Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.5 Dear Boy, and Angel 2.6 Guise Will Be Guise

Angel Season 2

Angel is haunted by Darla in more ways than one in Dear Boy, and has to deal with the return of an old friend in Guise Will Be Guise.  All part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Dear Boy…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia and Wesley argue and wake up Angel, then Cordelia gets a vision.  AI tries to find the demon from the vision, but Angel keeps thinking about Darla.  They find a bunch of hooded guys being controlled by the demon who attack them.  Gunn kills the demon, which frees the humans.  Angel sees Darla.  Flashback to Angelus finding Darla in the street right after she does a kill.  Darla shows Drusilla to Angelus, as she is a virgin and has vision powers.  Angelus decides to make Drusilla a project, someone to torment before he sires her.  Today, AI gets a case of a wife committing adultery.  Angel tells the others about his Darla dreams and how he might be going insane.  Kate is at a desk job and hears about Angel at the hotel.  AI spies on the adulterous woman, but Angel gets annoyed at this kind of low brow case, and tells the woman off.  Angel sees Darla and rushes up to her, but it isn’t her.  It is someone who looks like her.  Angel goes the demon bar and sings in order to get information.  But no info comes.  Angel finds the Darla like lady and waits outside her house.  The lady is really Darla and is plotting inside.  AI tells Gunn about Darla and how dangerous she is.  Flashback to Angelus and Darla tormenting Drusilla.  Today, Darla kills her play act husband which makes Angel storm in.  The police show up and think Angel did the murder.  Angel escapes.  Kate gets involved and Darla is taken by Angel.  Angel and Darla talk and argue about how Wolfram and Hart brought her back, how she is human again, and how they supposedly love each other.  Angel tries to make Darla embrace being human again, but she resists.  Darla wants Angelus back.  Kate storms the hotel with a bunch of cops looking for Angel.  Kate still hates Angel.  Gunn asks Kate how Angel could enter Darla’s supposed house without being invited.  Kate realizes she is stupid.  Darla leaves Angel with nothing resolved.  Cordelia and Wesley talk to Angel and he is all moody.


My Thoughts!!

Angel still not sleeping well.  And is 247 years old.  More fake bickering by Cordelia and Wesley, this time over money.  Cause they still are having money issues.  Vision time!  No that wasn’t funny Angel, religion joke.  Darla daydreams are annoying.  “I have a thing for convents.”  Angel to AI.  Gunn!  Monks fighting for chance to worship Thrall demon.  Gunn with the axe to the demon head for the win!  Angel losing control with beating guy.  Darla in marketplace!  Angelus rocking the mullet in ye olden times!  Darla!  How Angelus Met Drusilla.  Angelus is turned on by the virgin, but even more by the saint part.  First mention of aliens in Buffyverse.  And they act like it’s a crazy concept.  Angel, stop getting creepy with Cordelia’s hair.  Knew Cordelia would think it was Buffy.  Finally, Angel tells AI about the Darla dreams.  Lindsay!  Darla is turned on by prosthetics?  “God, I could eat his eyeballs.”  Darla to Lindsay about Angel and his dogooderness.  Kate!  Now no longer with an office.  So she was punished for her supernatural obsession.  Hoping this is Kate’s last appearance.  She is so out of the loop she did know Angel was at the hotel?  This affair business feels so beneath AI.  And Angel finally realizes this.  Darla sighting not, and Angel kinda loses it.  “That’s unbelievable.  I didn’t think you ever had sex.”  Cordelia to Wesley and Angel.  Completely agree with Cordelia here.  Angel can smell humans and sex?  Phone book used!  Knew it was gonna be Angel karaoke!  Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!  Is he really this bad in real life?  Wesley is really manning up isn’t he?  Tranq gun?  Time for stalker Angel.  So everything at the hotel was a ruse?  That actor is annoying and I hope Darla kills him.  Gunn!  At least this time the exposition is more natural.  And Gunn is planning.  Back to ye olden times.  “Convents. They are just a big cookie jar.”  Angelus to Darla.  Drusilla going nuts at eleven!  Holy cleavage Darla!  Dang Darla is good with the theatrics.  And Angel falls right into the trap!  Cops got here very very fast.  Kate!  And of course Kate is gonna fall for this because she is stupid.  Hah!  Angel grabs Darla!  Finally using his head!  Kate!  Guess she never heard of a search warrant.  Love how Gunn stands up to Kate.  Angel figures it out it was Wolfram and Heart!  Darla thinks she’s converting him back to Angelus.  Wait, Gunn figured it out, how did Angel come in without an invite?  I totally missed that clue!  And Kate realizes she is terminally stupid.  So Darla really is human now.  I can’t wait for Angel to snap her neck.  150 years is a long time for a toxic relationship.  Buffy mention!  Great, now Darla claims Angel was born evil.  Kate still being a bitch.  So those two have been arguing all night?  I thought Drusilla was nuts, but Darla goes right up their.  Angel back at the hotel and the cops staking it out didn’t catch him.  Angel is ready for a fight!


