Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.7 Darla, and Angel 2.8 The Shroud of Rahmon

Angel Season 2

Angel thinks a lot about Darla and Darla’s life in Darla, and takes part in a mystical heist that goes wrong in The Shroud of Rahmon.  All part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel is moody and alone drawing Darla over and over.  Wesley is worried.  Darla is mentally not well and Lindsay notices.  Flashback 1609 Virginia Colony, and Darla is a hooker now on her deathbed.  The Master arrives and sires her.  Today Angel goes looking for Darla, with AI protesting.  They investigate Darla and Wolfram and Hart’s connection and get a lead.  Flashback 1760 as Darla intro Angelus to The Master.  Angelus is a jerk.  Darla picks Angelus over The Master.  1880 London and Angelus, Darla and Drusilla dump into future Spike.  AI argues over how to pursue Darla.  Flashback 1898 and Darla tries to get the gypsies to lift Angel’s curse, but it does not work.  Angel can tell Darla is troubled.  Darla calls Angel for help.  When she tries to escape the Wolfram and Hart’s office, a shot happens and a security guard is dead.  Angels sets out to help Darla.  Flashback to Boxer Rebellion in China and Angel finds Darla and tries to cope with a soul.  Today Angel goes after Lindsay and gets information.  Flashback to Boxer Rebellion and Angel lets a family go and tries to not be annoyed that Spike has killed a Slayer.  Angel feeds on animals and Darla kills the family Angel saved.  She wants Angel to prove himself and feed on the baby.  Today Darla is found by Angel.  Lindsay sees the dead guard alive at Wolfram and Hart and realizes it was a ploy.  Darla wants to be a Vampire again.  Angel won’t sire her.  Flashback to Boxer Rebellion and Angel takes the baby and escapes.  Today Darla leaves AI.


My Thoughts!!

Angel doing a James Cameron and sketching away.  Wesley!  Okay, that’s a lot of drawings.  Darla!  Looking bad.  Lindsay!  Looking jerk like.  That’s a whole lot of broken glass.  Soulmates?  Paging one nutty Darla.  1609 Virginia Colony.  I am guessing we are gonna see how Darla was sired?  She looks rather bad.  Darla was a prostitute?  This priest sounds like a jerk.  Okay, that’s the Master isn’t it?  Another reason Darla is nuts.  “She could be sitting on top of anybody.”  Cordelia to Angel about Darla.  That should be a website.  Like Cordelia’s sniffing suggestion.  Love Gunn’s real estate suggestion better.  1760 London.  Angelus meets the Master.  Angelus looks not very impressed.  Angelus is quite a randy Vampire.  And Angelus just plops down in the Masters seat.  Angelus beatdown coming in 3 2 1…  Aww, young love, Angelus and Darla, maybe they will carve their initials into some human?  Darla means Dear One and not her real name.  Darla is a distraction?  Holland!  When this guy asks for a word, it always sounds ominous.  Wolfram and Hart want Darla nutty, probably to send after Angel.  1880.  Angelus Darla Drusilla just hanging out.  Grandmother?  Well, I guess Darla is, and doesn’t like that nickname.  That family part of this Vampire group is very very weird when you think of it that way.  William!  This is one of the best Buffy Angel crossovers ever!  Today. Cordelia, that is a great cover story to find Darla, but it now means you can restart your acting career.  Is Lindsay feeling sorry for Darla the screwed up human?  Okay, a romance here would be wrong because she is not all their.  1898 Romania.  Angel roaming and Darla does the logical and confronts the gypsies.  “He shall be very cross if he finds we had a lovely mass slaughter without him.”  Drusilla to Darla.  Spike!  And they dance to the destruction.  Love how these use the video camera to get us caught up.  Kinda obvious it is Darla on the phone.  Lindsay catches her.  Love how Angel can hear Darla’s heartbeat over the phone.  Holland is so cool and calm and creepy.  1900 China.  Angel finds Darla!  Love how Darla calls it a filthy soul.  And they are together again.  Angel and Lindsay, round two.  Knew Lindsay was calling AI.  1900 Angel just can’t kill, can he.  So that’s why Angel looked pissed in Spike’s flashback in Buffy.  Drusilla smells the family Angel saved.  Exact same shot, entirely different connotation.  1900 Angel is feeding now on rapists and murderers.  A compromise for his soul.  A baby.  Darla got the family.  Angel is really beating the snot out of these guys.  So the security guard was not the security guard?  Lindsay was played because he is an idiot.  Hmmmm, what is Holland’s plan here.  No one at AI likes Darla calling Angel Angelus.  “You will make the pain stop, won’t you?”  Darla to Angel.  She wants him to bit her!  These two would so love to switch places.  And they definitely view being Vampires differently as well.  1900 Angel escapes with the baby!  Today Darla just takes off.  These two certainly have a toxic relationship don’t they?


