Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.5 No Place Like Home

Buffy season 5

Buffy learns the truth about Dawn and faces a new enemy in No Place Like Home.  Another memory implanted key post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Flashback to two months ago with a bunch of monks running around while doing a spell and avoiding something powerful trying to kill them.  Now Buffy gets a Vampire and a night watchmen finds her.  He thinks she is at the building for a rave and gives her a glowing orb he thinks is hers.  Buffy makes breakfast for her family and Joyce still has headaches.  Giles reopens the Magic Box and it is very slow at first, but it does pick up.  Buffy shows Giles the orb, who thinks it is magical.  Buffy gets her moms prescription and sees the watchman, who now is gone crazy.  The creature who attacked the monks shows up at an empty building, and it is a blonde female in a red dress.  She attacks the monk there and wants information about the Key.  She uses her hands to feed off of peoples lifeforces through their head.  Buffy gets a spell from Anya that will find out if her mom is under magical attack.  Buffy does the spell and sees that her mom has no magic on her, but realizes that Dawn is popping in and out the family pictures.  Buffy goes to Dawn’s room and sees the reality of a storage room.  Buffy tells Dawn she is not her sister, so she attacks Dawn.  But Dawn has no idea what Buffy is talking about.  Giles tells Buffy info about the orb and it protects from some evil.  Buffy goes to the building, sees Spike outside her house, and fights the lady in red.  And the lady in red kicks the crap out of Buffy.  Buffy escapes with the monk, who tells her of the Key and how it is in human form with her.  And Buffy realizes Dawn is the Key.  And all her Dawn memories were magically implanted.  Buffy comes home and gives Dawn sisterly love.  Giles gives Anya a job at the Magic Box.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Run Monks Run!  Two months ago?  Knew it was a flashback, but thought it flashbacked more.  Wait, two months ago is before the season started!  And the Monks just died for the key.  Buggy vs biker Vampire!  Almost caught by a helpful security guard.  Dawn!  Joyce!  One big happy family!  Headaches?  Caused by Jonathan or the Monks?  Buffy seems unhappy not to have a pet name from Joyce.  Joyce actually seems like a nicer mom since Dawn popped into existence.  Joyce and Dawn have a book club and Buffy didn’t know?  Kind of a stretch.  So the Magic Box is finally open.  Oh dear lord, Giles Dumbledore outfit deserves that silence.  Mr. Giles?  Dawn really is formal.  Willow and Riley!  Dawn sure does babble inappropriately doesn’t she?  Buffy doesn’t want Riley on patrol.  And Buffy was an only child just last season.  Can’t tell if this is meta or a plot point.  Okay, Joyce is really in trouble here.  Ben the Doctor!  Spiderman mention!  Yeah, that is the security guard.  Looks like a Monk survived.  The beast is a lady in red?  Giles made a sale!  What century is that cash register from?  Anya!  Anya mentions money and almost being out of it.  The orb is magical.  And they all step back.  Red dress lady is obviously a demon.  This feels like it is about to go all Reservoir Dogs.  Red dress lady is really not all there is she?  Did she steal chakra or soul or something from that guy?  A lot of people in Sunnydale are into magic it looks like.  For protection?  Willow is the worst gift wrapper ever.  All spells leave a trace signature.  First time we are hearing about this.  Buffy’s gonna do a trance.  And Riley is included because Buffy doesn’t want him to feel useless.  That was dirty talk Buffy, especially to Dawn.  Dawn’s room is right next to Buffy’s.  Trance time.  And Joyce has no spell on her.  But Dawn keeps blinking in and out of the picture on the wall.  Hmmmm….  Dawn’s room keeps flipping back and forth from bedroom to storage.  And the fans screamed with joy.  Time for Jonathan to show up!  Okay, that was intense, thought Dawn was gonna demonize, but she actually looked hurt.  Giles!  Orb protects from evil, maybe Dawn.  That Which Cannot Be Named?  Voldermort?  Buffy isn’t telling Giles about Dawn?  Can’t tell if Dawn is evil or just really pissed off.  Spike!  Lurking!  Spike does five words or less very well.  Captain Cardboard?  Riley is waaay more interesting than cardboard.  All those cigs?  Spike’s been lurking for awhile.  If Dawn kills Joyce, I will actually be sad.  Creepy tea.  Knew Buffy knew red dress lady was behind her.  Now that was a punch.  Knew Giles would hire Anya.  Buffy is getting her ass kicked.  Now that was a kick.  Is Dawn the Key?  She showed up two months ago when they sent the Key away.  And I think Buffy just figured it out.  Dawn thinks she is Buffy’s sister.  Memories altered.  Holy Crud!  Dawn/The Key must be very very important.  And all the fans just screamed.  When is red dress lady gonna catch up?  And the Slayers responsibilities just exploded even more.  Dawn looks so sad.  And hurt.  Buffy is slowly taking Dawn in.  This is a really touching scene, the real creation of the Buffy Dawn sisterly love.  And they worry about mom.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells Willow what she thinks of Dawn, “She’s so annoying!” which I am sure fans were saying the same thing.  Willow tells Giles something nice, “Congratulations! You are an official capitalist running dog.”  Anya tells Willow all about her skills “Sure. If you wrapped it with your feet.”  Dawn warns Buffy she might tattle with “If you are doing magic. I am so telling.”  And Buffy tells Dawn something very important with, “You’re not my sister.”


Joss smashes Buffy’s world yet again as we learn all about Dawn.  And all my theories were completely and utterly wrong.  And I love that.  I never ever saw this coming!  Wow!  Definitively a gamechanger!



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