While I can sympathize with Darla’s plight, I am already getting bored with it.  Much like Kate’s angry maladjusted cop routine got old a way long time ago as well.  Gunn being the voice of reason is cool through.

Angel logo


Guise Will Be Guise….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel breaks into Wolfram and Hart  to find Darla, but Cordelia and Wesley argue against it and win.  Angel goes to the demon bar and is sent to a swami for advice.  A henchman at the hotel demands Cordelia produce Angel and Wesley pretends to be him, all to save Cordelia.  A rich guy wants Angel, really Wesley, to protect his daughter from a rival.  Wesley keeps up the ruse and meets the daughter.  Then they go shopping.  She tells Wesley of how her father tightly controls her.  They start kissing, and Wesley starts lying about the curse, all so that they can have sex.  They have sex.  Angel finds the swami at a cabin in the woods and the wise man starts doing Yoda like talk to Angel.  After we see that the swami is a fraud and working for a bad guy, all to delay Angel.  The fact that Angel is at this cabin reaches the rich guy, who confronts Wesley.  He wanted Angel to protect his daughter since Angel can’t have sex.  Gunn shows up at the cabin and the swami takes him down.  Angel realizes the man is an imposter and gets information from him.  Wesley figures out the rich guys plan, sacrifice his daughter for great power.  The rich guy starts the ritual and AI bursts in to stop it.  The demon shows up and leaves because the daughter is not a virgin.  She smacks her father and leaves him, and tells him she lost her virginity at sixteen.  Later we see that Wesley and the daughter, Virginia, are dating.  And Wesley is publicly known as her bodyguard, which annoys Angel and Cordelia.


My Thoughts!!

Wesley back to being a klutz.  So very funny.  Jerky guy being a jerk.  Oh look, Wesley slipped, haha.  Is this going to be a Wesley comedy episode?  Cordelia!  Wolfram and Hart!  Angel breaking in with Gunn?  They take care of the Vampire alarms along the way?  Wesley and Cordelia!  This elevator button schitck is annoying.  “What?  That’s the plan?  Walking real quick was the plan?”  Gunn to Angel.  Gunn in the demon bar is… different.  Weren’t they in Wolfram and Hart just before the opening credits.  Angel doesn’t have to sing, kinda wish they he had.  Angel goes to a cabin in the woods.  Wouldn’t the Hotel have some kind of security system?  Wesley is pretending to be Angel?  Kill me now.  If this magic guy takes Angel fishing, that would be awesome.  “Vampire, living in a city known for its sun, driving a convertible.  Why do you hate yourself?”  Magic guy to Angel.  That is actually a darn good question.  Okay, Wesley walking in without being invited was funny.  But this Wesley drinking blood joke is stupid and obvious and stupid.  So rich guy got rich because family business is wizardry.  Virginia, rich guys daughter, is so gonna sleep with Wesley.  That mirror overacting was so bad Wesley.  A wizard supply store open all night?  Interesting concept.  Betcha Virginia is actually gonna be sacrificed on daddy’s birthday to the Goddess she just mentioned.  Goodfellas rejects right on time.  Is this Wesley doing a bad Angel impersonation?  This magic guy is doing a whatever Yoda/Mr. Miyagi deal.  So he is really a faker?  Working for the Eurupean magic guy?  Kinda explains the lame philosophy.  And now the bad guys figure it out.  Oh look, Wesley can fight again.  Oh, Angel, it’s always Darla!  Darla!  Darla!  That horrible advice should really tip Angel off.  Virginia is sooo hitting on you Wesley.  She’s 24, they never said how old Wesley is.  This is less creepy than Wesley Cordelia was.  Angel’s curse is putting the damper on Wesley getting it on.  Well, he almost told her he wasn’t Angel.  Gunn should figure this out.  Hit from behind!  Now Angel figures it out!  This guy is scummy.  Knew Angel would be good at fishing!  Wesley looks like he is in love and feeling guilty.  Cordelia!  Cats out of the bag Wesley!  Now Virginia feels used.  Knew rich guy was up to something.  “Swaami’s don’t hit.  Swaami’s swam.”  Cordelia to Angel.  Wesley puts all the clues together.  That Angel line was so dirty without Angel even realizing it.  And the plot become clear.  Waiting for them to say virgin sacrifice and have rich guy have it go horribly wrong.  Everyone at the party is onto this?  AI is here!  Holy cleavage Virginia!  Called it on the virgin part!  Kinda figured Wesley wasn’t her first.  Angel, go figure out your curse and shut up with the eunuch bit.  Wesley is now dating Virginia.


Kinda predictable with it all.  But also kinda entertaining as well.  Maybe Angel the show is finally hitting some kind of stride?  It may never be as good as Buffy, but might be just okay?  I know, my faint praise seems insulting, but with this show, this is glowing.



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