Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.8 Shadow

Buffy season 5

Buffy and Dawn face the fear of their mothers mortality in Shadow.  A scary post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Joyce is at the hospital getting a CAT scan.  Buffy and Dawn are waiting at the hospital.  At the Magic Box, they look at the newspaper ad for the store.  Xander mentions Riley doing the Vampires in by himself.  Glory gets a spell from a minion to locate the Key, but she needs supplies, so she heads to the Magic Box.  Riley walks into Buffy’s house and sees someone has broken in.  It is Spike smelling Buffy’s clothes.  Spike and Riley argue about Buffy.  And Riley did not know Buffy’s mom was in the hospital.  Riley goes to see Buffy at the hospital.  Joyce has bad news about something in her CAT scan.  And she needs exploratory surgery.  The Scoobies keep researching Glory and think she might be older than the written word.  And they have no clue Glory is in the store and buying stuff.  Buffy finds out her mom has a brain tumour, and Dr Ben offers her comfort.  Riley and Dawn go to the park and talk about Buffy and Angel.  And Riley feels worse after the talk.  Buffy wants to use magic to cure her mom, which Willow thinks is swell but Giles and Tara thinks is bad.  Anya sees the receipts and realizes Glory was in the store.  Buffy goes off to get Glory because of evidence of the spell tells them where she is.  Glory is at the Sunnydale Zoo and magics a cobra into a giant smake.  And Buffy tries to stop it but fails.  The giant snake goes to find the Key.  Riley finds out that Buffy went after Glory by herself and is annoyed.  Riley takes off to the demon bar, gets drunk, allows himself to get bitten, then stakes the Vampire.  Giant snake attacks the Magic Box and heads after Dawn.  She screams and the giant snake leaves.  Buffy and Giles chase the giant snake because it knows Dawn is the Key.  Buffy catches the giant snake and beats it to death.  Joyce tells Dawn how bad it is.  Riley offers Buffy comfort, but she is not into it.  And this bothers Riley.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Dang, Joyce looks scared and we all know why.  No one likes hospitals or CAT scans or hospitals.  Dawn is scared and needs her older sister Buffy.  Love how Anya tidies the magic shop.  Love how Tara calls Giles Mr. Giles.  Anya has grown, no longer looking forward to the slaughter.  Is this demon lady hiding in the demon hotel?  And she loves shoes.  Terrifically smooth one?  That demon deserved a shoe to the head.  Spike being a bit of a perv, sniffing Buffy’s clothes.  Spike just grabbed Buffy’s underwear.  Spike loves to rattle people, doesn’t he?  Riley almost turned Spike into a Vampire kabob.  Tara makes a damn good point.  What if red dress lady is a really ancient evil, predating the written word.  SHE IS RIGHT THERE!!  That was mean Joss.  BRAIN TUMOUR?!?!  Holy crud, Joyce might die from something so real, so not magical.  And Buffy realizes her mother might die.  Love how the insurance company questions come before the other health questions.  Dr. Ben!  Still trying to figure him out.  Magic being used once again to solve non magic problems.  The Scoobies keep forgetting this over and over again.  Anya notices a clue!  And tells everyone in her usual tactful way.  Love how Willow and Tara know more about magic now than Giles.  BINGO!  Riley and Dawn look so natural as caring almost inlaws.  So fake memory Joyce is nicer than real Joyce was, re: the carousel.  Dawn realizes the truth.  I don’t know if Dawn’s comparison of Riley to Angel is really helping Riley here.  Will Anya get the hint?  Too late!  Awkward silence.  Bunny worshipers?  Xander, even I remember that Anya hates bunnies.  Hey, it’s the Sunnydale Zoo again!  Wonder how the hyena exhibit is doing?  That cobra looks so fake.  She’s right, dark incantations are always overwritten.  Buffy!  Buffy being beaten again!  Is that the Mayor reborn?  Or just another big ass transmorgified snake?  Snake guy is gonna find Dawn!  Xander gives Riley crap and he is right.  The once a season Xander is right?  Mayor snake mention!  Back to Riley drinking in a bar instead of talking to Buffy.  Is Riley gonna cheat?  What?  Riley is cheating AND letting a Vampire feed off of him?  Is he nuts?  While Buffy is at the hospital with Joyce?  Is he trying to become a Vampire to compete with Angel?  Riley staked her!  That was one very dangerous trap he pulled off!  Snake creature still looks fake.  And snake monster finds them!  Its found Dawn!  Snake chase!  Interesting name for ancient red dress lady, Glory.  Buffy versus giant snake versus bad special effects.  Had a feeling the snake was still alive.  Betcha Buffy punched it till it was snake mush.  Time to tell Dawn about Joyce.  Buffy, just let it out, that’s all Riley wants/needs for you.  He wants to feel needed.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tells Giles what Riley did, “Yep!  Captain America blew them up real good!”  Riley calls out Spike for his obsessions “Right.  What’s a little sweater sniffing between sworn enemies?”  Joyce tells Buffy what is ailing her “A shadow.  I’ve got a shadow.  Somewhere over there.”  Dawn tells Riley about Buffy and Angel “You know, my boyfriend is a Vampire.  Crazy crazy.”  Anya very quietly tells Buffy, “Giles sold it to her.”


Joyce was someone I really disliked and never cared for in the first three seasons.  And now Joss has me caring for her.  Dang you!  I know Joyce does die, but I hope hope hope it is not anytime soon.



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