Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.7 Fool For Love

Buffy season 5

Buffy learns all about Spike and his Slayer history in Fool For Love.  Yet another Flashbacky post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy gets badly stabbed while fighting a Vampire and is saved by Riley, who shows up.  Buffy does not like feeling vulnerable so she starts researching how other Slayers died.  And Buffy remembers that Spike killed two Slayers.  Buffy takes Spike to the Bronze and asks him how he killed those Slayers.  Flashback 1880 London with Spike being a human named William who is meek and mild and a poet who is mocked by high society.  Even the girl he loves, Cecily, is mean.  William bumps into Angelus and crew on the street and Drusilla decides to sire him.  Now Spike, he goes about with Angelus and terrorizes people as this assertive, dangerous Vampire.  Spike and Angelus argue and fight, because Angelus prefers artful killings.  Angelus than tells Spike that the Slayer will get him someday, someone Spike has never heard of.  Today Spike tells Buffy about how he went after the Slayer, wanting a fight.  The Scoobies go out on patrol with Riley in the lead.  When the discover some Vampires, they decide to come back during the day to get them.  Flashback to 1900 China during the Boxer Rebellion.  Spike has a nasty fight with the Slayer and wins, which Drusilla loves.  Today, Riley attacks the Vampires with a grenade.  Flashback to 1977 New York City and Spike is fighting the Slayer in a subway car.  He wins and takes her jacket as a trophy.  Today, Spike tells Buffy how every Slayer has a death wish.  Spike than makes a pass at Buffy and she is even more disgusted.  Buffy and Spike fight.  She knocks him down and tells him off.  Spike gets very emotional from this, than decides to get a gun and kill Buffy.  Buffy goes home and hears about more tests for her mom.  Buffy goes outside.  Spike shows up and sees Buffy in tears.  He decides not to kill her, but instead gives her comfort.  Buffy and Spike sit on the porch together.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy fights smelly punker Vampire.  And he stabs her with her own stake!  NO!!!!!  That has gotta hurt!  Buffy is in trouble!  Riley saves the day!  Angel is in this one?  And Darla?  Thankfully, Riley has combat medic training.  Buffy sure hates admitting the loser Vampire hurt her.  Dawn!  That was nice of Dawn, to help cover for Buffy.  Of course Dawn would think the wound was cool.  Of course Dawn would think patrolling is fun.  Riley is all military on patrol, and Xander is eating potato chips.  Yet again, Xander’s military training is gone.  Xander would know not to shout, as they did this before at start of season three.  Love Willow’s hat here.  Is Buffy now feeling depressed over almost dying?  Giles is really uncomfortable with even thinking of Buffy dying, he looks so sad discussing it.  Is this the season Buffy dies?  Spike!  Of course Spike would know how to kill a Slayer.  Now we really want a Spike series, just with him being evil and killing and such.  Boxer Rebellion mention!  And no, I have no idea what that is either.  Spike eats spicy buffalo wings?  That’s something I would eat, thought Spike had more class.  Wait!  A Spike flashback?  That is some awful hair Spike is rocking.  And I have a feeling he is writing awful mundane poetry.  London 1880.  William is Spike’s real name.  I can’t take my eyes off of Spike’s hair.  That jerk with the handlebar moustache is a bully and I hope Spike snaps his neck.  William The Bloody?  These sophisticated people act like fifth graders.  Mention of a Spike!  William makes Wesley look super manly.  Cecily seems aghast, like a nasty bitch.  Beneath you?  Okay, Spike’s gotta kill her to.  Betcha that was Angelus William just bumped into.  Drusilla?  And completely crazy.  Of course William lives with his mother.  Horny William just met his first Vampire.  Today, Scoobies in the cemetery.  Anya’s scarf is annoying.  That’s a lot of Vampires.  Good strategy Riley, waiting till morning.  But I thought Angel was Spike’s sire?  