Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.4 Out Of My Mind

Buffy season 5

Buffy must race against time to save Riley in Out Of My Mind.  Yet another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy craziness!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is on patrol and getting help she does not want from Riley and Spike.  Riley is very enthusiastic during the fighting.  Buffy finds out that the back room of the Magic Box is now a training room.  Harmony wants Spike’s help with avoiding Buffy, convinced she is the Slayer’s worst enemy.  Joyce suddenly forgets Dawn’s name during breakfast, than collapses.  Buffy is told at the hospital that they don’t know what happened to Joyce.  Dawn plays with a stethoscope and realizes Riley has a heart beating way to fast.  A doctor wants Riley to stay in hospital, but he leaves anyway.  Buffy is concerned so she contacts the Initiative.  They contact Riley and try to get him medical help, but he fights them off.  Buffy finds out they can fix Riley and sets out to find him.  Buffy gets Spike’s help, but he thinks this is a good way to get rid of the chip.  So Spike and Harmony go to the doctor for this.  Buffy finds Riley in the caves, and he is punching rocks.  Buffy and Riley talk about their feelings and relationship.  Buffy gets Riley to come to the hospital and the doctor is gone.  He is doing Spike’s operation.  Buffy and Riley walk in as it finishes.  And they fight.  And Spike realizes the doctor only pretended to take the chip out.  Riley has a heart attack.  The Vampires escape.  The doctor saves Riley.  After, Graham from the Initiative tells Riley he is simply Buffy’s sidekick.  Buffy goes to stake Spike, but they argue instead, and then kiss.  And Spike wakes up.  And Spike is mad he has feelings for Buffy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Creepy cemetery!  Now that was a fast staking!  Riley!  Thought Buffy was in north sector.  Spike!  Helping out just for kicks.  Spike loves to needle, doesn’t he?  Buffy really worries about Riley doesn’t she?  The Spike monologing and then something stupid happening is getting old.  An academic arguement / slash debate between Buffy and Willow is different for this show.  Giles is taking a very long time fixing up the Magic Shop isn’t he?  Love the snobby magic talk between Giles and Willow.  Willow and Tara are so cool together.  Buffy is now getting annoyed at Riley’s helpfulness.  Never knew that much space existed at the back of the Magic Shop.  Star Trek and James Bond reference!  Harmony!  Harmony is Buffy’s arch nemesis?  Spike is slimy for bribing Harmony for sex, but she so doesn’t care.  Looks like Buffy and Riley have a new place.  And are still rather passionate.  Dawn!  Love the name of Dawn’s cereal Sugar Bombs.  Joyce!  Dawn is in grade nine and talks about school, so obviously Sunnydale has a new High School.  She forgets who Dawn is and drops the food?  Is Jonathan’s spell finally wearing off?  Finally we see real some sisterly love between Buffy and Dawn, all because of Joyce falling in.  Dawn has such a crush on the Doctor.  Love how they all let Dawn check their hearts.  And Riley really has a racing heart.  Buffy would not argue with Riley in front of the Doctor?  She would.  Love how Dawn is included with Buffy’s worry session over Riley.  Dawn is really out of her league here.  But then Dawn actually has a good suggestion.  That was a very direct way to get help.  For a man with a heart condition, playing intense basketball should not be an option.  Graham!  Or as I call him, As The World Turns guy.  Interesting, they are going back to what The Initiative did to the soldiers.  Knew Riley would fight them.  Surprised he won.  Okay ATWT guy explains about Riley having advanced strength.  Was this The Initiative or something Riley did to himself to keep up with Buffy?  Can’t Willow and Tara create a locator spell?  Could have sworn they used that one before.  Xander is so talking about himself.  Cut to Spike.  Is he that lonely?  Buffy is so very direct here with Spike, which makes sense.  Love that Buffy slapped Spike.  Love Buffy’s version of half now.  Interesting, Spike realizes The Initiative Doctor can take out his chip.  Spike, never give Harmony a crossbow.  Meanwhile at the burnt out husk of the old Sunnydale High.  Willow and Tara!  Willow is getting darn good with the magic.  Buffy finds Riley in the caves.  Riley really wants to be as powerful as Buffy, all to be worthy of her.  Don’t even joke Buffy about dating Spike, for I shall start retching.  This is eerily similar to Buffy’s speech to Angel in Amends.  Is Buffy’s mantra since Anne is never give up?  I sense a Buffy Riley fist fight coming.  Again, Riley says he loves Buffy, but I can’t recall Buffy ever saying that to Riley.  Okay, good, no fight.  The guy is doing the operation on Spike?  With Harmony “assisting?”  Spike is awake for this????  Now Buffy figures out Spike’s plan.  Buffy and Spike really hate each other.  Harmony, please stop talking!  Spike is now un-neutered!  Love how his hair doesn’t even look like brain surgery has happened.  Buffy versus Spike!  Riley versus Harmony!  Wait, is the chip still maybe in?  Riley heart attack!  A penny!  Spike is really really really obsessed with Buffy isn’t he?  Riley is saved!  Riley still feels inferior.  Graham is kinda a jerk here.  Slayer’s boyfriend.  Spike looks really scared here.  Spike wants to die.  Are they about to kiss?????  NO!!!!!!!!!  WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELLMOUTH?!?!?!?!?  WHY IS BUFFY AND SPIKE KISSING?????  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU JOSS????  BUFFY LOVES SPIKE????  IT’S ALL A DREAM???  Spike is dreaming and he is in love with Buffy.  Okay, that dream sequence really scared the crap out of me.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy asks the air a very important question with, “Why do I even bother to show up?”  Buffy talks to Willow about work, “I’m starting to think this working hard is hard work!”  Harmony tells Spike her fears with, “She won’t give up until she has killed me to death!”  And Harmony asks Spike a favour, “Can you help with the thinking?”  Tara tell Willow what she thinks of the wreck of Sunnydale High with, “This place really creeps me out.”  And Willow replies with, “You should have been here when it was a school.”  Buffy tells Riley her feelings, “Nobody has ever known me the way you do. Nobody.”  A line I bet every Buffy fan screamed about at the time.


While I like Riley a lot, I found this one very run of the mill.   It ties up some loose ends, but I doubt all that needed an episode all to themselves.



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