Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.9 Listening To Fear

Buffy season 5

Buffy has to save her ailing mother from a demon who feeds on the weakened in Listening To Fear.  Yet another scary ass post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Joyce is told her surgery is two days away.   The Scoobies carry on the slaying without Buffy.  Riley has another lady Vampire feed on him and this time he does not stake her.  Willow shows up at the hospital with gifts for all the Summers family.  Joyce gets a beer helmet.  Dawn a history of spells book.  Buffy a history book and yo-yo.  Joyce suffers from outbursts because of the tumour.  As Buffy and Dawn leave the hospital, a mentally disturbed person claims Dawn does not exist.  Willow and Tara hang out on a building roof and stargaze.  They see a meteorite come down into Sunnydale.  The man who said Dawn did not exist is walking near where the meteorite landed and is killed by a creature.  It then goes to the hospital.  Joyce wants to go home for the night and they let her.  The Scoobies see where the meteorite landed and realize it is hollow.  They look around and find the dead mental person.  The Scoobies are off to research and Riley stays back and calls in the former Initiative.  They track the monster.  The creature attacks another mental patient.  Joyce is still delirious and Dawn feels bad when Joyce calls her a thing.  The Scoobies find out the monster is a demon that kills crazy people and is called upon.  Joyce keeps babbling and Buffy and Dawn feel it.  The monster goes after Joyce.  Dawn hears the attack and defends Joyce.  Buffy hears Dawn’s screams and comes running.  Buffy chases the demon and finds Spike leaving her basement.  Buffy realizes Spike is stealing pictures of her.  The monster attacks and Buffy and Spike fight it.  Buffy kills it.  Riley shows up and Spike is annoying.  Ben is at the hospital and one of Glory’s minions bothers him.  Turns out Ben called in the demon to get rid of the mental patients.  Joyce is better enough to figure out that Dawn is not really her’s.  She tells Buffy that Dawn is still considered her daughter.  Buffy, Dawn, and the Scoobies watch Joyce being taken away for surgery.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Jello!  Riley leading the Scoobies on patrol should put us at ease, but lately?  Willow staked one!  Willow staked two!  Giles finds his glasses!  Riley never showed?  Is he letting that Vampire feed on him?  What is wrong with the idiot?  Beer hat?  Spell book for Dawn?  Buffy gets homework and a yoyo.  Joyce is loosing control, which is so very unnerving.  Crazy guy in hospital knows Dawn is not real.  Mental ward full!  Plot point!  Willow and Tara!  So cute on the roof.  I could not do astronomy at all.  Tara is so cute making up constellations for Willow.  Meteorite!  Mental guy killed by alien.  Even Dawn knows you are sending her away.  Joyce going home is not a good idea.  Second episode in a row Xander, of all people, has to give Riley a talking to.  The Scoobies find the meteorite before the government does?  Is it Martians?!?!?  First time they have done aliens on Buffy.  Death by choking on alien tar.  That reeks.  Riley makes excuses to stay behind.  Riley almost says Agent Finn.  And he calls the government.  Joyce is home, cue bad stuff.  Graham from As The World Turns is here with the army!  Wait, the body was that close to the meteorite, in plain view, and no one saw it at first?  Looks like roof crawling thing followed Dawn home.  Joyce is getting bad.  And the brain tumour makes Joyce recognize what Dawn really is.  It’s bad enough to have teenage angst about being real, but for Dawn it is even worse.  Demon comes to Earth by space?  An excuse to keep the sci-fi out of Buffy?  Meteors bring demon who preys on mental patients.  Making mention that Riley found out Buffy news from someone else again.  Willow has no cell phone?  Joyce’s ramblings is really affecting everybody.  Keep the music off Buffy.  And now it all comes out for Buffy.  Of course the demon is above her.  Dawn to the rescue!  Damn, Dawn learned well from Buffy!  Fight!  Spike!  Of course he heard a noise, that stalking Vampire, stealing pictures of Buffy.  Spike is really becoming obsessive, which is not good.  Demon attack!  Spike offers a helping hand.  And Riley bursts in just in time to see Spike.  Dr. Ben!  Knew he was up to something!  He knows Glory!  That was a twist!  He summoned the Quellor to take care of Glories victims!  Joyce figures out about Dawn.  Buffy told Joyce the truth?  I thought for sure Buffy would lie.  But she does belong to Joyce and Buffy.  Joyce does not know the details, or cares, she just wants Dawn to be safe.  This is the most human they have ever made Joyce.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy gently ribs Joyce about Dawn with, “You’re the one who insisted on teaching her to talk.”  Willow tells how she feels to Buffy, Dawn, and Joyce, “Oh my, I feel just like Santa Claus. Except thinner, and younger, and female, and well, Jewish.”  Willow makes a plea to her fellow Scoobies, “I don’t want to be the one who finds the bodies anymore.”  Giles informs Xander, “Because it is a killer not monster from outer space.”  Then Giles informs Xander, “I did not say that.”  Joyce has a heart to heart with Buffy, “Oh, my sweet brave Buffy.  What would I do without you?”


Mental illness is shown in all it’s ugliness, just like the Dementors in Harry Potter.  And man is it scary.  Also, Joyce is so much better as a character since Dawn arrived, or was inserted, or however you phrase it.  I just like Joyce better now.



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