her ass kicked!  Now that’s a gun!  Now that’s a blast!  Holy Crud Buffy’s got scary eyes and freaky voice!  With her own personal forcefield.  Yay!  Forrest blew up!  Bazooka blast to birdies!  Kick his ass possessed Buffy!  And yank out his power source!  Spike kills the demon and saves the Scoobies!  Waiting for Giles to deck Spike.  Meanwhile, in the shadowy government meeting, the decide to shut down The Initiative because a teenage Slayer made them look foolish.  Forty percent casualties!  Colonel dies!  Creating demon soldier hybrids is such a brilliant idea!  Now time for the cover-up!  Is the government gonna investigate Buffy and the Watchers now?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Anya gives Xander good career advice, who is lying naked in bed, with, “You can’t go like that.  They won’t even interview you if you are naked.”  Xander tells the Scoobies how he feels, “Spike’s working for Adam? After all we’ve done for– nah, I can’t even act surprised.”  And Xander also reminisces with the Scoobies, “Does anybody else miss the Mayor?  I just want to be a big snake?”  Willow tells the Scoobies her idea, “What about magic.  Some kind of, I dunno, Uranium extracting spell?”  Giles gives Xander a pep talk with, “Xander, just because this is never going to work their is no need to be negative.”  And some idiotic military guy fives the Scoobies a new name with, “A group of civilian insurrectionists.”


Joss pulled the Scoobies back together from the contrivance of Spike having an uncharacteristic effect on them.   And They Save The Day!  Even with Adam not being the greatest villain, the last battle was kinda epic.  One more episode to go for season four!



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