Three Random Thoughts On My 500th Post


Wow, that is a big big number.

One that I never knew I would ever hit here on Scoops Mental Propaganda, far outstripping the original run by a great deal.

Five hundred is a lot of ramblings and rantings by moi, and sometimes I am still amazed at the sheer volume of it all. And quite proud of several posts as well.

But, this post, if you are keeping track at home, is actually number 499. That fateful, remarkable 500th post is coming up next. This here is my look at my having done 500 posts.

Let the navel gazing commence!



I have an internal with myself. For the longest time, the tag cloud on SMP showed that The Hunger Games was my most written about topic. Over time, Harry Potter and Superman started taking over that distinction. Now, Buffy is clearly staking out that peak position, and will probably remain in the lead forever and ever. And that is simple because our favourite Slayer Buffy has well over 100 episodes to her credit. Just wait till I hit the official continuity EU of the comics! In the future, after Buffy and (ugh) Angel are complete, I have my eyes on ReBoot, which I have, The Twilight Zone, which I don’t have, and Batman The Animated Series, which I also don’t have. Wonder what my tag cloud will look like after all of them are done?



After two massive book purges this year, one to make room for my Harry Potter box set, and the other because I still had just so much stuff I was no longer interested in reading, my TBR pile is now a more manageable 40 books. And half of them are Star Trek adventures. I also, like almost every demented obsessive bookie in existence, have a constantly evolving list of books new to me that I want to read. My game plan for the new year, fingers crossed, is to alternate between a Star Trek novel and a newbie book for 2015. That is until I completely change my mind five more times between now and then.


The Passport To The Wall cover jpegWriting!!!

With The Passport To The Wall, my YA novel, all complete for these last few months, my fiction writing has been put to the side for a bit. One more already completed short story is the hopper awaiting release, tentatively scheduled for late January 2015. Various other short story ideas have also been developed and outlined, and I hope to keep on plugging with fiction writing in 2015. I just have to complete the dreaded Angel show first.


Coming Soon is post 500!!!!! An epic adventure of such epic epicness that the internet shall crumble with excitement!!!!!

Or I could be really overselling my surprise. Just wait till you see the 500th and you can decide.




…is currently reading Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger




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