Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.10 Into The Woods

Buffy season 5

Buffy says goodbye to a troubled companion in the episode called Into The Woods.  A tear filled post SPOILER of My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies find out that Joyce is okay after surgery.   Dawn is sent to Xander and Anya’s place so that Buffy and Riley can have private sex time.  After Buffy and Riley finish, Riley leaves in the night and Spike secretly follows.  Buffy is awakened by Spike who takes her to see Riley.  Riley is in what looks like a crack house, but with Vampires who feed on willing humans.  Buffy catches him being fed upon and is stunned.  The Initiative remnants offer Riley a position with them, hunting demons.  Buffy brings the Scoobies to the Vampire crack house and it has been cleared out, which causes a Slayer tantrum.  Riley confronts Spike, knowing he led Buffy to him.  He even stakes him with a plastic stake.  They argue.  Then they talk about Buffy.  Riley goes to talk to Buffy, who is still mad.  He tells Buffy why he let the Vampires bite him, and how the Vampires need him, but not Buffy.  Buffy says she has been open with him, but Riley begs to differ.  He tells Buffy of the military offer and how he plans to leave unless she shows up at the departure point.  Buffy leaves and is attacked by Vampires.  Pissed off, she stakes them very very quickly.  The last one being the one who fed off Riley, who Buffy almost lets go.  Xander watches all this and confronts Buffy.  He tells Buffy off for treating Riley like the rebound and not letting him in.  Buffy says Xander does the same thing with Anya.  Buffy goes to tell Riley her feelings and runs and runs.  But she is too late and Riley has left.  He never sees Buffy show up.  Xander tells Anya how much he loves her.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Waiting for the operation to be complete.  And all the tension it ensues.  I wonder if this tumour is the result of the stress of getting her memories reset?  Everyone hug!  Love how Buffy hugs the Doctor and almost snaps him.  Dawn eating with Xander and Anya with no mention of her crush in awhile.  Anya always wins at the boardgame Life.  A chimp playing hockey movie!  So in episode two Dawn thought that Buffy and Riley were having sex, now she is sure of it.  Awww, Buffy and Riley together.  And Riley is finally acting normal.  Okay, back to whiny Riley.  This is a pretty intense sex scene.  Spike!  Really being a stalker.  And Riley is being an idiot and going to feed some Vampires, all with Spike following.  Joyce is still so weird with how supportive she is.  Nice catch Buffy with the sex talk.  So these leftover Initiate guys are still doing stuff in Sunnydale.  Spike in Buffy’s bedroom!  Is Spike revealing Riley for Buffy’s sake or his own selfish ends?  Buffy finds Riley feeding a Vampire!  Yep, Spike did this for himself.  They sure try to make this place look like a crack den.  And Buffy hates Spike now, because she knows he did this for himself.  Riley knew the government guys were there of course.  And looks like government is leaving Sunnydale to Buffy to protect.  So Riley just needs to feel wanted?  You need more holidays on that sign Giles.  Chicken feet!  Why is Anya so cranky?  Buffy looks pissed.  So Riley is letting himself be fed upon for the danger rush.  Ripper mention!  Giles brings up an interesting point, these people want to be bitten.  That Riley mention just hits something.  The Vampires cleared out.  And Buffy just set fire to the place.  I noticed she hasn’t told Willow or Giles about Riley.  Spike!  Riley!  Did Riley just stake Spike?  But with a plastic stake.  Time for Spike’s mind games.  Buffy likes the dangerous man?  And now they just talk.  If they do a Buffy/Spike relationship, I shall scream.  Riley still feels insecure around and about Buffy.  Xander is kinda pushing Anya here, maybe his recent self esteem double made him realize he wants more than just sex in a relationship?  They made you feel bloodloss you idiot.  Love how Buffy treats this like Riley cheating with hookers.  Last season, Riley was fine with Buffy being stronger than him, now it’s a problem?  They really are tanking Riley’s character here.  Were the writers that bored with a caring nice guy?  This is stupid.  And dumb.  One very pissed Slayer versus a whole whack of Vampires.  And she stakes them all in record time.  And she let the junkie one who was with Riley get away.  Or not.  Xander!  Taking this responsibility thing to heart.  This was probably the errand he was telling Anya about.  I like the new Xander.  And he could tell they were having problems for awhile?  And he never said anything?  Xander calls Buffy out for keeping Riley at a distance.  Because she was hurt by Angel.  And Xander gets through to Buffy.  Run Buffy Run!  We are about to never see Riley again aren’t we?  TOO LATE!!!  Riley can’t hear Buffy!!  NOOOOOO!!!!!  Damn you Joss!!!!!  Xander loves Anya!  Awwww!  Dang, Xander 2.0 is Awesome!  Only half of this breakup I can believe.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Dawn tells Xander and Anya about what she knows “I’m only sleeping over here so Buffy and Riley can boink.”  Anya gives her assessment of Giles to the Scoobies, “If it wasn’t for me, Giles would be a terrified old man, staring at a quarterly tax statement and wetting himself.”  Riley gives Spike a heads up on his mood, “You may have notice Spike, I left reasonable about three exits back.”  And Spike gives Riley a heads up back with, “The girl needs some monster in her man.  And that’s not in your nature.”  Riley says to Buffy something usually girls say to guys, “We need to talk.”


RILEY!  RILEEEEEEY!!!!!  He is coming back, right?  They can fix this, can’t they?  Next episode, Riley will come back and he and Buffy will be together forever and forever.  Just like Willow and Tara.

Otherwise, I hate you Joss



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