Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.21 Blind Date, and Angel 1.22 To Shanshu in L.A.

Angel Season 1

Angel goes against a blind assassin in Blind Date and he really annoys Wolfram and Heart in To Shanshu in L.A.  My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully is finally done season one.


Blind Date…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel fights a blind woman who fights him off easily.  Back at AI, they figure out she is Vanessa Brewer and has a history of allegations of murder, etc.  And Wolfram and heart is repping her at trial.  Lindsay plays her blindness as her defense at trial, but Angel bursts in and throws her glasses at her, and she catches them like a pro.  It is shocking, but she still gets off.  Lindsay finds out Vanessa is to kill kids.  At AI they realize Vanessa has super sight and Angel mopes about her getting off.  Lindsay comes in and says he wants to turn over a new leaf.  Angel does not care.  Lindsay mentions killing kids.  Angel says he will have to break into Wolfram and Heart to find out who the targets are.  AI and Lindsay plan the break -in and to get past the magical defenses.  They do the break-in with Gunn’s help.  Angel grabs a disc with restricted info, and sees a tube with symbols all over.  So he grabs it and an alarm goes off.  He escapes.  Lindsay finds out and tries to escape, but a lockdown happens and the psychics are brought in.  They find out one of the other lawyers was planning on leaving and is killed.  Holland also knows of what Lindsay did.  And gives him a choice.  Angel is back at AI and notices Lindsay has not shown up.  Wesley looks at the tube with scroll inside and vows to translate.  Cordelia starts to decrypt the discs and calls Willow for help, who has also been decrypting that day.  Blind lady blinded herself at 21 and trained with monks to see another way.  And the kids are blind seers.  The kids protector is killed and AI arrives to save the day.  Lindsay shows up to help.  Angle fights Vanessa and wins.  Later the scroll says the Prophecies of Aberjian, aka Shanshu Prophecy, mentions Angel.  Lindsay comes back to Wolfram and Heart and says sorry.  Lindsay wants out, but Holland says he has potential.  Lindsay is offered a promotion.  Will he take it?


My Thoughts!!

Blind lady just walking the streets.  Angel beating up Vampires.  And blind lady shows up and does the ninja beat down on Angel.  Is Cordelia hacking?  Vanessa Brewer.  She’s done this before, attacking and killing.  And Wolfram and Heart are her lawyers.  Love how Angel did the same thing Mr. Brady did in that Brady Bunch episode with the car accident.  Superman mention!  The lawyer still got her off?  Is that lawyer Bernard from Lost?  Yep!  I thought nothing freaked these lawyers.  When Bernard says Harvest, it sounds evil and creepy.  Love how Bernard knows how to create and manipulate the law for their clients.  And the young lawyer now has a conscience?  Angel is soooo pissed that Vanessa got off, and that he has no legal standing.  The young lawyer walks in?  He changed really really fast.  Let’s all feel sorry for the crooked lawyer.  Love Angel’s reaction of snoring.  But the murdered kids part gets Angel’s attention.  Wolfram and Heart have mind readers and shamans.  Let’s do a heist at the evil law firm!  Hey, the Vampire Hunter!  Is he gonna join Angel Investigations?  Look, crazy person distraction.  Only at Wolfram and Heart would we have a Vampire on the premises be a real security probability.  Sleepy dust for demons from Wesley?  He is finally proving useful.  Angel!  You had to know that magical artifact would set off the alarms!  These mind readers are creepy and this young lawyer is toast.  Okay, so the other lawyer was gonna leave the firm and becomes a blood splatter.  Wouldn’t Wesley check the scroll for defensive spells?  Zip drive!  I used to have one of those!  Wolfram and Heart have a very very strange sense of honour and ethics.  Young lawyer is Lindsay.  Is Cordelia talking to Willow on the phone?  Getting help breaking the encrypted computer files?  And Willow is doing the same thing?  They are trying to keep everything parallel aren’t they?  Three blind psychic kids.  Dangerous to Wolfram and Heart.  Lindsay shows up and Angel is suspicious.  Fight!  Angel versus blind assassin!  How is Angel doing that?  And why doesn’t he just kill her?  So the scroll foretells Angel.  Looks like Lindsay has been terminated by Wolfram and Heart, but not in the lethal way.  Wonder what game Wolfram and Heart are playing here?  And Lindsay is tempted…


Kinda on the fence with Lindsay here.  Part of me thinks this will be an interesting addition, another part maybe not.  Once he leaves Wolfram and Heart, what use would he be?  And the blind assassin – meh.

