Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.11 Triangle

Buffy season 5

Buffy gets involved with the tangled mess of one of the Scoobies old love lives, and deal with the wreckage of hers, in Triangle.  A troll filled post SPOILER of My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Xander and Anya discuss Buffy’s man trouble and how Buffy might be the issue.  Buffy stops a Vampire at a convent and asks a nun about joining.  Giles tells Buffy he plans to ask the Watchers Council what they know of Glory.  He plans to let Willow and Anya run the store, even through they always argue.  Buffy and Dawn talk about Riley and his leaving.  Spike practices talking to Buffy with a mannequin, but ends with arguing with it.  Willow and Anya argue some more because Willow borrows items for spells.  They fight so much that Xander and Tara leave the store.  Willow does a spell and Anya starts talking again, making the spell call forth a large troll.  It goes on a rampage, smashing the store, then starts on Sunnydale, with the use of a giant hammer.  Buffy and Tara are at University and having academic talk, then discussing their friend’s relationships.  Buffy does not want to hear of any relationship problems.  Willow looks through her spell book trying to find a way to get rid of the troll, all while Anya drives, something she has never done before.  The troll smashes his way to the Bronze.  Spike and Xander dump into each other at the Bronze and Xander is all pissy with him.  But they decide to talk and play pool.  Buffy and Tara see the Magic Shop trashed.  Troll arrives at the Bronze and causes havoc.  Xander and Spike almost fight it.  Buffy and the Scoobies arrive to take on the troll.  The troll is Olaf and he once dated Anya and she made him into a troll because he cheated.  That act helped make Anya a vengeance demon.  Buffy and Spike fight Olaf but not very well.  Olaf smashes with his hammer the Bronze’s balcony, causing lots of damages and injuries.  Buffy accuses Spike of snacking on the victims, which is not true.  Willow and Anya go to the Magic Shop to find a spell to get rid of Olaf.  Willow and Anya finally talk of their issues.  They each think the other will hurt Xander.  They guarantee that will not happen.  Olaf barges in and Xander arrives to help.  Olaf beats up Xander very badly then tells him to pick between Willow or Anya of who will live.  Xander will not choose.  Buffy shows up and fights Olaf and Willow tries to find a spell.  Olaf declares that Xander and Anya will never last, which pisses Buffy off and makes her Hulk smash Olaf.  Willow does the spell and sends Olaf to another dimension, but they don’t know which one.  At Buffy’s place, Giles does not like the store being damaged.  Joyce talks of Glory and the Key from the Watchers.  Dawn overhears and knows something is up.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Xander and Anya!  In bed talking about Riley and pocket wrenches.  Buffy joined a convent?  Nope!  Just Vampire hunting!  And the nun Sister Abigail saw!  Yes, Buffy, ask the nun about her lack of sex life.  Riley is out of the credits!  Even I can tell Buffy is being sloppy with this workout.  Giles must be desperate if he is going to The Watchers for info on Glory.  Riley mention!  Time for the tears.  Buffy is more put together than I thought she would be.  Giles is going to England!  Let Anya run the store!  Anya has finesse!  Sometimes, maybe.  Xander in the middle!  Dawn is trying very sweetly to be supportive of Buffy and the breakup.  Buffy is certainly less hurt than when she got dumped by Angel.  Spike!  Spike with a box of chocolates!  Okay, practicing with a mannequin.  Okay, arguing. Willow, Tara, and Anya at the Magic Box smells like trouble to me.  Amy The Rat mention!  When the store opened, it was busier then heck, now it is all deserted.  Simulated sunlight?  Willow is really getting good at magic, and a bit cocky.  Did she just vaporize the cash register?  And Xander does the wise thing and leaves.  Run Tara Run!  So once Giles, adult supervision, goes away, Willow and Anya act like bratty kids?  Uh Willow, your spell is going out of control.  And now we have a berserk Viking demon on the loose.  Buffy and Tara at University!  Rarely shown these days.  Now Buffy is worried about Xander and Anya.  Tara looks so uncomfortable when Buffy hugged her.  Willow and Anya following the demon!  When did Anya learn to drive?  Okay, she doesn’t know how to drive.  I hate when I loose spell pages like that.  Xander and Spike!  At the Bronze!  Very subtle Spike, asking if Buffy is holding grudges.  Spike sure loves to talk and play pool.  Spike looks really scared of this demon.  Wait, sorry it’s not a demon, but a troll.  Willow and Anya show up!  Buffy and Tara show up!  Not the time, Spike.  What?  Anya dated the troll?  He was Anya’s first vengeance!  This troll sounds very familiar.  Buffy and Spike versus troll!  Okay, the Bronze has been damaged before, but this is nasty, almost Man of Steel level.  Lots of casualties and Spike trying to impress Buffy by helping and not sampling.  Not quite working.  Anya has learned the rules of social engagement, she just doesn’t care.  Willow is afraid Anya will hurt Xander?  And Anya is afraid Xander will cheat with Willow.  First time Willow has even identified herself as gay.  Wonder how much the network freaked.  Troll!  That’s gotta hurt!  Good punch Xander!  How much is Xander in now?  Knew the troll would make Xander pick who would die.  Ouch!  Xander’s wrist!  Now Anya tells Buffy about the hammer?  Hammer’s gone!  That’s right, piss Buffy off by saying her friends will break up.  Buffy beating the snot out of a troll is entertaining.  World with scrimp?  Magic Box has really been trashed hasn’t it?  Now Buffy has her breakdown.  Giles and Joyce!  Always want to say bow-chica-wa-wa when I see them together.  Even having tea.  Giles is not telling them something.  And of course Dawn overhears because they are stupid.  Dawn now knows something is… different and dangerous about her.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander describes to Anya Buffy’s love life, “Yeah, relationship debris is kinda piling up on the Buffy highway.”  Willow gives a pep talk to Anya with, “You could be floating pencils by the end of the day!”  Willow explains herself to Anya with, “Hello, gay now.”  Buffy gives the troll a heads up about Xander and Anya, “Their Love!  Will Last!  Forever!”  Willow tells Buffy how aiming for other dimensions is like, “Trying to send him to a specific place is like… trying to hit a puppy by throwing a live bee at it.  Which is a weird image and you should all just forget it.”


Kinda a lighter episode, after all the emotional havoc and chaos Joss smashed us with lately.   Also, an interesting look at Anya and her past.



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