Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.11 Redefinition, and Angel 2.12 Blood Money

Angel Season 2 Angel seeks to end the threat of Darla and Drusilla forever in Redefinition, and disrupts Wolfram and Hart in Blood Money.  All part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI without Angel are moping down the street wondering what to do now.  They leave Angel to be and head home.  Angel trains and trains to make himself a warrior.  Holland’s house has dead people covering the floor, except for Lindsay and Lila, who survived.  Virginia can’t believe Angel fired AI.  Wolfram and Hart wonder if Lindsay and Lila were in on the massacre.  Darla and Drusilla meet the lawyers in their offices and say that they lived because they were useful.  AI without Angel head to the karaoke bar and sing, all to find their fates.  Angel torments a demon, Merl, for info on Darla and Drusilla, who are heading to a demon fight club.  All to create a gang.  Angel is at the fight club and learns what they are up to.  Drusilla can tell he is near.  Lila chats up Lindsay about the firm, who figures out she is secretly wired.  AI without Angel get drunk and sing some more, and Cordelia gets a Vision.  They head out to save a lady from a demon.  Darla and Drusilla go to get their gang and enters a building.  But Angel has already arrived and slaughtered all the demons.  AI without Angel fight the demon and save the girl.  Angel sets Darla and Drusilla on fire.  They put themselves out with water from a fire hydrant.  Lindsay and Lila are made co-owners of the same job, Executive Vice-President of Special Projects, until one can show they are worthy.  Wesley tells Angel they plan to keep fighting evil without him.  Angel doesn’t care.


My Thoughts!!

AI is actually leaving?  No one is arguing with him?  Gunn seems remarkably blaise.  Awww, they all went their separate ways.  Angel burning stuff?  Angel training montage.  Lots of dead lawyers.  Its a start.  So Lindsay is a Vampire now?  And so is Lila?  What a copout.  So Wesley lives with Virginia?  And she still has a trust fund of course.  This Angel monologue is annoying.  And so is this swordplay.  Wolfram and Hart!  Lindsay and Lila are suspect because they survived.  Wouldn’t they bring in the mindreaders?  Darla and Drusilla.  How did they get past the Vampire detecting monks?  This is actually boring.  Darla just babbles and wants Lindsay’s help.  Why not keep Holland alive and tell him you will only work with Lindsay?  Or just have Drusilla hypnotize Holland.  Angel angry and hunting Vampires.  He leaves the sword?  Back to the karaoke demon bar!  Wesley!  Cat Stevens?  Wesley never struck me as a Cat Stevens fan.  Cordelia.  Time to reminiscence about life.  Gunn!  AI is all pity party now.  Angel, torturing demons.  This is an annoying demon with the voice of a 12 year old boy.  Demon fight club!  They fight until someone submits?  What a bunch of wussies.  And Darla and Drusilla show up.  She gave that demon an earful.  Drusilla is not talking/babbling a lot in this one.  Now Drusilla yabbers because she senses Angel nearby?  He was their before them.  Of course she pulls the address out of her cleavage.  Lila is getting a conscious?  No, just jumpy.  She is gonna set you up Lindsay.  Thought he was gonna cop a feel, but instead yanks out the obvious hidden microphone.  AI ex-employees just jabbing away and getting drunk and arguing and how long is this scene.  Retard reference again?  Well, at least they are singing We Are The Champions now.  Badly.  Drunk acting.  Okay, that was funny, how he knew that Cordelia was about to have a vision.  Wesley finally remembers he has a backbone.  Darla really is homicidal.  So drunken AI is supposed to fight a demon?  Stake to the head does it.  Drusilla knows something is up.  Sometimes Angel fights demons and has a big tough fight, other times he takes them out quickly.  Well, that was a good trap.  Burned up Darla and Drusilla.  Damn, they survived.  Great, now Darla is implying Angel has another personality.  Another creepy lawyer at Wolfram and Hart.  So they are working together all because they might kill each other or something.  Wesley is back to give Angel a lecture.  So AI will continue on without the A.


While Angel getting nasty does not bother me, him pushing AI away is stupid and makes no sense.  But I am kinda getting used to that with this show.


Angel logo Blood Money….

What Angel Investigations Did!

