Three Random Thoughts On Television 2014

With the fall season fully underway for awhile now, I have settled into my rooster of new shows. They are all Geek shows, which is an interesting trend this year, and two of that genre got cut real hard, real fast.


The Flash!

Fun and drama and excitement and geekery and action and Oh My Gosh moments just fill this show wall to wall.  All sorts of comic book goodness live and breathe on Flash, and they embrace it wholeheartedly, which makes my love of this show even more massive. No apologies or smushing it around to make it “correct” or “acceptable”, just plain old fun all ages comic bookyness. Plus, the characters are awesome as well, with Barry proving that DC’s ancient thought that he was boring proven completely wrong. And that is a Flash Fact!



And now for geekery that is really different. Even through fan reaction only seems slightly mixed, I am greatly enjoying this dark psychological take on the Batman mythos. Or as some people call it, the Penguin show. I find myself more drawn week after week to the criminal element, and all their infighty and backstabbing craziness, but I also kinda dig seeing young Bruce Wayne becoming more and more obsessive with control. He is convinced he can fix everything if he can simply fix his city. With the general outcome being Batman and a gallery of villains, we know how successful Bruce will be in this quest. But darn this will be quite a journey. As an added bonus, Dr. Andrea Letamendi, the @ArkhamAsylumDoc on twitter, does a breakdown of how the characters tick for every episode in weekly blog posts. Always fun and interesting to read after watching each time.


SHIELD and Constantine!!!

While I like SHIELD quite abit last season at first, it quickly degenerated into non sensical stupidity with lame crossovers to the Marvel Movies and Extended Universe. By the time the Captain America Winter Soldier tie in came up and Ward was revealed to be Hydra, I threw my hands in the air and gave up. The words tacked on was pasted all over SHIELD at this point forward. After two episodes this season, I gave up and ceased caring. And speaking of not caring, I firmly believe no one at DC did when they made that so called pilot for Constantine. My patience was severely tested even trying to get through that mess and I hope and prey cancellation kills this travesty really fast. Sigh, Constantine just sucked.


So with these shows, plus Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Sleepy Hollow, and Arrow, my viewing slate is pretty full. And that makes me a happy Scoop.



…is currently reading Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger




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