Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.6 Family

Buffy season 5

Buffy gets to see Tara’s family and see some nasty evil in Family.  All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy wackiness!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow and Tara cuddle and talk.  Buffy tells Giles about Dawn being the Key and that the big bad is Glory.  They are going to protect Dawn, but keep the truth from her.  Dr Ben is almost attacked by a demon at the hospital, but is saved by Glory, who finds out that Buffy is the Slayer.  Glory sends them out to kill Buffy.  Buffy moves out of her dorm room and back home.  The Scoobies help her pack and talk about Tara’s birthday.  The Scoobies have trouble getting info on Glory.  A customer in the Magic Box makes fun of magic and he is Tara’s brother.  Also, Tara’s father and cousin show up.  Tara is not happy.  Tara’s father wants her to give up magic and she has to move back home.  All because she is about to live the family curse of becoming a demon, which all women in their family does.  Tara goes to the Magic Box and does a spell on the Scoobies so they will not see her demon nature.  Riley goes to the demon bar and is drinking and meets a Vampire.  Harmony finds out about the demons after Buffy and tells Spike.  Spike goes to warn Buffy.  Tara’s cousin gives Tara crap.  The demons show up at the Magic Box and attack Buffy and the Scoobies.  And they can’t see the demons because of Tara’s spell.  Tara shows up and reverses the spell.  The demons are beaten.  Tara’s family shops up and tells everyone about the family woman being demons.  Anya asks what kind of demon Tara is, and the father evades the question.  Spike hits Tara and feels pain, so Tara is not a demon.  Tara now knows she is human and decides to stay with the Scoobies.  Her family is not happy.  Tara has her birthday party and her and Willow float while dancing.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

What a cute kitty cat.  Willow and Tara in bed together, and the network freaks.  I like Tara’s story.  And Willow and Tara are so cute together.  Now they are officially in bed and the world is still here.  So this is the dame night as last episode?  Buffy told Giles about Dawn!  Looks like she learned her lesson from The Initiative.  And they know they must protect Dawn.  Buffy’s father has always struck me as being a jerk and absent.  He never called back from Joyce’s illness?  False memory of Dawn crying new real.  Not telling the Scoobies?  BAD IDEA!  Red dress lady is upset.  Riley and Xander wrestling is so them.  And they stop when Buffy threatens to intervene.  Buffy is moving out of her dorm room?  I thought she was living with Riley?  But moving home to help protect Dawn is a wise move.  Somehow I could tell Joss wrote and directed this one, has a more interesting flow and energy and action to it.  Tara’s jokes are waaaay beyond everyone.  And now Tara feels stupid and self conscious.  Tara’s birthday!  Dr. Ben with another crazed person.  Is he evil?  Yuck!  Ugly demon!  And red dress lady gets him!  Anya is so perky at retail.  Buffy would not talk of Tara, a friends birthday, that way.  Cordelia mention!  Are Buffy and Xander worried about not knowing Tara, or is it really some innate discomfort at her and Willow being together.  So Buffy spars with Spike to ease the tension?  This fight… looks rather sexual.  OMG!!!  This was all in Spike’s head as he has sex with Harmony????????  Now this customer is really really annoying.  Tara’s big brother!  And he is a jerk.  And Tara’s looks really scared.  Donnie.  Tara’s stutter comes back.  Tara’s parents.  The awkward and painful just screams in this scene.  Is cousin Beth Amy Adams?  Tara looks like she would rather drink hemlock than be with her family.  This sounds like dirty talk between Buffy and Riley, but I can’t tell.  Buffy turns on the overly protective mother mode.  Riley is annoyed with Buffy, and rightly so.  Hello disapproving Tara’s father, you are a jerk.  Tara looks so scared.  And stutters.  Tara’s birthday, turning 20, and something happens, same as mother.  Please toss this asshat into the Hellmouth.  Now red dress lady is black leather dress lady.  Buffy is right, she is like Cordelia season one.  Willow doesn’t pick up on Tara’s pain?  Tara is stalking?  And doing a spell?  Is it to make them forget her?  Riley in the demon bar?  Where’s Willy?  And why isn’t Riley with Scoobies?  Is he gonna cheat?  Please say no!  She’s a Vampire?  Spike looks so pervy with that blonde mannequin wig.  Harmony with plot points.  Beth is Amy Adams!!!!  Selfish bitch?  Tsk!  Tsk!  Lois would never talk that way!  Kal-El would snap your neck for talking that way!  Okay, not a forgetting spell, but a not see demon spell.  Oooops!  Kinda backfired just like we all predicted.  These demons walking about feel almost Hush like.  But Buffy’s spidey-sense kicks in!  Now this is really terrifying!  Spike!  Spike helping?  Tara!  Undoing the spell!  Hope Tara’s father dies!  Tara’s father says demon with such utter disdain.  And Buffy is all pissed because of protecting Dawn.  This had better not be the Willow Tara break up scene!!  If Tara leaves, I will scream!!  Willow snaps at Tara’s father!  Good for her!  Not crying Joss, not crying.  Really want to see Xander beat the shit out of Tara’s brother.  Anya asks the good question of what demon is Tara?  Spike does a very logical thing, hits Tara, causing Spike pain, ergo, no demon.  And Spike calls this bastard for what he is.  And now Beth realizes she was lied to.  But keeps right on with bitch mode because she is a coward.  But wouldn’t this nutjob keep coming after Tara?  Tara’s birthday party!  Love Dawn’s gift to Tara, a broom.  Hope it is a Firebolt.  Riley finally stops moping and shows up.  Love Tara’s view on alcohol.  Love how Willow and Tara slow dance and no one bats an eye.  Willow says Love!  Awww!  They hug!  But no kiss?  Did the network get squeamish?  And Willow and Tara do the most cutest lovely dance.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow asks Tara something, “Tell me a story.”  Buffy talks to Giles about Dawn, “They sent her to me Giles. I think I have to take care of her. I want to.”  Giles tells off Buffy and Xander, “You are in a magic shop and you can’t think what Tara would like. I believe you both are profoundly stupid.”  Riley tells Buffy about the youth problems of the day, “Yeah, a lot of young people nowadays are experimenting with shortness. Gotta nip that in the bud.”  Willow asks the Scoobies something cool with, “Hey, am I late? Did I miss any exposition?”  Anya tells off the attacking demons with, “I have already been injured once this month!”  Buffy tells off Tara’s jerk dad, “You want her Mr. Maclay, you can go ahead and take her. You just gotta go through me.”  And Dawn jumps is as well, “And me.”  And Buffy finishes with, “We’re family.”


Loved how Joss just substituted gay for demon here.  And Tara’s father gets jerk of the year award, many many times.  I want them to come back just so Buffy can break every bone in their bodies.



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