Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.1 Judgment, and Angel 2.2 Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

Angel Season 2

Angel starts off season two with a face off about his mission in Judgment, and looks at his past in Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been.  Changes a plenty as My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully moves into Angel’s new phase!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia and Wesley leave what they are doing when they get messages on their beepers. They join up with Angel and defeat a demon in a gym. Lindsay, Lilah, and Darla hang out at the Wolfram and Heart offices and Darla starts remembering. AI meet at Cordelia’s place and have board tracking evil and Wolfram and Heart, and Cordelia gets a vision. AI heads to a demon bar, which features karaoke, and met the demon host who can read emotions when you sing. Angel refuses to sing. Angel heads out and finds the demon Cordelia mentioned, and kills it. But it was actually a good demon, protecting a pregnant woman from something called the Tribunal. Angel feels bad and tells AI that he will become the ladies protector. Angel finds Merle the demon and gets info from him, that the lady is Jo and her baby will someday become powerful. Angel gets Gunn to help find where the demon was hiding and they do. Gunn is sent with a talisman they find to AI, and Angel meets Jo again. They argue. They are attacked by demons. They escape. The Tribunal is like court and the demon was her champion. They get split. Angel shows up at Cordelia’s and no Jo. Angel needs more info, so he sings at demon karaoke. It is Mandy by Barry Manilow. Jo is found by the Tribunal and Angel shows up. Angel fights a creature. He almost loses, then wins. The Tribunal declare Jo and the baby protected till it grows up. Angel sees Faith, who is in prison, and they chat.


My Thoughts!!

Demon karaoke? Please kill me now. I Will Survive. Cordelia doing some really bad 90210 play with whiny guy. Hello pagers. Now Wesley being the confident ladies man. Love how the gym guy notices no reflection. Now Wesley can fight? Hey Deathlok made the credits! Hey Cordelia has a tattoo! Nice chart, maybe this will help the writers get organized as well. Angel, shut up about the gym. Idiots, I knew it was a sneeze, not a vision. Wolfram and Heart! Lindsay got one lousy prosthesis. Darla! Why is she acting like Drusilla 2.0? And doing a bad job of it? Dennis is one very helpful ghost. Merle the parasite demon? Trying to read the chart, know they put some weird stuff on it. Wesley knows about the demon karaoke bar? Angel is not carrying any hidden weapons? I’m So Excited! That’s Merle? I thought it was the host. Cartos? Latin for mercy. “That guy is a foghorn on two legs.” That would describe my singing as well. Anagogic? He sees into your soul when you sing. At least Angel didn’t wait forever in this fight to snap the demons neck. The lady is pregnant. The Tribunal? So it looks like they misinterpreted the vision. Deathlok! They found the demon protector’s lair awfully fast and easy. Knew their would be a demon on the other side of the door. “What if it is a demon with a gun?” Cordelia to Wesley. Charles Gunn, forgot that is his name. Deathlok meets Cordelia and Wesley! They are so awkward around Gunn. Is this big empty space gonna be the new Angel Investigations office? Cordelia shows her human side. Fight to the death at the Tribunal for baby. Angel sings! Mandy! And he looks so uncomfortable. Why Mandy? Angel kind of thinks it’s pretty. Barry Manilow. Only in L.A. Would a pregnant woman wandering in the middle of the road not attract attention. Here comes the Tribunal! Angel! Angel on a horse! Angel on a horse jousting! Why would the Tribunal declare Angel the loser when he is not dead? Faith! Love how Angel doesn’t wanna ask if Faith killed the girl. “I had to sing Barry Manilow.” Angel to Faith in the most horrible jailhouse confession ever. Really cool that he still goes to see her in prison. Now available on KTel! Angel sings Mandy! With a side order of Elvis thrown in at the end!


Joss, you make a whole lot of changes right away. Gunn is part of the credits, a hotel is all set as the new headquarters, and we have singing demons. And I will forgive you for the Manilow. Crossing fingers you can turn this sucker around.

Angel logo

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been….

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI explores the history of the abandoned Hyperion Hotel that Angel found last episode. Flashback to 1950’s as the hotel is busy and a bellhop drops a bill into room 217. The mysterious occupant is disliked by the hotel. And it is Angel. In the lobby, people are watching the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings on television, and an African American is being turned away at the font desk. Angel sees two men kissing in the hallway, and another man banging a door. Angel goes into his room and catches a woman claiming to be a maid. She says she is hiding from her boyfriend, who is banging on her door. Angel helps her. Today, Angel goes to the hotel. AI finds out that the hotel has many strange occurrences in its history. And Cordelia sees Angel is a 1952 picture. Flashback to 1952. A hotel guest kills himself. The hotel covers it up and Angel does not care. The guests hang out at an observatory and gossip about the death. Judy, the lady Angel helped, tries to talk to him. Later, Judy tells Angel how the man after her was a PI and that she stole money. She did this because the bank she worked at thought she was white, but is she really half black. Angel hides Judy’s money, hears voices, and realizes a demon is present. Today, AI sees newspaper articles saying that the bellhop was blamed for the death and that Judy was never seen again. Angel finds the money and tells AI the hotel has a demon in it that eats bad emotions. Flashback to 1952. Angel gets info from a bookstore on how to defeat the demon, but the PI tells everyone about Judy. She in turn tells on Angel for having blood in his room. The guest attack Angel. He is taken to the lobby and hanged. Then the guest realized what they have done. Later, Angel gets free and tells the demon he can have the people in the hotel. Today. AI come to the hotel and they confront the demon. They defeat it. Angel finds Judy is still living, but old, is a hotel room. Her fears fed the demon for decades. Angel and Judy talk and he forgives her. Judy passes on. Angel tells AI that the hotel will be their new headquarters.


My Thoughts!!

Hyperion Hotel. Empty 64 room in hotel. It’s gonna be their new HQ! Time for hotel flashback. Hello shot stolen from The Shining. Somehow I knew the creepy guy in the room was gonna be Angel. And the question of the episode is, why doesn’t he remember being in the hotel? Hello 1950’s flashback. And of course the hotel won’t rent to black people. And here’s a gay couple. So Angel finds a girl hiding in his room, but only helps her out abit. Maybe Angel does remember? Mass murder in 1979. Long history of horror. I thought Vampires didn’t photograph. Suicide after hearing voices and Angel don’t care. Those voices are getting annoying. Hello Angel in a James Dean jacket at the same planetarium from Rebel Without A Cause. Bellhop did the murder? Nope, just got hit by the fallout. So now the girl is really from Psycho? Stealing money. She’s interracial? And was never heard from again. Maybe the money was cursed? I think that bookstore guy knows Angel is a Vampire. Yep! Oh look, lots of Hollywood rejects still inhabit this hotel. Cordelia Wesley and Gunn arrive! They all turn on her. And she turns on Angel. Ah, the 1950’s. I am fairly certain Angel could take them all. And they hang him! So Angel let this happen so that the demon would reveal itself. Knew Angel was gonna say take them all, give up on the humans inside. Now Wesley is abit put off by what the demon said, future plot point. Judy is still living there? Or is it her ghost? She was being held prisoner by the demon? Now it is time for Judy to pass on. But Wesley is paranoid. Called it! New Angel Investigations office!


I actually really liked this one Joss. The flashbacks gave us some cool stuff for Angel and made sense, and the new locale is interesting. Felt sad for Judy as well.



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