Three Random Thoughts On Inspire Book Fair 2014

1 Inspire sign

The Inspire Toronto International Book Fair held it’s inaugural event just last weekend and it was a blast for all the bookies involved! I went on the Saturday, November 14th, 2014 and drove nuts everyone I met/talked to/pestered.


16 Distant Early Warning and ScoopThe Books!

After wandering the whole place, back and forth twice, I settled into make my selections. My plans were always to get this book at Inspire, and I succeeded. So yes, I snagged Sisters by Raina Telgemeier and can’t wait to devour this graphic novel by the master. Later, I moseyed back down to the artist alley area and picked up Distant Early Warning by Elizabeth Hirst. She hosted her booth and sold me on her dire survival tale the first time I walked by. Had a really cool interesting chat as well. I also got a birthday gift for a family friend, a young lady who will be celebrating her twelfth birthday soon. She’s not much into fantasy, but I think I got on she might like. Here’s hoping!


@plowright_s and I talking books!

The People!!

Some time after I showed up, the talented @Plowright_s arrived. She did an awesome guest post for me about Christmas Carols and works in the publishing industry doing great things. After quickly catching up, she mugged me for the cookbooks I promised her awhile ago, then we exchanged industry stories. Another friend, from waaaay back in my school days, showed up and the two of us prowled the floor together. Our journeys took us by @jtorrescomics at the Beguiling booth and we saw his spread of great graphic novels , from Jinx to Bigfoot Boy to Wall-E, greeting us. Shortly after, a chance encounter was had with @MaureenMcGowan, writer extraordinaire of The Dust Chronicles Series. I met Maureen at the Second Annual Book Blogger Meet-up and have had several near misses with her ever since. Here’s crossing fingers the movie version of her books gets off the ground!


The Replicator!!!

One of the coolest devices on display was a three d printer, the ones that are all the rage these days. Multiple boxes were on hand, all working and chugging away making things. Even with my excessive and undignified begging, the gentleman manning the booth and answering a myriad of questions from all gathered, could not let me have the little blue owl the printer made. I named it Hedwig. And I love fanfiction where Hedwig lives. After I finished bugging the nice man with my whininess, he gave me a keychain made by the three d printer and told me lots of details of how the machine works. It is so very wonderful and cool to see the replicator almost become a complete reality. Yay technology!


Here’s hoping Inspire comes back next year, more bigger, more bolder, and more booky then this year!



…is currently reading Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger


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