The New AI meets at Cordelia’s place and annoy Cordelia.  Then she gets a Vision.  Angel meets a woman on the street, Anne, and she runs a teen center.  Angel pickpockets her wallet, all because she knows Lindsay.  New AI fight a really tall demon.  Angel asks Merl for info on Anne and what her Wolfram and Hart connection is.  They are doing a charity dinner for Anne’s shelter, which she thinks is great.  A demon named Boone squeezes Merl for info on Angel.  Angel talks to Lila and says he knows their are no rules.  Lila tells Lindsay this and Boone shows up, wanting revenge on Angel.  Angel sees Anne and tells her Wolfram and Hart are evil and are going to steal the charity dinner as well.  Lindsay shows up and has Boone attack Angel, all while talking to Anne.  Lindsay and Lila argue in public and loudly talk of stealing the charity money, then worry Angel might have heard.  Anne tells Angel she does not care where the money comes from.  Angel tells Anne to play a tape at the charity event.  The charity ball is very ritzy and Boone protects it.  Angel shows up and fights Boone and Angel is caught.  But it was all a diversion so Anne could play Angel’s tape.  Boone was working with Angel.  Anne plays the tape, making Lindsay and Lila look like idiots.  But the tape is simply AI employees goofing around.  Lindsay wants Angel dead, but Wolfram and Hart say no.  Angel and Boone meet up and continue their fun fight.  Angel wins and give the charity money Boone stole to Anne.  And he puts blood on the money.


My Thoughts!!

You know Wesley and Gunn are not about to fight, but playing a board game.  They are staying at Cordelia’s place.  Wonder if they will do a Cordelia/Gunn romance since they are close in age.  So they don’t live there, just run the remnants of AI.  Dangerous is our business!  Vision time!  And they don’t notice?  Angel bumps into some young lady who tells him the plot.  She finds him attractive.  He stole her wallet?  Stalking someone close to Lindsay.  Here’s a thought, just kill Lindsay.  Meanwhile, in the sewers.  That is a big dragon.  That they don’t have the budget to show.  Oh great, whiny voiced demon again.  Imac in background.  What’s wrong with beanbag chairs.  Her name is Anne.  Haha, Angel is donating woman’s clothing.  Wolfram and Hart mention!  Sounds like a dumb way for then to get what they want to steal.  Wonder if their will be a lot of cameos at the charity event?  Merle the whiny demon is gonna die soon.  Another demon now gunning for Wolfram and Hart?  Lila!  This intense scene is kinda boring.  Gasp!  Angel is different now!  Boon the demon and Lindsay and Lila are all working together now!  Boon has honour.  Lindsay wants Angel dead.  So Wesley and Gunn defeated the two headed dragon offscreen.  The Wyndam Price Agency?  Could this storyline end soon?  What’s to stop Wolfram and Hart from simply walking into Angel’s hotel and seeing all these pictures?  Merle, slapped around again.  Wait, is this Anne the homeless girl from the Buffy episode Anne?  Angel tells Anne he’s a stalker and creepy and stalker and she still doesn’t call the cops.  And Anne never noticed her wallet missing.  Lindsay to save the day.  Boon!  Fight!  Anne doesn’t flinch when she sees a demon.  I thought Angel had honed himself lately into a fighting machine.  How much would a multi million dollar law firm make from stealing from this charity.  Two million?  For Wolfram and Hart, that is lunch money.  Lindsay does have a sporadic death wish, or is badly written.  If Anne says Buffy’s name now, that would be awesome and cool.  Time for the moral of the story.  So Angel did tape Lindsay and Lila.  Highway Robbery Ball is such a cheesy name.  Holland!  Via videotape.  If that was Vincent the dog, I would cheer.  That homeless teen looks so obviously like an extra.  Nathan Reid is one of the bigwigs of Wolfram and Hart.  So after the mass murder just like a week ago, they went ahead with this charity event.  Life Lessons, sounds like a Fox show.  Yes, gay equals ratings.  This sounds like some Joss commentary here to his critics.  So Angel got past the Vampire detector?  Boon!  Angel didn’t bring any weapons?  Lindsay would never frisk Angel in front of everyone.  Boon was working with Angel?  Anne has the tape?  Lila runs like a crazy person when she could just order them to cut the power.  A tape of Cordelia and Wesley’s feet arguing.  And Cordelia’s audition tape?  What’s the point of this?  And this Wesley stuff is stupid and why would Angel publicly humiliate his friends like this?  Anne looks mad.  Lindsay and Lila look like idiots.  That was a good slap.  Again, two million is nothing to these evil lawyers.  That’s right Lila, distance yourself from Lindsay.  Umm, Angel is a good guy in the End Times, as established by The Powers That Be.  So Boon really does just want to fight Angel just to see who is better.  Angel wins and looks like crap and gives the money to Anne.  And he put blood on the money.  And Anne does not care.  I thought Buffy taught her better than that.


This charity event stuff was silly and stupid and silly.  What was the point?  And Anne is a nice callback, but completely out of character.  She WOULD care where the money came from!



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