Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.12 Checkpoint

Buffy season 5

Buffy faces the Watchers Council and their glares of disapproval in Checkpoint.  Another Key post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies talk at Buffy’s house because The Watcher’s Council is coming to Sunnydale.  Buffy is not happy with them coming.  Glory is in pain and her minions feed her an innocent man.  The Watchers arrive at the Magic Box and Quentin ordered the store closed.  Giles argues with Quentin and finds out they plan an interrogation, then reveal what they know of Glory.  Buffy goes to school and gets into an argument with a condescending professor.  Buffy babbles to Vampire during the fight, and Spike shows up to help.  They then argue.  A minion of Glory tells Ben to help get data on Buffy.  Ben beats up the minion.  Quentin tells Giles he will be deported if the Scoobies fail the review.  The Council interviews the Scoobies and they try to make Buffy look good.  Buffy is blindfolded and tested on her fighting skills.  She fails.  Buffy goes home and sees Glory their.  Glory threatens to kill her friends.  Glory sees Dawn but does not figure out she is the Key.  Buffy places Joyce and Dawn with Spike for protection.  And that is awkward at first.  Buffy heads to the Magic Box and is attacked by lots of Knights.  She defeats them and finds out they are called the Knights of Byzantium and they are also after the Key.  Buffy gets to the store where the Watchers Council are about to give their verdict on her abilities.  But Buffy is in no mood for their attitude.  She calls the review off and tells the Watchers to get stuffed.  Without a Slayer they are nothing, so they want her back under their control.  She also tell them the Scoobies are useful, more than they are.  Buffy demands Giles be reinstated as a Watcher, with back pay, and then they will work together against Glory.  Quentin not very happily agrees and tells Buffy that Glory is not a demon, but is a God.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

All the Scoobies are at Buffy’s place.  The Watchers Council is coming to Buffy?  Never do a British accent again Xander.  Love how Anya is worried about the demon killing.  Remember when the Watchers were the good guys we cheered for?  Dawn listening in because she is sneaky.  Love how they show Xander’s broken wrist.  Glory looks bad, and that was a gross way for the mail carrier to die.  Zombie Mail Carrier!  Mousey The Vampire Slayer?  The Watchers look like a big bunch of douches.  Quentin, die.  This man is dripping with disdain.  The Watchers are closing the Magic Box?  Giles should just tell them to bleep off.  They have no authority to review Giles, these officious asses.  Quentin, I hate you as much as I hated Snyder.  Stay awake Buffy!  Russian history, aka Poison 101.  This Professor is a jerk.  And Buffy is right.  Hope this Professor dies soon.  I almost feel sorry for this Vampire Buffy is beating up.  Almost.  Spike!  Spike, you will not win the girl by being vulgar.  Dr Ben!  Now he knows Buffy is the Slayer.  Quentin, Buffy might kick your ass.  Hope she does.  I think Quentin is lying, he has no information.  Giles finally found his backbone.  The disdain Quentin obviously has for Buffy is evident.  Dealing with grownups?  Glory really has to switch to decaf.  The Watchers just want Buffy back under their control, I bet.  Giles is right, Buffy is doing the best she can here.  Interviewing Anya would be interesting.  Willow looks almost as nervous as Anya.  They admitted to being girlfriends.  Yes, Xander is the Zeppo, time to bring this dumb idea up again.  The Scoobies are really bad at this, and intimidated by The Watchers.  Magically Proficiency Level?  This guy makes Hermione sound normal.  Registered Witches?  Betcha it’s not important since Giles never mentioned it.  But you can tell Tara thinks they are in trouble because she started stuttering.  The Watcher in the kitchen is oh so trying to be intimidating.  Spike?  Love they interview him fully armed.  They can’t tell he’s lying?  That guy with the crossbow looks so serious.  The Watcher lady thinks Spike is a cute rapscallion!  This is such a stupid test.  Japanese instructions?  It this was standard Watcher training, why didn’t Wesley do it?  Ooops!  She killed the dummy!  And almost the other Watcher!  Quentin, you are a useless bureaucrat.  Glory at Buffy’s place!  Would Glory recognize Dawn as the Key if she saw her?  Nope, Glory can’t see past Dawn.  Joyce!  And Joyce and Dawn.  This should be a sitcom.  What is with Passions?  That was a terrible soap.  Dawn looks even more terrified at this.  Knights with lances?  What the?  This part of the test?  Just start snapping necks Buffy.  Knights of Byzantium?  This guy sounds nuts and they want the Key as well.  Okay, everyone wants the Key but Wolfram and Hart it seems.  Buffy finally lays down the law to the Watchers.  Buffy realizes everyone wants the Key and she has it.  Called it, The Watchers want Buffy back under their control.  Good sword throw Buffy!  Yay Buffy!  You tell these Watchers who is really in charge!  Two powerful witches.  Quentin the asshat knows Buffy has called his bluff.  Glory is a God?  Buffy is right, oh.   And Buffy and Giles are back with The Watchers!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Spike tells Buffy are with “You were about to be regrouped into separate piles.”  Anya tries to cover up with the investigators with, “Go deadness for the demons.”  Spike taunts Buffy oh so wonderfully with, “Oh, it’s the Slayer.  For a second there, I was worried.”  Buffy tells Quentin about her dealings with Glory, “We had, what in her warped brain, probably passed for a civilized conversation.”  Buffy finally tells one of the Watcher flunkies off with, “I am fairly certain I said no interruptions.”  Anya expresses mock surprise to everyone with, “Willow’s a demon?”  Buffy tells off Watcher idiot number two, and defends Xander, with, “The boy has clocked more field time than all of you combined.  He’s part of the unit.”


Loved Buffy getting her stakes out and telling the Watchers to go suck a Hellmouth.  These jerks a have become almost villains onto themselves in this series.  But I have to wonder, is the idioticness of the Watchers Joss commentary on the network executives?  Betcha it is.



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