Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.9 The Trial, and Angel 2.10 Reunion

Angel Season 2

Angel has to try and save Darla in The Trial, and then bumps into another old colleague in Reunion.  All part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


The Trial…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel really wants to find Darla and does.  But Lindsay has found her first and brings her back to Wolfram and Hart.  Darla finds out that the VD that was killing her centuries ago is back and killing her again.  Flashback to France 1765.  Angelus and Darla are chased by Vampire hunter Holz.  They are almost caught, but Darla sacrifices Angelus and gets away.  Today.  Darla goes to a crap bar and tries to get an idiot Vampire to sire her.  Angel shows up and stakes the Vampire.  Darla tells Angel she is dying.  Angel takes Darla to Lorne who tells them where to get help.  They jump in a pool and go to another dimension in a stone room with an English butler.  Angel will go through the three trials, all to save Darla.  First Angel fights a demon who can regenerate, and he wins.  Second Angel is stuck in a hallway with a floor covered in crosses and he is barefoot.  The key to the door is in holy water.  He gets the key.  Third Angel is chained up and threatened with tons of stakes.  He has to sacrifice himself to save Darla.  Angel says he will die for Darla.  And Angel is not killed, the final test was this and he passed.  The butler goes to save Darla, but realizes he can’t because she has already been brought back to life once.  Angel is mad.  Angel and Darla go back to her motel room and they are depressed.  Angel thinks of siring Darla, but she says no.  Suddenly commandos burst in incapacitate Angel.  Lindsay brings Drusilla in and she sires Darla.


My Thoughts!!

Cordelia and Wesley worrying about Angel worrying about Darla.  They didn’t know an old dryer was in the basement?  Gunn!  Found Darla!  But Lindsay finds Darla first!  Wolfram and Hart!  Lindsay’s got a haircut.  Did they hire on a new hairdresser?  Overt mention of God, one of the few times in Buffyverse.  Scandalous pics of Darla!  Gasp!  France 1765.  Angelus and Darla on the run from villagers.  Darla loves her cleavage doesn’t she?  Flaming spear!  Today.  Vampire pickup dive with Darla.  She really really really wants to be a Vampire again.  And willing to pretty much prostitute herself out for it.  This Vampire is so stupid, he should be in Harmony’s gang.  The blood drinking to sex analogy is being really smashed into us here.  Darla finally gives us an explanation of how to sire.  Poor guy, staked by Angel.  More sex analogies.  Betcha those medical files are lies.  1765.  A burning barn and Darla betrays him.  I think they are really over complicating this relationship too much.  Today. Darla’s back at the Hotel.  I find the humour in this one kinda lame.  Lindsay invites Angel in because he needs drunken confirmation of the plot.  Darla is dying of centuries old VD.  Lindsay is in love with Darla, which of course makes no sense.  Darla sings at the demon karaoke bar.  She’s good.  They really like using this concept, don’t they?  And now explaining a plot hole from last episode with Ramon the bartender.  This quest feels fake.  Hey Angel, go jump in the pool!  And of course a dimension gateway with a proper English butler on the other side.  Made whole?  I hate wordings like that.  Angel’s chest, for the ladies.  Child’s play, it’s gonna be the wording.  A simple demon?  Angel can fight this guy!  Took him long enough.  This silly, a demon who puts himself back together.  A floor full of crosses?  Let me guess, the key is in the holy water.  Chained up!  A wall of stakes.  This is stupid.  The butler would have told Angel this beforehand.  Or is the test will Angel sacrifice himself?  Time for the mindgames.  Angel forgets he is supposed to live so that he can save Buffy in the coming end of days, his whole point in turning back time.  And why so many stakes?  You only need a few.  Oh look, it was all a test.  Angel lives.  And Darla is cured!!!!  And no she is not because she was already brought back to life.  This is stupid, or another test, or stupid.  So Darla has consigned herself to die of VD.  Lindsay’s commandos with tasers!  Drusilla!  She is going to sire Darla!  Done!  So the Vampire feeds the human almost to death, than has the human feed on the Vampire’s blood.  It was always mentioned, but now we see it.


