Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.1 Buffy Vs. Dracula

Buffy season 5

Buffy takes on the most famous Vampire of them all, Dracula!  All in Buffy Vs. Dracula!  Yet another bitingly good post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy excitement!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is restless so she is out on patrol.  She gets a Vampire then goes to bed with Riley.  At the beach the next day, the Scoobies are having fun and Willow starts a fire for a bbq using magic.  Then a storm comes out of nowhere.  A crate is delivered to a castle and a hand comes out and kills the men carrying it.  Willow is scanning into the computer old occult books.  Giles tells Willow he is heading back to Britain because he is no longer needed.  Buffy patrols again and meets a Vampire claiming to be Dracula.  She doesn’t believe at first, then realizes he is Dracula.  Willow and Xander met him as well.  The ladies find him swoonworthy and the guys get jealous.  Xander goes home and Dracula shows up and hypnotizes him.  Riley goes to Spike for Dracula intel, but Spike tells him the Vampire is a blowhard who knows a few spells.  Dracula enters Buffy’s room at night and feeds on her.  She hides the bite marks the next day.  The Scoobies plan their offensive.  Riley figures it out and confronts Buffy.  All the Scoobies are shocked.  Xander is eating spiders and talking up Dracula.  Willow and Tara are going to magically fortify Buffy’s house against Dracula.  Giles and Riley set out to find Dracula.  Xander gets rid of Anya, and brings Buffy to Dracula.  Buffy tries to stake Dracula, but he mind controls her to let go.  Giles and Riley find Dracula’s castle and enter and Buffy tries to break Dracula’s control.  Xander confronts Riley and is decked.  Giles is trapped with several Vampire ladies.  Dracula tempts Buffy into becoming a Vampire.  Buffy regains control.  Riley saves Giles.  Buffy and Dracula fight.  Buffy wins.  They leave and Dracula magically reappears.  Buffy stakes him again.  He goes to reform again, and Buffy tells him to get lost.  Dracula leaves.  Buffy tells Giles she needs him to train her again.  So Giles is back as Buffy’s Watcher.  Buffy returns to her house and tells her mom she is going out with Riley.  Buffy goes into her room and sees a young teenage girl their.  Joyce tells Buffy to take her sister with her.  Both Buffy and the new girl shout “Mom!”


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy looks sad.  Riley!  Run Buffy Run!  That is one very big cemetery.  So she just needed a Slayer fix.  Anya is in the credits!  It’s Beach Buffy Bingo!  But Tara is still listed separately, grrrr.  Willow can magically start fires now?  Cool!  And now for a colossal rainstorm.  Coffin sized package delivered to old castle during rainstorm.  Yeah, nothing scary here.  And someone was inside!  Scanning in old texts?  Good idea Giles!  Wait, Giles is leaving?!?!?  Back to England??  Willow looks so sad.  Joyce!  Looks like Buffy is making excuses to go out and slay.  Is she even more enjoying it?  Is that Dracula?  Why does he look like an emo goth wannabe?  Buffy really seems impressed with the fact that she just met Dracula.  Buffy is world famous?  Of course Dracula goes all mist like when Buffy attacks.  Willow and Xander look really scared.  And now Buffy and Willow think Dracula is sexy.  Of course Anya once knew him.  And they all wonder how Dracula can do all those amazing things.  Wouldn’t they call Angel and ask what he knows?  Initiative mention!  Actually feel scared for Xander here, will Dracula kill him?  Nooo!  He hypnotizes Xander instead!  How long till the Scoobies figure it out?  Spike!  Of course Spike once knew him.  And doesn’t like him.  So Dracula has no extra powers, just knows a few extra gypsy spells.  And Spike actually gives some good sensible caring advice to Riley.  Who acts like a jerk in return.  How did Dracula get into Buffy’s house without permission?  And now being all creepy and weird.  This has to be a dream.  Did Dracula just feed on Buffy?  Betcha it was cause he hypnotized her.  Is Xander supposed to be Renfield or something?  Dracula has mental powers?  Kinda saw Xander eating the spider.  Not digging the whole Scoobies taking on characters in Dracula motif.  Riley figures it out.  Angel mention!  How did he get inside anyway?  Offscreen, Joyce had invited him in.  Okay, right, that’s stupid.  And the two brainwashed Scoobies head off to Dracula.  Buffy was faking!  But Dracula has great mental powers!  And of course now Giles and Riley find the castle.  I really don’t like this Dracula.  Knew one punch would take Xander out.  Giles being seduced by Vampire ladies?  Yeah right.  So if Buffy drinks from Dracula’s blood, she becomes a Vampire?  Nope, not yet.  And the blood brings out her darkness.  Buffy and Dracula fight!  Holy Crud, Buffy staked Dracula!  Now Xander shows up mad at eating bugs etc, vowing a new Xander from now on.  Season story arc for him?  And he comes back.  And Buffy stakes him again.  Repeat.  So Dracula can beat being staked?  Time for the sad Buffy Giles talk.  Those night patrols are hinting at being caused by the first Slayer?  And Dracula knew this?  Saw darkness in it?  Buffy needs to know more about her powers and where it comes from.  And Giles looks concerned but needed.  Who is this girl in Buffy’s room?  Sister?  SISTER?  WTF?  Buffy has no sister!  Is this the first Slayer in disguise?  Or something?  Did Jonathan change reality again?  My head hurts.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Riley tells Willow what Buffy did, “Uh, Buffy slayed the football.”  Xander gives Dracula a ribbing with,  “Nice!  Look whose got a bad case of dark prince envy.”  Buffy tells Dracula what is up between them with, “You know I really think the thrall has gone out of our relationship.”  Riley question Giles strategy with the Vampire ladies with, “Really, you were going to nuzzle them to death?”  Buffy asks Giles a very important question with, “I need you to be my Watcher again.”


I know everyone and their fifth cousin probably wanted this crossover, and it is a natural idea, but I found this whole episode unremarkable and lackluster.  Maybe it is because Dracula was so whatever.


BUT…..  That Ending.  Sister???????????????  What In The Name Of Hellmouth Has Jonathan Done Now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



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