Angel logo

To Shanshu in L.A….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley is translating still.  And Shanshu means death.  So Angel will die.  Wolfram and Heart get a warrior, Vocah, to raise something.  Cordelia’s vision tells Angel of homeless woman and a demon.  Angel kills the demon and Kate shows up cranky.  Cordelia looks for a hobby for Angel, Vocah touches her and activates tons and tons of visions, causing Cordelia tons of pain.  Vocah also kills the Oracles.  Angel goes to the hospital for Cordelia.  Vocah steals the scroll from AI and plants a bomb.  Wesley finds the bomb and it blows up the building.  Wesley survives.  Kate shows up and is cranky.  Angel finds the Oracles dead.  But ghost Oracle tells him about Vocah and the scrolls.  Angel gets Gunn to protect Wesley and Cordelia in the hospital.  Vocah kills some Vampires while reading the scroll at Wolfram and Heart.  Angel smashes in and fights Vocah.  Lindsay keeps reading the scroll.  The last Vampire sacrifice dies and the big box in the room has something in it.  Holland has it taken out quickly.  Angel beats the demon and then chops off Lindsay’s hand, all to get the scroll.  Wesley reads the spell from the scroll and Cordelia wakes up.  Cordelia now wants to help people everyone because of all the pain the visions showed.  AI vows to help those people.  Wesley re-translates the scroll and realizes Angel with become human once he has saved the world.  In the big box we see Darla.


My Thoughts!!

Cordelia is so helpful with Wesley’s translating the scroll.  Cordelia to Angel Wesley: “Nobody gets my humour.”  Because you are not funny.  They find out that Lindsay the lawyer is still evil and at Wolfram and Heart.  Someone mysterious in building!  David the rich geek, and I am in pain already.  And they all look at the door.  Haha.  So rich guy is bored.  Let’s conjure demons on the lawyers lawn.  Oh look the prophecy says Angel will die.  Time for Cordelia’s vision!  Cordelia to Wesley: “Enough with those scratch and sniff visions!”  From your mouth to the writers room.  Oh look, these demons and the scroll are related to Angel and The Powers That Be.  Kate!  Looking all moody as usual lately.  And being mouthy to Angel as usual.  So Angel can’t change, according to Wesley, eventhrough we have already seen him change.  See: Amends BTVS.  Angel and a puppy is a show I would watch.  Oh look, the Oracles.  And that demon after Angel is all testy with them, right before he kills them.  Cordelia goes to a community fair to find a hobby for Angel.  That demon has one stupid looking mask.  Did he just feed her a horrifying vision?  Knew Angel would get the call about Cordelia.  At the hospital, wouldn’t they think Angel is maybe the abusive husband?  Wesley’s home and spots that the scroll has been stolen.  Old Wesley would never have noticed.  Did they just blow up Angel’s building?  With Wesley still inside?  I’m guessing they are getting a new set for Angel Investigations next year?  Angel, just bitchslap Kate already.  Angel has nothing to care for?  He has his friends!  Cordelia looks really really awful here.  And now Angel finds out the Oracles are dead.  Vocah The Warrior of the Underworld.  Thank goodness the Oracle ghost hung around long enough to give the plot.  Look it’s the guy from Warzone!  Deathlok!  Is the demon in the mask gonna change into a giant snake soon.  Always invite your lawyers to your ceremonies.  How did Angel know where they were?  Lindsay completes the scroll reading?  Gross, maggots.  Lindsay is now evil and a jerk and evil.  Knew he was gonna loose a hand.  Wesley looks like crap.  Now that was a magical explosion.  Cordelia is back!  Yay!  Cordelia was always dedicated, but now they are acting like she wasn’t.  The prophecy is that Angel, once he fulfills his destiny, will become human.  Should they all start singing “To be human again!  To be human again!” with dancing furniture.  What’s inside the box sounds female.  It’s Darla!   The only Vampire whinier than Angel.


Lindsay turns evil and Darla is back.  But the big news is that someday, someway, Angel will make Amends and become human again.  Gotta give him, and the viewers, some hope.



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