While I can sympathize with Darla’s plight, I am already getting bored with it.  Wait, I said that already.  It feels repetitive because so does this episode.  But the Angel part of the flashbacks are interesting.


Angel logo


The Shroud of Rahmon….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Cops question someone whom we realize is Wesley.  Wesley talks of how things went wrong and starts telling a story.  Flashback to a day before.  Cordelia has changed her hair.  Angel finds out about a Vampire coming to town for a a magic robbery.  Kate confronts Angel about Darla and Angel tells her off.  Angel kills the Vampire coming to town and pretends to be him.  Angel meets the other plotters, two demons and a human, and Gunn pretending to be his cousin.  The plan is to steal The Shroud of Rahmon from a museum.  Angel tries to warn Gunn off.  Cordelia finds out the Shroud makes people crazy.  The crooks break in and Angel goes to Vampire form because of the Shroud.  Cordelia and Wesley show up at the museum and act nutty as well.  The crooks steal the Shroud and argue.  A demon kills the other human.  Kate shows up and Wesley tries to warn her, but not very well.  Wesley sees Angel and tells him of the Shroud.  Kate pulls her gun on Angel , and Angel bites her.  The crooks get away.  The cops show up and Wesley is over Kate.  The crooks get to the hideout and the Shroud takes over and they start fighting.  Angel gets the Shroud and destroys it.  Today the cops think Wesley is a killer.  But then Kate walks in alive and says Wesley can leave.  Flashback to Angel gently biting Kate, then telling her to play dead.  AI worry about Angel tasting human blood.


My Thoughts!!

Cops talking, and I bet it is about Angel.  Gonna be flashback one I bet, going back 24 hours or so.  Okay, its Wesley.  Yeah, Wesley doesn’t sound insane here, even through we know what he says means trouble.  But why would Wesley tell them anything?  They would never believe it.  I always hate it when interrogation rooms are this dark because they never are.  Or is Wesley playing the cops for some reason?  Wesley’s girlfriend mention!  Angel lives to brood.  Angel and Gunn!  Jadawn is coming to town.  Seeing Gunn knit would be interesting.  Kate!  Hopefully her last appearance.  Kate is still a bitch and crazy.  Maybe Darla and Faith will share a cell.  Btw, really hate Cordelia’s new hair.  Knew Cordelia was changing behind the counter.  You can never take the cheerleader out of Cordelia can you.  Jedawn looks like an idiot.  That was a fast staking.  Angel is badly overdoing it with this act.  Betcha Wolfram and Hart will get Wesley out of jail.  This is one lame group of baddies.  Gunn!  Pretending to be his cousin Lester!  Reserviour Dogs meet Angel.  To the net for plot points!  Onto the heist!  Kate on the job!  Unfortunately!  That is some fancy footwork Angel.  “And yuckiness ensued?”  Cordelia to Wesley.  Shroud drives you nuts.  That shroud looks creepy.  Is this yet another way to bring Angelus back?  And AI finds the duct taped door of course.  Kate!  Soon to be deceased I hope.  Broken glass not a good sign.  Angel and Gunn throwing down!  The security guard has a hitting fetish. And now it is cured.  He is ahead now.  Yes, I am bad.  Kate almost shoots Wesley.  Cordelia teeth bit?  Not funny.  Kate!  That’s gotta hurt  Wesley!  Angel feeding on Kate is shocking, and maybe this is how they get rid of her?  Now it is time for the crooks to all turn on each other for the loot.  Now Angel regains his sanity?  BBQ shroud!  Now back to the cops and Wesley.  Kate’s alive!  And looking like crap!  That flashback makes no sense, why would Kate trust Angel here?  This one has so many plot holes in it.  Cordelia still has the stolen necklace on her.  I can understand their concerns over Angel drinking human blood.


Kinda halfsies on this one.  It’s slightly fun, but also slightly stupid.  And it has Kate in it, without her really dying.  Stop teasing and just kill her!



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