Okay, this one bored bored bored me.  Then the ending with Drusilla gave it one hell of a snap.  That was unexpected and cool and really changes the game up.

Angel logoReunion….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel informs AI Drusilla is back and with Wolfram and Hart and that Darla is a Vampire again.  Angel finds the sleeping Darla and tries to stake her, but Drusilla stops him.  They fight and Darla wakes up and more fighting happens.  Darla gets away and Drusilla takes off.  Wolfram and Hart is party planning and Lindsay and Holland are visited by Drusilla.  Darla shows up and takes Drusilla away.  Angel heads to Wolfram and Hart, but Cordelia has a vision and they change course.  Darla and Drusilla argue and Darla feeds, bringing back her nasty personality.  Angel does what he has to for Cordelia’s vision, then heads to Wolfram and Hart.  Darla and Drusilla go shopping and a killing spree.  Angel gets into Wolfram and Hart and asks questions.  Lindsay says no, and Angel is arrested by Kate.  But she lets him go, all to stop Darla and Drusilla.  Darla and Drusilla show up at Holland’s house for his party.  And they are ready to feed.  Angel finds a someone alive at the clothing store and tells him where the Vampires went.  Angel gets to Holland’s house and decides to not save the Wolfram and Hart lawyers.  Darla and Drusilla feed.  Angel tells AI what he did and they are mad.  Angel replies that they are all fired.


My Thoughts!!

Thank goodness Gunn found Angel.  He’s planning on staking Darla.  Time for a plot update!  And of course Lindsay’s apartment is empty.  This is one helpful real estate agent.  Now there’s a Vampire birth ceremony?  Wolfram and Hart!  Lindsay, get a life.  Love how Gunn figures it out again, this time how to find Drusilla.  He’s not gonna stake her.  Shovel to the head!  Darla reborn!  Angel versus Darla and Drusilla!  It’s a stake-a-thon.  It’s weird how Drusilla calls Darla grandmother.  Half of Angel’s plans involve storming Wolfram and Hart.  Holland looks worried that Drusilla is present.  Darla shows up!  And Drusilla and Darla bolt!  This is one screwed up law firm.  Cordelia has vision!  They haven’t used this plot device in awhile.  Darla beating up Drusilla!  This guy is about to die.  Yep, Darla is back!  Idiot about to kill himself for some dumb demon.  Knew Angel was gonna do that.  Hat shopping?  Interrupted by a phone call for a massacre.  Angel makes the window entrance, nice and direct.  Angel meets Holland.  This should be interesting.  That is a lot of security guards with stakes.  Stare down!  How many times has Angel been arrested?  Kate!  Time for her to be useless as usual.  Oh, wait, she’s back to season one Kate.  And she let’s Angel go.  This looks like a very boring cocktail party.  I take it from Holland’s face he did not expect Darla and Drusilla to show up.  Holland’s wife is now dead.  That cop just gave Angel a dirty look.  And that cop knows something is weird.  Is Wolfram and Hart gonna be wiped out now?  Angel finds someone the cops didn’t?  Oh yeah, Angel has to find out where Darla and Drusilla are.  Drusilla makes fear sound so sexy.  Lindsay is still a horndog for Darla.  Oh look, the wife is not dead so she can invite Angel in.  Why doesn’t Angel just leave for five minutes, than come back for the Vampires?  Holland looks really scared.  Wolfram and Hart begging for help.  And Angel closes the doors.  Good.  And he locks the door.  And walks away.  Holland goes bye bye.  AI can’t believe he did it.  Cordelia is pissed.  And they tell Angel he needs help, going to the dark side.  So Angel fires them all.  Did not see that coming.  Would Angel go see Faith for a bit of a gut check here?


It seems like the writers want to set-up all these shock endings, but have to kinda twist story and plot around in order to achieve it.  While I don’t disagree with what Angel did, it just seems out of nowhere.



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