Yorkshire 1880 and William meets Angelus.  Now calling himself Spike.  Darla!  This is a fascinating gang of Angelus, Spike, Drusilla, and Darla.  Is this the first time we have seen them all together?  Spike’s hair looks like he is drunk.  Love how Drusilla’s nuttiness even weirds out Darla abit.  So Angelus likes the art of the kill while Spike just wants a good fight.  Fight!  Now Spike first hears of the Slayer.  Today, Buffy and Spike continue to play pool.  Betcha the kills were accidents.  That SFX looked bad.  Boxer Rebellion!  China 1900.  Spike fights his first Slayer!  She’s good!  NOOOO!!!!!!  Spike bit her!!!!  Wow, Spike is brutal and nasty.  So Drusilla is turned on by all this death and destruction?  Are they gonna have hot Vampire sex amidst the flames and the Slayers body a few feet away?  Angelus: jealous or angry?  Funny how previously all the Vampires made this grouping sound so happy and jolly.  Action shot from the destruction.  Today, Spike is trying to get under Buffy’s skin.  Love how Spike hitting Buffy gets everyone at the bar staring and wondering what is going on.  Doesn’t always happen in the real life.  Riley!  Just walking into Vampire liar like a boss.  Loser Vampire staked!  Grenade?  That was a waaay bigger explosion than a grenade would bring.  Spike versus Buffy!  Round Seventy Five!  With the chip being an added attraction.  Spike as Sid Vicious is something you know they always wanted to do.  New York City 1977.  Waiting for Kojak to show up.  Spike is loving this fight.  Okay, flipping positions with the Slayer is a CHEAT!  Really hate this!  Total complete CHEAT!  So Joss is saying that Slayers are Klingons?  So that’s where the leather jacket came from, trophy of battle.  Spike is so whatever to the body, just an empty vessel now.  The only thing keeping Buffy alive is her family and friends and her wanting them.  I think Spike and Faith should talk.  A lot.  Buffy’s family and friends are what is keeping her alive, her anchor.  Spike is really hitting on Buffy now.  And he tries to kiss her!  Love and death, Spike wants both from Buffy.   Telling Spike he’s beneath you is so true Buffy.  And throwing the money on him is nasty.  Actually feel sad for Spike here.   And Spike goes from hurt to angry.   The jilted boyfriend.  Getting a gun.  You gain sympathy for him and lose sympathy for him in a microsecond.  South Africa 1998.  Spike and Drusilla arguing about Buffy, something he never let on before.  Okay, that was one gross demon.  So Spike’s fascination with Buffy was almost immediate.  Today, Joyce is getting a CAT scan.  Is this where Joyce dies?  Spike!  He’s not gonna do it!  He is either gonna leave Buffy alone, or sit and talk to her.  He sees her pain and can’t do it.  Spike offering to help is so surreal.  Buffy’s startled eyes, is she surprised by Spike, or maybe thinking of making he mom a Vampire?  And Spike just sits and offers a comforting hand.   Buffy looks happy and unhappy with Spike being there.  Really really really conflicted with Buffy and Spike getting together.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Dawn is fun bratty when she says to Buffy and Riley “Sorry to interrupt the sexcapades.”  Buffy talks to Dawn like areal sister with “You are a very short annoying man.”  Buffy asks Spike a good question with “Were you born this big a pain in the ass?” which is something Googliebear has said to me more than once.  Spike, er, William, tells off some pompous Londoners with “I prefer not to think of such dark ugly business at all.”  Spike gives attitude to Angelus with “Oh sorry, did I sully our good name.  We’re Vampires.”  Spike asks a fateful question of Angelus “What’s a Slayer?”  Angelus gives orders to his crew “Let’s get out of here.  This rebellion is starting to bore me.”  Spike tells Buffy a truth with, “Every Slayer has a deathwish.  Even you.”


We get a most excellent Spike 101 this week, with everything from his origin to infamous Slayer clashes to him finding love.  And even a dash of poetry as well!



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