Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.22 Restless

Buffy season 4

Buffy and the Scoobies go on a surreal adventure of the mind and self in Restless, a tour de force of what is, and what not is, and all sorts inbetween.  One more dreamy post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did (And Dreamed About)!

Riley leaves Buffy’s place to go give a report to the government about the Initiative.  Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander decide to sit back, relax, and watch Apocalypse Now.  And they all fall asleep.  And perchanting a dream.

Willow is up first with her doing a painting on Tara, then she is back in Sunnydale as part of a play.  It is Death of a Salesman with a ton of changes.  But Willow is completely not prepared.  Next, Willow is doing a presentation to a class and is in different clothes.  Xander makes fun of her.  Tara and Oz flirt.  And then Willow is attacked by some strange looking woman.  And along the way, someone offers her cheese.

Xander dreams of waking up.  He goes to use the bathroom and Joyce tries to seduce him.  While in the bathroom, he notices scientists watching and observing.  Suddenly he is in a playground in daylight.  Buffy plays in a sandbox, Giles plays with Spike on the swings.  Giles says Spike is like a son to him and is being trained as a Watcher.  Next Xander is driving the ice cream truck while Willow and Tara are scantily clad in the back.  He goes to join him, but instead is in his basement.  At the university, Giles tells him important information, but in French.  Xander is now in Apocalypse Now with Colonel Kurtz being Principal Snyder.  Someone is chasing Xander and it is the crazed woman, who kills him.  And along the way, someone offers him cheese.

Giles dreams of hypnotizing Buffy with a watch.  Buffy laughs and they are in a fairground with Giles and Olivia and a baby stroller.  Buffy is acting like a child and calls Giles daddy.  Giles sees Spike and talks to him, but Spike is busy posing for pictures.  Giles is in the Bronze and Anya is doing bad stand up comedy.  Willow and Xander are here and tell him of the crazed woman.  Giles sings the plot and how to defeat the menace.  The sound breaks up and Giles goes to fix the equipment.  And the crazed woman kills Giles.  And along the way, someone offers him cheese.

Buffy dreams of Anya waking her up in her campus room.  Next she is at home and Tara says stuff about the future.  Buffy is at university and talks to her mother, in the walls.  She sees Riley at the new Initiative and he has been promoted.  And he is planning to conquer the world with Adam’s help.  A demon attacks and Riley and Adam make a pillow fort.  Buffy gets her weapons bag, but it is filled with mud, which she smushes onto her face.  Buffy ends up in a dessert and sees the crazed woman.  Tara is here and speaks for the woman.  The woman is the First Slayer and does not like Buffy having friends.  Buffy says tough.  They fight.  And Buffy wakes up and continue the fight in the real world.  Buffy decides to ignore the First Slayer and suddenly everyone, including herself, waking up.  And along the way, someone offers her cheese.  And along the way, someone offers her cheese.

The Scoobies discuss the implication of connecting with the First Slayer.  And what the cheese meant.  And Buffy wonders what Tara’s dream words meant about her future.  And a million other little details happened all over this episode.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Wait, no opening bit?  Right to credits?  Riley!  Going off to testify with the government.  Noticed they are at Buffy’s house.  And that Riley has finally met Joyce.  Scoobies gotta pick a videotape.  Figures Giles would pick Apocalypse Now.  And they all fall asleep.  I hate dream sequences and this looks like a whole episode of them.  Willow dreams of her and Tara and finding the kitty a name.  Tara is not her real name?  Body painting?  Never could get into the stuff.  Willow taking drama really makes the grapevine.  Back at Sunnydale High.  Dream Oz!  Love Oz’s look when Xander makes the dirty reference.  Hate Buffy’s hair here.  And Willow’s parents already hate it.  Riley cowboy.  Giles stage manager.  Death of a Salesman.  Attacking monster!  Everyone keeps mentioning Willow wearing a costume.  Real Willow is some goody goody schoolgirl who read The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.  And now the Werewolf attack.  Back in wakey wakey land.  Giles finally gets Apocalypse Now.  So now Xander’s turn.  And he’s gonna get some Joyce.  They showed a toilet!  Those Initiative guys really like to observe.  Now to Xander’s basement apartment with shaking doorknob.  Playground swings.  Spike training to be a Watcher?  All because Giles considers him like a son.  Xander is worried for Buffy’s safety, and the fact she called him brother.  Anya wants to go back to her old ways.  And Willow and Tara, dressed all sexy, make out.  And Xander ends up right back in his room.  Who is this guy with the cheese, a dream demon?  Knew Giles instructions would be in another language.  That sounds like Snyder, doing a Kurtz.  This is eerie, the Brando imitation.  This is one very loooong continous shot.  Xander’s father is a mad jerk.  Giles turn.  Hypnotizing Buffy in his empty house.  And he takes her to a carnival.  With Olivia his wife, child in stroller, and Buffy holding his hand like she is his child.  One still needing training.  And one that he has trouble giving compliments to.  Spike loves being center of attention.  Cheese guy again!  Dreams are connected, since Xander’s chest wound is here.  Anya keeps miming her terrible joke in the background as Willow keeps calling Giles Rupert and demanding he produce answers.  Giles sings!  And explains the plot!  Love Willow and Xander with the lighters.  Giles watch the cables!  And a demon cuts his head open.  Each dream cuts away when awful physical violence happens.  Noticed one Scooby is missing from each others dreams.  Buffy’s turn.  Trying to sleep in while Anya begs her to wake up.  Demon above the bed.  Mention of Faith dream to Tara.  Buffy knows something is wrong, wants nothing to do with magic and knows something is different with Tara.  Why does Buffy have to be back before dawn?  Spell breaks then?  Joyce is in the walls of Sunnydale High.  But she leaves her mom before saving her.  Riley got promoted!  And planning world domination.  That’s Adam before Adam?  And all Buffy’s weapons are useless.  That’s the same gunk Giles saw her wearing in his dream.  Buffy.  All alone in the dessert.  Tara.  That demon creature speaks through Tara.  The first Slayer???  And she won’t release the Scoobies.  Cheese guy?  Fight!  Do dream fights even count?  And Buffy knows it’s still a dream.  And they wake up.  So the first Slayer spirit is the source of Buffy’s power.  Okay, that last Tara/first Slayer voice over was spooky.  And staring at the made bed?  Faith coming back?  This is like that dream episode with the baseball coma kid.  Or the MASH dream episode.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow asks Tara a very good question, “Why is their a cowboy in Death of a Salesman anyway?”  Giles gives the Scoobies some really good advice with, “You gotta have something. You gotta be always moving forward.”  Giles also gives Spike some good advice while Spike is on the swing, “Come on, put your back into it.  A Watcher scoffs at gravity.”  Xander tells Snyder what he thinks of him, “You know I never git the chance to tell you how glad I was you were eaten by a snake.”  Giles tell Spike off with, “Still think Buffy should have killed you.”  Giles tells the Scoobies his excuse for tardiness, “So sorry I’m late.  There’s a great deal going on.  And all at once.”  Buffy tells Tara what she wants from their guest, “Let her speak for herself.  That’s what done in polite circles.”  And Buffy tells the First Slayer exactly what she plans to do, “That’s it. I’m waking up.”  Buffy talks to the Scoobies about the dreams with, “Well at least you all didn’t dream about the guy with the cheese.  Don’t know where the hell that came from.”


Wow.  Just Wow.  Joss, I loved this one sooooo much.  Seriously, you can watch Restless a hundred times and still find something new.  Details, details, details, equal thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.  And the First Slayer?  Holy Crud!



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